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Welcome Pixie Storm!


Pixie Storm is a writer from the north of England who wrote her first story at 13. She takes inspiration from the world around her and was a bookworm as soon as she learned to read. Writing, like reading, isn’t optional for her, but a must.

Seducing the Vampire’s Pet [Vampires in Love 1]

Severin lost his soul mate ten years ago. Now Nikolaus belongs to another vampire...

The vampire Severin Murnau gave up Nikolaus Mayr because he didn't want to turn the human. Now he finds Emil Meissner, his maker, has control of Nikolaus, holding the human as his pet in his castle in Bavaria. 

Severin and his friend Istvan are at the castle for a gathering. There is unfinished business between Severin and Nikolaus. As soon as they set eyes on each other, their passion rages out of control just like ten years ago. Severin has never touched Nikolaus before. He let him go in the ultimate act of altruism. Now he’s desperate, forgetting all the promises he made to himself. His only option to taste what he’s never had appears to be to join Emil and Nikolaus in bed, but once isn’t enough and he’s not sure he wants to share...


Emil’s chamber was opulent. Everything was black and crimson, the huge four-poster bed dominating the room. A fire burned in the grate and candles stood on the nightstands, casting sinister shadows on the walls. Emil had attached Nikolaus’s collar and linked the chain to it. He had led Nikolaus through the Schloss and Nikolaus had attracted all sorts of attention from vampires.

Now Emil took off the collar. He pushed Nikolaus roughly onto the bed and there wrapped silk bonds around his wrists before attaching them to the posts of the bed. Nikolaus lay there on his back looking at the two men. His chest heaved. He was still aroused.

“See how he wants it all the time?” Emil said. “Nothing satisfies him.”

Severin shivered. He noticed the items on the bedside table. A leather paddle, a carved dildo, and a stoppered bottle, no doubt containing oil to aid penetration. His blood heated to boiling point. He watched as Emil started to strip.

Severin knew the vampire’s body well. Emil was hard with muscle and well-endowed. He discarded his frock-coat and shirt and slid his breeches down his legs. His rampant cock jutted out, his balls large and heavy. Severin stared, mesmerised as Emil climbed onto the bed. The other vampire pawed at Nikolaus’s crotch roughly and Nikolaus whined, lifting his pelvis. Emil glanced over his shoulder with a grin. Then he lifted his hand and with one swipe, tore Nikolaus’s breeches apart.

Nikolaus hissed. His erection sprang free and landed heavily against his belly, leaving a trail of pre-cum. Severin ground his teeth. Emil dragged the ruined clothes away and Nikolaus spread his legs wantonly, tight little balls bouncing.

“See?” Emil said.

Severin stared at Nikolaus’s cock, fixated. The human was adequately blessed, his prick long and of good girth. Severin’s mouth filled with saliva to taste it. Emil knelt back.

“Whore,” he said and slapped Nikolaus’s cock.

Nikolaus jerked and whined but his erection remained towering, even after two subsequent slaps. Severin stepped closer, desperate to release himself.

“Strip,” Emil ordered and Severin scrambled to obey. Before he had his underwear discarded, Emil had straddled Nikolaus’s face, forcing his cock down the human’s throat. Nikolaus groaned and started to suck furiously. With his erection straining, Severin climbed onto the bed. He looked at the human’s purple prick and then he looked at Emil’s tight, hard buttocks and thought about forcing himself between them.

With a desperate moan, he shoved Nikolaus’s thighs farther apart and bent his head, sucking all of the human’s glorious length down his throat.

Nikolaus gave a muffled cry. Severin looked up and saw Emil glancing over his shoulder, watching the show. He grinned and rocked forward swiftly, fucking Nikolaus’s mouth. Severin trailed his lips down Nikolaus’s rigid shaft. Eagerly, he licked at the human’s balls before sucking them one by one into his mouth.

Nikolaus writhed under his touch. He bucked up, nailing his cock to the back of Severin’s throat as he took him inside again. Severin pushed his hips down firmly. Then he cupped Nikolaus’s balls and squeezed as he sucked. He heard Emil’s deep grunts and the soft cries Nikolaus emitted around his cock. Severin reached up and ran his hand over Emil’s firm buttocks. The vampire shuddered, glanced around. Severin trailed fingers down Emil’s crack, probing between them.

Emil let out a throaty curse. He climbed off Nikolaus’s face and sat a moment watching Severin deep-throating Nikolaus. The human now gave full rein to his cries and moans. Emil looked amused. He reached over and pinched Nikolaus’s nipples into hard little pebbles, one after the other. Nikolaus bucked. His cock leaked copiously into Severin’s mouth.

Emil gripped Severin by the hair and pulled him away. “Enough.”

Severin wanted that hot load down his throat but he did as Emil asked, bearing in mind that this little ménage could end any time the powerful vampire said so. Severin was just grateful to be invited to the party. He sat up, looking at Nikolaus. The human held steady eye contact, his eyes nearly black with desire.

“Please,” he said.

“Please, what?” Emil demanded.

“Please make me come.” Nikolaus’s voice was small, desperate.

Emil laughed. “You’ll be lucky if you survive tonight once I let Severin loose on you.”

Nikolaus blanched. Severin said nothing. He wasn’t thinking too clearly. His fangs remained unsheathed and the bloodlust battled with the human lust. He needed both and he needed them now. He straddled Nikolaus’s hips and leant down over him. He expected Emil to drag him back with every move he made but the older vampire was silent, watching. Severin caught the scent of Nikolaus’s blood, the adrenaline and testosterone thickening it, making it heady, and he gripped the human by the back of the neck and kissed him hard.

Nikolaus gasped into his mouth. Severin thrust in his tongue and the human wrapped his own around it, duelling and seeking. He lifted his legs, thighs hard around Severin’s hips and as they kissed fiercely, Severin felt his cock slide between Nikolaus’s buttocks. He groaned, pushing, and was met by Nikolaus’s pelvis, his partner more than willing. He applied more pressure, felt the head of his cock swallowed before he was dragged back by the neck and thrown onto the floor.

“What are you doing?” Emil stood over him imperiously. “Did I say you could fuck him?”


What is the one thing you must have to be able to write?

Peace and quiet. Although if it happens to be noisy outside my office, I can write with music on too.

Do you prefer to write 1st or 3rd Person POV? Why?

I prefer third person so I can get inside all my characters heads without being limited to one but I’ve also written first person in the past and really enjoyed it.

What do you feel are the most important aspects to a good romance?

Sizzling chemistry and sexual tension between the two lead characters.

Are you always in the driver’s seat? Or do your characters drag you along for the ride?

My characters drag me along. I flesh them out briefly before I start and then see where they take me.

What is your least favorite part of the writing process?




Crissy Morris said...

This sounds like a really good book! Great excerpt!!

She said...

What an interesting excerpt! Makes me want to read it.

Sheri Vidal said...

Great excerpt. I also love the 3rd person for the inside to all the characters' minds.