Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's Teasers

Howl at the Moon 2: Dark Moon Rising by Gabrielle Evans
It was a bit irritating because he was so exhausted, but it did feel nice to have someone care so much for his safety. The minute he was inside that house, though, he was going to find a place to curl up and sleep for the next twenty-four hours.
One of the betas, Ocee, stuck his head through the open doorway and grinned. “All clear, guys.”
“Oh, this is amazing.” Daxton moaned like a high-priced whore as he wiggled around on the creamy, suede sofa. “I love this couch. I want to fuck it into submission so that it never leaves me. I’m never moving again.”
Jace looked on in jealously for half a second before remembering that he wanted an actual mattress. “I bet there are beds upstairs. I call first dibs.” Then he sprinted up the stairs while the rest of the guys were still busy laughing at Daxton’s antics.
“Hold up!”
“Wait a minute!”
“No fair!”
Protests from the pack rang out behind him, causing Jace to giggle as he sprinted into the first room at the top of the stairs. “Yes!” It was absolutely perfect. The queen-size bed was large enough for Rogue to fit comfortably, but small enough to use as an excuse to cuddle up next to his mate.
The dark green comforter was thick and fluffy, a beautiful contrast to the deep gold of the silk sheets beneath it. Sunlight peeked through the slats of the blinds, glistening off the gleaming wood of the oak dresser and matching nightstand.
Diving onto the mattress, Jace sprawled spread eagle across the blanket and groaned in pleasure. “This one is mine.”
“You heard him,” Rogue announced while he stood in the doorway, barring entrance to everyone else. “Go find your own.”
“There are fourteen of us and only four rooms,” Thackery argued. “Where the hell do you expect us to go?”
“Not my problem, pup.”
Sawyer—beta and all-around badass—smacked Thackery in the back of the head and shoved him out of the way. “They want to fuck without an audience.”
Jace’s face went up in flames, burning all the way to the tips of his ears at the blunt statement. While he didn’t have any qualms about sharing his bed or his body with Rogue, that didn’t mean he wanted it announced to everyone and their mother.

Be-Were 3: Moon Resonance by Lexi DeHalo
Xander waved a hand of dismissal at Charlie. Ok, he’s seriously getting on my nerves now. Thoughts of dragging the brat back to his place and showing Xander a thing or two about respect brought Charlie great satisfaction. What he wouldn’t give to bend that sweet ass over and–Get ahold of yourself man! Charlie shook his head, freeing himself from the thought. This kid had his emotions all mixed up. Charlie wasn’t usually one to let his cock take charge, but he was finding it very hard to keep his head clear when it came to this punk ass brat.
If he didn’t get it together Xander was going to leave him here and Charlie couldn’t stand the thought of returning back to the Pack empty handed, especially not when he knew everyone else was working their asses off, preparing for war. He clenched his teeth and pushed his pride and naughty thoughts aside.
“Look,” he said catching up to him again. “I don’t know what I did to offend you, but you didn’t look like you had everything under control back there. At least let me walk you home.”
Xander turned to face him then, finally stopping his advance. He placed one hand on his hip and a cocky smirk on his face. “What are you, some kind of weirdo stalker?”
A broad grin spread across Charlie’s face. “Consider me a concerned citizen. Besides, for some odd reason I kind of like you and I’m not one to pass up on a good thing when I see it.” Ok so maybe he was stretching the truth just a little bit. In his book, Xander was in no way a ‘good thing’. He was trouble with a capital T, but he was hot as hell and something about his feisty temperament had Charlie all in knots. He was torn between wanting to take him to bed and wringing his neck.
There was hesitation in Xander’s eyes and he finally sighed in defeat. “Fine. You can walk me home, but don’t try anything funny, you got me?”
Charlie shrugged. “Whatever you say.”
“I mean it!” Xander turned his vibrant green eyes upon him once again and flared his nostrils. “I will seriously kick your ass if you turn out to be some psycho serial killer.”
Charlie smiled to himself as he tried to envision Xander over powering him. Yeah, that would never happen.

Beast Games 2: The Pen and the Sword by Jana Downs
 The chauffeur got out of the car and opened the back door and Corbin descended the steps. His feet hit pavement and his heart tripped over itself as Flavius stepped out of the car. Every time he saw his lover it was the same reaction, especially given their nearly week of separation. After the gladiator Cassisus was injured in an altercation with some of the other house servants a week ago, they’d been apart. Corbin had stayed with Cass while Flavius had gone on to the tournament with the other gladiators. The first few days of the tournament were for the hype. They had exhibitions but no real matches as well as photo-ops with other teams and guest appearances. The real matches would start tomorrow and, though his men would be a bit behind after several days of doing nothing, they would perform well. He had the utmost faith in them.
“Was the flight all right?” Flavius asked as the chauffeur opened the trunk and Corbin shoved his duffle in.
“It was as good as can be expected, cub,” Corbin rumbled, trying like hell not to react to the scent and proximity of his mate. There were no other shifters around but he was used to being vigilant of his scent changes too much to let it lax for a second. “I missed you.”
Flavius’s eyes shot wide before he glanced anxiously to one side and then the other. “Corbin, not here.” Irritation and hurt flickered in his chest in equal measure but Corbin stomped it down like he always did. The time was coming for Corbin to either deal with his unruly cub or to stop putting himself through the pain. He hoped his stubborn lover would choose him in the end, prayed for it. But he wasn’t sure if Flavius had the proper motivation to bring them out of this perpetual limbo.
Corbin sighed. “Are we going straight to the hotel, Master Flavius?” He tried to stop the sarcasm but he couldn’t. He’d spent days in an uncomfortable hospital chair with a surly cat shifter away from his mate. He had very little tolerance for games.
“Yes, Corbin,” Flavius said. His scent changed, becoming more pliant, desire peppering the air. “I need.”
I should say no. I should put my foot down. But he needed too. “Then I will provide for you, cub. The men will wait a few hours’ time.” Stupid fool. Corbin wasn’t normally a fool but for his mate, he supposed that it was to be expected.
Flavius peaked out at him from beneath lowered lashes the color of burnished gold. “Good.” H swallowed. “I missed you too.”
Corbin’s heart turned over. There was his cub. 

It was well after four in the afternoon before Duncan was done. After Silo, he was sent to Stiller Springs, then back to Silo. Already made to feel at home there by the crew, he went to the fire station last.
Terry was one of the first to greet him when he and Margo came in, grasping him in a strangling hug. “Penny is going to be fine. She’s already awake. Nothing but mild shock and exposure.”
Duncan was real glad to hear that. One of the searches in Stiller Springs hadn’t ended as well. Maybe that was why he returned there. He needed the reaffirmation of the living. He’d already seen enough death in his lifetime.
Ed spotted him as soon as he hit the kitchen with Terry in the lead. “Hey guys! That’s her. She’s incredible.”
“No way! She’s gorgeous!” One of the guys sitting at the table in the room lowered a hand and Duncan put Margo off duty to play. She’d earned it and then some. “What is she?” the guy making friends asked.
“Part rat, part rabbit, Malinois and black lab, and about five percent terrier. All ham.”
The guys at the table with Ed laughed as she started scoping out head scratches and attention.
One of the crew pulled up a chair and motioned for Duncan to sit. He was dead on his feet. A hot shower, a hot meal, and a soft bed, hopefully in that order, were immediate on his list, but he could take a few minutes to spend there.
“Duncan said she also competes,” Ed offered.
“Really? I love watching those shows on Animal Planet.”
“She doesn’t get air time, but she’s earned some medals.” Duncan couldn’t hide his pride in her.
“I bet she has,” Ed said at his shoulder. “Where did you train?”
“We did scent training in California with one of the K-9 academies. I did the majority of her obedience and obstacle training.”
“How long have you guys been at this?” one of the others asked.
“About two years now.” He propped his left hand on his thigh out of sight and rested his right on the table.
“I’d love to get some info on it.” The guy giving Margo all kinds of love didn’t seem to want to let her go. “Ed was telling us how she found Penny.”


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