Monday, July 29, 2013

Lydia Michaels

I write erotic romance, but usually I don’t delve too far into the BDSM world. However, I do like to read from that world. My issue is finding erotic BDSM books with ample plot. When I decided to write Breaking Perfect, I didn’t want to take readers to the same club with the same Dom characters. I wanted to make it real and indirectly address why elements of this lifestyle might appeal.

Liberty suffers from OCD. Not the kind of OCD we all sometimes relate to. I’m talking about a sever and profound need to feel in control that directs every day of her life. I did a lot of research to portray this disability honestly and met with many therapists who’ve dealt with clients like Liberty.

Liberty is married and sleeps with her husband under very controlled circumstances, but when her needs begin to change, something inside of her unhinges. Her desires are not what she defines as ‘perfect’ and this is very troubling to a woman like Liberty. She also suffers from episodes when her life gets chaotic. Similar to a cutter, when she loses control she needs to feel pain in order to ground herself. But Liberty doesn’t cut. She burns herself. This is something her husband, Mason, has worked very hard to help her overcome by keeping their life simple, orchestrated, and predictable.

Breaking Perfect is definitely a psychological love story that travels below the surface of BDSM. Through a development of plot and the introduction of Mason’s mysterious friend from the past, Liberty discovers a healthy outlet for her cravings and takes readers on a journey through the mind of a woman who beautifully displays the power of submission.

When someone we love requires an element of nurture we can’t understand, something society would define as bordering on abuse, it is often denied. Mason cannot hurt his fragile wife. Enter Sean—his mysterious friend from the past. Mason slowly accepts Sean can help him satisfy whatever unspoken need Liberty is hinting at, but he’s completely unprepared when he sees evidence of his friend’s aggressive handling of his wife. Kink is one thing. Hurting his wife is something else altogether.

There are so many levels to this story it truly takes one hundred thousand words to explain. We all suffer from guilt on some level. Perhaps we eat our way through it. Perhaps we punish ourselves at the gym. My point is there are healthy and unhealthy ways to exercise our demons. Liberty discovered, through BDSM, a healthy outlet for her pain. Her perfect life must break in order for her to find perfection again. Liberty is only free after Breaking Perfect.


Lynn Rae said...

This sounds far outside my usual fare, but the concept behind it is intriguing. I'm sure it will be a good read!

DByrd said...

I am intrigued by this book and yet I cannot find it anywhere, even on the authors webpage. Did it ever get published or did the name change?

Tina brunelle said... is the link