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Review : Heat Rising by Author Jessica Lee

Title: Heat Rising

Series title: KinKaid Wolf Pack, 3

Author: Jessica Lee

Publisher: Jessica Lee

Genre: mm, paranormal, shifters

Word Count: 57,145

Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb:

Landry Michaels, lead enforcer for the KinKaid pack has a secret. Well…make that more than one. He’s in love with the alpha’s sister, Rosa. And his best friend, Kaleb. It wouldn’t be so bad if having either of them was in the realm of possibility. Landry’s past, and his present, contain one too many stains, making him a bad fit for the pack’s beauty. And when it comes to Kaleb… The fact the male is straight is only the beginning of why he’s “hands off”.

Kaleb Dalton is a male who has it all. A great family. A job that allows him to work every day with his best friend, Landry. Everything should be perfect, right? Except for the fantasies about his partner that plague his days, and the desires for Rosa that taunt him in his dreams. Two people, if he had half a brain, who should not be on his short list for potential lovers.

Ever since she was a little girl, Rosa Kinkaid has had Landry and Kaleb’s attention, but it was never anything serious. They were friends. Besides, there had always been plenty of time for her to choose a lover—a mate. Her family needed her, and they came first. Until now... Rosa's going into heat.

But that's not her only problem. The KinKaid and Gregorson pack are on the verge of war, and there are long-buried family secrets, feelings, and hidden desires rising to the surface along with Rosa’s heat. Some will be shocking, and others, more disturbing than any of them are prepared to handle.

Review of book

Heat Rising is the third book in the KinKaid Wolf Pack series by author Jessica Lee. I really enjoyed this book, you get to revisit some feisty characters you know and love and meet some new ones along the way.  This book is best read in order to understand the full scope of all the characters.

Landry is a tough enforcer. He has a lot to prove because he feels his childhood makes him a bad catch for anyone. The second draw back he sees for himself is he really wants Kaleb. His best friend.  He also wants the alpha’s sister Rosa.

Kaleb appears to be the perfect macho man who has it all. But when he finds himself lusting after his two best friends Rosa and Landry he doesn’t want to make a move and destroy their friendship.

Rosa is a dare devil of the group. She is willing to do what it takes to be with her men, both of her men. She will not let her family stop her either. She is not put off that Kaleb wants Landry she thinks that is hot, and wants them all to be together. When she goes into heat they might not have a choice any more.

Throw in a pack war and you have the ingredients for trouble both in and out of the bedroom.  I like the blend of the romance and the story, this kept me wanting more. There is a very electric connection between Landry and Kaleb they really have chemistry. Rosa does too, but I felt it more with Landry and Kaleb. 

If you do not like MM interaction this is not the book for you, this book explores both male on male and Male/ female sexual pairings. We even have a MMF moment in this book too.  I liked it this way. Everyone felt like they were important to this story.  Personally I cannot wait for the next book in this series and find out who gets to fall in love next.

                                                           Four Twinkling Stars!!!

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