Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday's Teasers

Safeword LLC 2: Dare to Submit 
by Peyton Elizabeth
“What?” Elena must have heard wrong. He wanted her to masturbate at the front door? She looked around, seeing if Harrison was watching from a distance.
“Are you having trouble hearing tonight, Elena?” Grant asked in a stern voice. Okay, so maybe she’d read him wrong. He liked control. That she could handle. Right? “This is your one and only opportunity I will give you to have an orgasm without my command.”
What was she, a dog? For crying out loud, Grant really didn’t believe that she could be trained to come just because he told her to, could he? Elena quickly thought through this scenario and figured she might as well take it. She never had a problem with masturbating. Honestly, it was the only way she could come, because the scenes she participated in just left her wanting. Separating her legs, Elena immediately touched her clit and closed her eyes in pleasure.
“You said—”
“I know what I said. Start with your breasts.”
Elena reluctantly slid her fingers away from her clit. When she masturbated at home, she only ever touched her nipples for one reason and she didn’t want him to know why. He’d think she was some type of pain slut, and she wasn’t. Right? Elena had thought maybe with him watching, she’d be able to come with just touching her clit. Now, she knew there wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever.
“I can see the lines around your eyes and mouth that you aren’t pleased with my request. That’s fine. If you choose not to take my gift, please just remember it was offered.”
“No, no,” Elena protested, shaking her head. “I just—I mean, I’d like your gift, Master Grant.”
“You have three minutes.”

Gods of Chaos 5: Speakin’ of the Devil
by Gabrielle Evans
“So,” Benson murmured. “Are you going to kiss me or not?”
Oh, he was a mouthy little thing, but Cody found him oddly endearing. Benson Stone was a man who knew what he wanted, and by all estimations, probably got whatever he set out to own. Right then, whether intentional or not, he was in full ownership of Cody.
“Yes?” the cowboy replied with a smirk.
“Shut up.” Then Cody grabbed the man by the back of his neck, jerked him forward, and slanted their mouths together in a kiss full of passion and need.
As their tongues tangled and twined, Cody couldn’t suppress his moan. Benson tasted even better than he’d imagined, and he could easily see the potential for a lifelong addiction. Hard and searching he ate at his mate’s mouth, flicking their tongues together and sucking Benson’s soft bottom lip between his teeth to nibble at the swollen flesh.
Benson was no passive partner, though. The guy didn’t just kiss with his mouth, he threw his entire body into the melding of their lips. Holding firmly to Cody’s shoulders, Benson pulled him closer, digging his fingers into the muscles as he writhed and moaned in the minimal space. The erotic symphony of sounds that flowed from his lips was driving Cody crazy, pushing him closer and close to the edge of no-return.

Owned: Bound by Deception 
by Jana Downs
“Shall I show you to your bed?”
The human tilted his head up, sleep ridden eyes blinking languorously at him. “Sure thing, big guy. Lead the way.”
Kelr installed him in the place he’d had Landen prepare for him, tucking him into the bed that he’d bought earlier that day. Jack groaned as he settled into the mattress and Kelr’s body responded by tightening.Stop it.
“Thanks. This is great,” Jack said, smiling up at him with a sleepy, peaceful expression.
Kelr swallowed. “You’re welcome. Sleep well, Jack Corbet.”
“You’re really gorgeous, Kelr.” The human yawned. “Is your hair as soft as it looks?”
“Softer,” Kelr rumbled, turning from the bed. “Good night, Jack.” He hurried out of the room and all but ran to his own. He couldn’t handle any more face to face time with his new human pet.
* * * *
 “An early bed time, sire?” Landen asked as Kelr stripped off his robe and hung it on the hook by his bedside.
Kelr nodded. “Yes. I find myself tired.” Exhausted actually. It hadn’t been the trip into the city or the long day at the office that had him worn out. It was one shared meal with one little human away from going mad. He needed to take care of himself before his lusts rose too high. Jack’s dream vibrations were driving him up a wall.
Landen bowed. “Then I’ll excuse myself for sleep as well. I’ll clean the kitchen in the morning.”
“Good night, Landen.” The servant’s quarters were on the second floor in a loft. Kelr made sure that Landen had the most richly furbished room he could afford. It was the least he could do for the Eoean who had seen to his comfort since he was a newly born spawn.
Alone, he moved the covers off his hips as his twin cocks slowly filled. The dreams Jack were having were decidedly sexual and Kelr couldn’t fight his attraction. He closed his eyes and felt around the house, filtering through the familiar vibrations of his space. The colors in the hallway hummed with a frequency that pleased him but it was not those vibrations that disrupted the calm hum of his home.
Landen’s dreams never disturbed him but Jack’s was another story entirely. For some reason, the tendrils of his thoughts about Kelr reached out and caressed Kelr’s own vibrations, teasing him mercilessly. Images flickered, fantasies he shouldn’t be having but were helpless to contain washed through him in a rush of want and desire. His cocks pulsed, their tips darkening to a deep red with a hint of purple beneath. His lower cock wound around his primary cock, milking a pearlescent blue drop of liquid from the tip. He added his hand to the mix, gasping softly as the pleasure reverberated through his entire being. His eyes slid shut as the vibrations started rocking him. 

Their shower took more than an hour, and by the end of it Riley was deliciously sore. More importantly he felt like he was back in control of his wayward emotions.
Riley was surprised at the amount of comfort he was experiencing being mated to Caleb. All that time spent running away from his mate, only to find out that the safety, warmth, and completeness he had always craved was right there. Sure he still had nerves when it came to vampires, and he doubted he would ever fully get over his abandonment issues, but Riley now felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.
Walking hand in hand down to the control room, Riley just knew a dopey smile was plastered on his face. His suspicions were confirmed when he entered the space and the brother Jordan and Morgan turned toward him.
“Oooh, looks like someone finally got lucky,” Morgan taunted.
“Shut up,” Riley threw back, with no real heat. “It’s none of your business.”
“Now, now...no need to be like that. This is a time for celebration,” Jordan chuckled. “Everyone needs to know that you finally pulled your head out of your arse.”
“Yeah, we need to let everyone know that you are well and truly whipped, now,” Morgan smirked.
“Jeez, don’t tell me you Facebrag?” Riley shook his head in disgust.
Jordan blinked up at him. “Face-what?”
“I don’t know about you, man, but that sounds kinda suss,” Morgan drawled. “What exactly are you into, little dude?”
“Ah huh. I’m with you there, brother. Doesn’t quite sound legal,” Jordan nodded.
Morgan leant back in his chair, tapping a finger on his chin thoughtfully. “I think it depends on where you’re from.”
Riley face-palmed himself. These two were probably his best friend beside Alexis, but sometimes they really hurt his head. “Argh. You guys are so lame. Facebrag is where you brag on Facebook.”
“Oh, no I don’t Facebook,” Morgan said, screwing up his face like he had tasted something sour.
“No, only those too busy running around like little girls with their panties in a bunch would still be limited to that form of media,” Jordan grinned.
Morgan emphatically nodded his head in agreement.
Well, at least that’s something.
“Yeah, we Tweet,” Morgan smirked, flipping Riley the bird.
Cripes, and people said he was bad.

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