Monday, May 27, 2013

Q & A with Safeword LLC

Please Welcome Author Peyton Elizabeth!

Q: What part of the Lifestyle prompted you to write about this?
Petyon: BDSM has always intrigued me. I don’t want to delve too much into my personal life (hint-hint), but let’s just say that my research is hands on.

Q: How do you translate the Lifestyle into a book that readers, who might not be familiar with BDSM, can understand and feel it is real?
Peyton: For me, the translation is relatively easy (see first question/answer…personal feelings are easily transferred to paper)

Q: How do you translate parts of the Lifestyle that may make you go eww into a book, so that everyone can read and not feel left out?
Peyton: There are definitely parts of the Lifestyle that do not appeal to everyone, but as with everything, variety is the spice of life. What might be one person’s eww might be another person’s ahh.  

Q: Are there any aspects in Safeword LLC you’ve found difficult to write about?
Peyton: The members of the Order take their submissives to a specific club. I find those scenes harder to write than the men’s personal dungeons, because so much goes on in those scenes. Club scenes can be quite complex to make them believable in order to reflect reality.

Q: How much research did you have to do before beginning this series?
Peyton: It depends on the series and/or the characters.  Of course, this series also includes knowing the Lifestyle.  A lot goes into setting up a series, e.g., location, venues, etc.  As for the characters, if they have emotional or physical issues, I research to better understand them.  As for the Lifestyle….discovery is a never ending adventure!   

Please Welcome Ms. Kennedy Van Camp from Safeword LLC

Q: What traits do you look for to identify someone who is submissive?
Kennedy: There are small tests that I give when an applicant enters my office.  When shaking hands and he/she does not look me in the eye, he/she might be submissive.  If I tell her/him to sit down, and the applicant does so without hesitation, that would be considered a submissive act. If I am debating a point with them and they are willing to defer to my point of view, they are more than likely submissive. These traits are easily recognized when one looks.

Q: How do you explain to someone not in the Lifestyle, that submissive isn't synonymous with weak or doormat?
Kennedy: It takes a very strong person to hand over his/her trust to another person.  They are choosing to give up control.  Submission is done so through the act of will, which denotes a very strong character.

Q: Do all submissives come from broken/traumatic/abusive pasts?
Kennedy: Absolutely not! It is not unusual for someone who is required to control situations in their professional life to want to relinquish control in their personal life. In fact, being able to hand over control in the bedroom can be very seductive to some people. The submissive is the one who manages his/her soft and hard limits and finds the Lifestyle relieves their stress from daily life. A person coming from an abusive past or is in an abusive relationship usually is not given a choice.

Q: What are the warning signs a submissive should be aware of that indicate a potentially abusive Dominant?
Kennedy: There are certain protocols within BDSM that are paramount, such as soft and hard limits.  Talk to other people within the Lifestyle and make certain the Dom/Domme that you are considering playing with respects his/her submissives and the limits that have been given. A true Dominant cares for and respects their submissive.  If a partner goes against your soft and hard limits and disregards your safe word, no matter what the excuse, that is outright abuse.  Remember: safe, sane, and consensual.

Q: Do you have advice for someone who is curious about the Lifestyle, but is unsure of their true desires?
Kennedy: Research, research, research.  There are several ways in which to discover your true desires.  Reading, attending munches to meet like-minded people, attending clubs to see first-hand how Doms/subs carry out scenes are just some ways to research the Lifestyle.  Be safe when exploring and assure you can trust any person you choose to experiment with by asking others about their past experience.  There is no right or wrong way to live within the realm of BDSM, so only do what you are comfortable with.  There are many aspects of the Lifestyle, so take your time learning about them.  Enjoy the experience. 


cathy h said...

Peyton thank you for sharing with us. I Have just started reading your Books and find them to be very enjoyable,
Thank you

Peyton Elizabeth said...


Thanks for stopping by Mastering Mondays! Four more days until Dare to Submit [Safeword LLC 2] releases and I hope you enjoy it just as much as the first book!


Laurie Peterson said...

Hi Peyton, Thanks for sharing with us. I'm loving the information I'm getting from these post. Can't wait to start reading your books, you're a new author for me. And I always need new authors.

Peyton Elizabeth said...


Thanks for reading the Q&A! I'm glad that you have discovered my books and hope that you love the new series!


Tina brunelle said...

Kennedy I need two doms stat......I am typing ads backwards now.....

cathy h said...

If Kennedy is setting up subs I need two Doms also !!! :) Thanks Tina, Didn't think Kennedy was taking apps. lol

Gabrielle Evans said...

Actually Cathy, you can fill out an application on the Safeword LLC website.

Rosie said...

Great Post. I am submissive by nature but doubt I could ever get into the lifestyle. I have huge issue with trust. Thanks for the info!!

Peyton Elizabeth said...


Kennedy is always looking for new submissives!


Peyton Elizabeth said...


The Lifestyle is a great way to work through trust issues. It can change your life around. Remember, safe, sane and consensual.


Sheri Vidal said...

Great Q&A. I absolutely loved it. I really need to find time to read this series.

Kathy L. said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it. Finally got my copy. Yay!