Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's Teasers

Hunter Clan 3: Dmitri's Little Spitfire by Jess Buffett
Looking down when he heard a groan, Dmitri was froze in shock when the man he had been fighting gained his feet again, and he was faced with another Wolf. Another fucking Wolf on the Kayan’s lands. Oh, hell no.
Anger coursed through him, making him lash out. The Wolf went to the ground again with a howl of pain, holding his hands in surrender when Dmitri went to deliver another blow. 

“Wait, wait. If you give us what we came for we’ll leave,” the intruder tried to bargain.

Pretending to consider the idea, he asked, “What do you want?”

The man’s brows lifted, as if surprised but pleased Dmitri would consider. Fuck no. If the man wanted what Dmitri thought he did, then the fucker was going to die a long and painful death.

“We just want the redhead. We know you have him. Once we have him, we’ll leave you alone.”

He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. Even if they had considered turning Elijah over, which would happen over his dead body, Potestas had no intention of leaving them alone. The group had been staking them out. Dmitri had no doubt they were behind the attacks led by Victor Glasser, the mad Vampire who had wiped out the Minto Guild. He had also led a charge on the estate, attempting to take out Sawyer and Riley just over a year ago.

“Why? What could that scrawny little thing mean to you?” Dmitri asked flippantly, trying to hide the fury that coursed just under the surface.

A dark chuckle escaped the man. “You don’t know what he is, do you?”
Dmitri stiffened. “He’s human.”

“No, he isn’t, but you knew that didn’t you? It’s your eyes. They give you away. You already care about the kid. What is he, your mate?” The man’s grin was pure evil, and he knew he had struck Dmitri dead on. Damn, he should not be so easy to read.

Kinky Bet by Maggie Nash

Who would have thought her friend was a regular member of the local BDSM community? She’d never once hinted to her, but then again, Erica had hidden away in her own world for a while so Nic hadn’t had much of a chance to tell her. It was Nicole’s membership that had enabled her to get Erica a booking on such short notice. It certainly looked like the gods were conspiring to get her involved in BDSM in some way. She was terrified, but if she was honest, she was so aroused that it wouldn’t take more than a slide of a finger over her clit for her to climax hard. In fact if she’d crossed her legs and rubbed them together right then that might just have done it.

The taxi pulled into a long driveway and drove towards a large two-storey dwelling which put an end to that idea. The oak trees lining the driveway formed a leafy canopy over the road, making a tunnel effect. The house stood directly at the end of the road and resembled a Victorian mansion with lacework balconies on both the ground and first storeys.

As the car stopped Erica’s heart jumped. The door was opened by a tall man wearing a tuxedo, his face covered by a black satin hood. Erica hesitated, struck dumb at how the reality of her predicament had finally caught up with her.

“Miss Neilson?”

Maybe it was just her nervousness, but his voice compelled her to move. She jumped out of her seat and stood, not daring to take a look at her surroundings.

She scrambled to follow him along a pathway to the entrance. The man knocked twice on the intricately carved wood with the ornate brass knocker. It opened as he stepped back, ushering her inside. The hallway was narrow but a door appeared immediately on her right.

“Go inside the first room. There you will be given instructions.”

She turned, wanting to thank the man for his direction, but he’d already left. She knocked lightly, and the door opened under the pressure of her hand. The room was warm and inviting with a cast iron fireplace blazing with flames. She walked farther inside, spying a wide partners’ desk and several chairs. All class, taste and decorum. No kink to be seen.

From where she stood the area appeared unoccupied. Not sure of what was expected of her she made a beeline for the comfortable looking couch and sat down.

“Did I say you could sit down?” 


Sheri Vidal said...

Great teasers! Including a new author. Thank you. :)

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks for having me over today!


Crissy Morris said...

I cannot wait for Dmitri's Little Spitfire :) Love that clan.

And a great excerpt by Maggie Nash...I need more time to read, that's for sure :)