Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday's Teasers

Getting Nash out of his mind last night had been hard enough. The fact that Nash was stationed on the men’s side tonight annoyed Peter to no end. No doubt, Carl had done it intentionally to intimidate the rabid fan. Nash was intimidation squared. Today he wore a T-shirt that read Once a Marine, Always a Marine. On the back it said simply Semper Fi.
Peter kept on dancing but glanced over at the bouncer repeatedly. Broad shoulders and muscle that rippled when he moved, the man was so intense Peter wanted to explore him. Did the guy ever smile? Filthy ways of making Nash grin, or at least show some emotion, filled Peter’s head as he played the crowd. Then Nash’s posture changed from alert to something more akin to the Hulk.
The dark head of the super-fan made his way through the crowd, and Peter knew Nash was on top of the problem. Peter felt like climbing off the stage to diffuse the situation. This wasn’t a war zone, it was a strip club. They were here to entertain. But Nash didn’t approach the patron; he just followed him and watched.
Peter glanced at the door, and Carl’s boyfriend, Hunter, was working it. Great, Carl had called in reinforcements, for nothing. The customer had a few drinks, and the group dance ended. Peter went backstage and waited his turn.
“The new bouncer is working out.” Ken nodded to Peter in the mirror.
“Good. I don’t know why Hunter is here.” Peter was in nothing but a flesh-colored brief that fit him like a glove while Ken put on a tux, only to rip it off again in a few minutes.
“For backup. You know why. That overzealous fan spooked Carl.” Ken shrugged.
“Tell him it’s nothing. He won’t listen to me,” Peter said.
“I don’t think it’s a bad idea. The guy went into the women’s side just to see you? That’s not healthy. We both have seen the stalker fans in action.” Ken sighed. “Better to let the bouncers send the right message now.”
“I don’t think he’s that bad. He hit on me a few times.” Peter didn’t want to think of himself as a target. “Fine, let them be overly cautious. I just don’t want it to hurt business.”
“No one wants that. Nip it in the bud,” Ken said.
“Seriously?” Peter stood up to head for the stage. “Nip it in the bud? You need to learn some new slang.”
“Calling me old, that’s a good way to get me on your side.” Ken shook his head.
“Just saying.” Peter stood behind the curtain, and once the applause from the last routine died down, he went into his handstand.
Walking out on his hands got the crowd going, at least the regulars. Once in the middle of the stage, he turned so his ass faced the audience and lowered his legs together to be parallel to the floor. The control and discipline of ballet was something he’d kept up, even if one ankle had betrayed him.
When he rotated his hips, opening his legs, the crowd screamed and cheered. He finally turned around and somersaulted back into a full split. Peter grinned but refused to look up at the crowd as he shifted his pose until both ankles were behind his head.
This routine worked best on the men’s side. Men as flexible as he got a lot of attention. He wondered if Nash liked the show. Hell, he probably wasn’t even watching. Peter flipped and did a side split, then reversed with his back to the crowd, jiggling his ass just enough to keep them cheering.
“That’s mine!” someone shouted above the crowd.
The voice made Peter freeze for a moment. He turned and backed up on the stage.

Read all about Peter and Nash’s romance June 12th!!

Love and War (Vampires in Love Book 2) by Pixie Storm

Istvan shrugged. “I don’t mean any of you any harm.”

Stephen laughed. “If I shot you now, you might not die but a dozen soldiers would be on you in an instant. One of them would know how to kill you.”

Istvan eyed him. When he spoke his voice was still soft. “As you will,” he said.

Stephen was a little confused at Istvan’s mild manner. Did the vampire have a death wish or was he just trying to lull Stephen into a false sense of security?

Istvan stepped forward.

“Stay there,” Stephen warned.

“Don’t be cross with me.” The vampire’s tone was conciliatory and alluring. He moved another couple of paces closer and closed a delicate white hand around the end of Stephen’s rifle. His amber eyes were soft, beseeching. They made heat rise in the pit of Stephen’s stomach. He lowered his rifle and stumbled forward, into Istvan’s embrace.

The vampire held him close, arms wrapped firmly around Stephen’s back, his touch so soothing, so intimate that Stephen ached. He closed his eyes, rifle dropping to the ground and turned his face into Istvan’s shoulder. The vampire smelled of the French earth and sunshine and flowers. He made Stephen long for home. Istvan stroked his head. “You’re brave,” he said in a whisper against Stephen’s ear. “Prepared to die for your country.”

Something caught in Stephen’s throat. “I’m not brave.” His voice cracked. “I’m afraid. I don’t want to die.”

Istvan lifted Stephen’s head in his two hands. He studied Stephen’s eyes for the longest while. He trailed fingertips down his cheek. Never had Stephen been so close to another man before. “It’s all right to be afraid,” Istvan said. “You’re human.”

Stephen swallowed. He felt perilously close to tears at Istvan’s compassion. The vampire leaned closer. His sensual lips parted, his hands tilting Stephen’s face to him. Stephen gave a soft moan as Istvan kissed him.

The vampire seemed in no rush to bite him this morning. He explored Stephen’s mouth thoroughly like uncharted territory, slow and easy and tender. He melted Stephen to his very bones. Their tongues touched and curled gently and when they broke for breath, Istvan found Stephen’s throat and Stephen made no move to stop him. With eyes closed and his blood hot with passion and arousal, he let the vampire bite him.


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