Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review: A Daring Ride by author Andrew Grey

Title: A Daring Ride

Series title: The Bull Riders, 2 

Author: Andrew Grey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press  

Genre:  MM, Cowboys, Contemporary

Page Count: 200 approx. 

Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb:

Simon “Frizz” Frizzell sneaks away to the rodeo on weekends, and it’s not until after he wins a buckle that he tells his parents about his bull-riding. He knows they won’t approve of his choice of sport, but his parents own a Christian bookstore, and he couldn’t possibly tell them the whole truth: he’s gay. And so are some of his rodeo friends, like Dante and Ryan, and Jacky—a young man he wishes could have been more than a one-night stand. When Simon sets his sights on his dreams, he finds work with Dante and Ryan, and bumps into Jacky on the job.

Jacky Douglas is a rodeo fanatic, plain and simple. He loves the ride, and he loves the cowboys. He fell hard for Frizz when they met, and theirs was a one-night stand made in heaven. When they meet again, Jacky thinks it’s a stroke of luck. Frizz takes some convincing, but once he’s on board, they begin a relationship. The fledgling romance faces a challenge when news of it travels all the way to the one place Frizz doesn’t want it to go: his parents’ bookstore.

Review of book:

 A Daring Ride is the second book in the Bullriders series by author Andrew Grey.  This is my first time reading this series; I was not lost at all.  I really like how Mr. Grey handles the coming out of Frizz. It is done well, it doesn’t bang us over the head, and I loved how thoughtful it was.
Frizz is a rebel in his family. He wants to ride bulls not work in the family book store. He is brave and doesn’t even see it. He is gay in a conservative Christian home.  This causes much strife throughout this book for him.

Jacky, he is a bit of a trouble maker. But once he loves it is with his whole heart and soul. I liked his tenacity and inner strength that gets him through a lot. It helps him be the best he can be for Frizz.  He grounds the sexy, wild cowboy. He also brings the fun and the hot passion.
There are parts to this book that made me laugh, and cry. I wanted the happy ending for these two wonderful men.   I liked being this invested in the characters when I am reading. I want to feel the emotional connection and fall in love. I did in this book, I really adore Mr. Grey’s works and this one is extremely special.  I will have a spot on my keeper shelf for this book. I cannot wait for more in this series in the future.

                                                     Five Shooting Stars!!!

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