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Honor James - Crowning Glory

When you are the oldest of five brothers there are certain standards that you are held to no matter what. Don't hit them (even if they really deserve it), set a good example, and keep them safe from all enemies. Lazlo Farkas has always lived by the rules his parents set out before them and tried to do his best by his family at all times. Thrust into a role of parent at too young an age, he had to keep them from all becoming the next victims of the Rebels and to ensure that all his brothers had the life their parents would have wanted. Never taking for himself, he has always given, but a man can only give so much before he wants something in return, and in her he finds it.

Brash, loud, authoritative, and just plain crazy, Desmonda Franco is attitude personified and proud of it. She has never been one to just lie down and take it. Dishing it out was always more her style. And then it happens she meets the man that can stand up to her and even put her in her place when needed. He's strong, determined, and unbelievably sexy, and she just arrested his brother for murder. Not exactly how one expects to meet the man of her dreams, but it could have been worse…maybe.

Thrown together against their wills but with Fate giving each a strong push, these two have more than just a killer to worry about. They have whole society wanting his head on a silver platter. Together they must stay ahead of all those that are coming for them and find a little time for romance and love, too. Oh, to be King for a day…that may be all they get!

* * * *

Introduce us to the main characters:

Laszlo Farkas is the oldest of the Farkas brother’s and heir to a Throne that too many want to ensure he never sits on. He runs a very successful business, trust those he knows and is looking for his mate. His bark is usually worse than his bite, unless you go after those he trusts.

Desmonda “Desi” Franco is an officer of the law, good at her job, brash and doesn’t care whose toes she steps on. But she lonely and aching for the same thing her best friend has, a good man she can trust and love with all her heart.

How do these two meet?

Well, they’ve met before this book. Desi’s best friend Harker is mated to Laszlo’s brother Miklos so they’ve seen one another off and on in passing. In this one though they reconnect with Desmonda arresting Laszlo’s brother Benedek for murder, Laz is understandably not happy with her over this.

How would you characterize their relationship in one word answers, start, middle and end?

Violent, bumpy, synchronized

Can you tell us anything about your main characters not in the book?

There are several things I could tell you, but where’s the fun in that? I will share this though; Laz has a secret that not even his brothers know about. He loves Chunky Monkey ice cream. Des found out and he’s had to share his stash ever since.

A bit about you now…

Favorite season:  I love spring, the rebirth and newness of everything. But fall also is amazing, the colors and smells that the changes bring about.

Favorite treat:  Ooo, tough one. I’m a chocolate kind of girl, and really I’m not overly picky about how I get it, just not white, that’s just nasty and wrong.

Favorite TV show or movie:  Geez, what’s with all the tough questions! Damn, too many to name because I don’t have just one favorite. For TV, any of the NCIS shows, Chicago Fire (hello hot hunky firemen) and Elementary, love the reinvention of Sherlock Holmes. For a movie…uh, well, I liked 300 for the gritty nature of it, Argo for the suspense and I loved How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days because it had Matthew McConaughey in it, reason enough right there.

Favorite vacation spot:  Hawaii, hands down. Not the big island, but one of the smaller ones where it’s quieter and more relaxed.

Favorite kind of man (can be a fantasy or a character you wrote):  Tall, dark, mysterious, tattoos that just beg to be licked, muscled but not a body builder. A guy who takes care of himself but isn’t a fanatic. One who can cook, rides a Harley on the weekends down long winding roads in the middle of nowhere and has a sports car for during the week when he works hard so he can play even harder come the weekend.

Onto your other works…

What’s coming next for you?

After Crowning Glory comes book 4 and 5 of the series, six will be later on down the road. Book 4 comes out on October 17th and book 5 comes out on Halloween, October 31st.

Anything new in the works?

I always have something new in the works. But currently I’m working on finishing up a couple of series before I get too dedicated to the new stuff.

Can you share anything new with us?

At this time, no. It’s all very hush-hush right now but I will be telling all as soon as I’m at the point where I’m nearly ready to submit so everyone will just have to wait and see what I have coming next.

Any last words to share?

Reading is the greatest form of escapism there is. It doesn’t matter who you are, your age or where you live and what you do. Reading lets you slip into a world not your own and to live and breathe through the life of the characters. Never stop reading, even if it’s just for the pure enjoyment it gives.

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