Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cowboy's Chocolate Roses by Jess Buffett

Bri shifted, trying to get a better look at her surroundings, but a strong arm around her waist pinned her to the mattress. A soft sheet draped over her, kissing her skin and Bri realized she wore nothing. Heat along her back, and a firm, naked erection pressing into her had a prickle of nervous awareness skittering down her spine. Her pulse beat wildly and she struggled with the implications. Oh, God. What had she been thinking? She could have gotten hurt... again. No! She wouldn't think about that.
She muttered, "Geez, Bri. What have you done, now?"
Cupping a hand over her mouth, afraid she may have woken the man behind her, Bri sighed in relief when the stranger grunted but remained asleep.
Pulling herself gently away, making sure not to rouse him, she slipped out of the bed. Her knees shaking, she inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly until the wobbly feeling decreased. Turning to inspect her bed partner, she had to give herself credit, he had handsome features. Thick blond hair, slightly longer on top to frame his eyes, and a chiselled, angular bone structure, the term masculine work of art came to mind. With the sheet draped to just below his hip, his hard, muscular body seemed huge against the white linens. Oh, wow. His erection peeked out from under the heavy cotton, long and thick, and almost begged for attention. Dampness pooled between her legs, surprising Bri. She'd never had such an instant reaction to a man before.
It scared her.
The sudden need to run became too hard to ignore. She trembled at the thought of him waking up and things turning ugly. She couldn't let it happen again. Bri fought for breath, sudden fear suffocating her. She hated being afraid. Hated feeling weak and helpless.
Grabbing her dress, she quickly pulled it on, before picking up her underwear, clutch, and shoes. Tiptoeing to the door, she glanced back, taking one last look at the beautiful man lying in the bed. Regret pierced her heart for a guy she didn’t even remember, but so did an overwhelming sense of terror.
"One of these days, you're going to stop being so afraid," she said to herself.
Slipping on her shoes and stuffing the rest inside her clutch, she exited the room, racing home as fast as she could. Home was good. Home was safe.

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Crissy Morris said...

I heart Jess Buffet's work! I can't wait to read this one :)