Tuesday, February 12, 2013

J.R. Loveless His Salvation

Happy early Valentine's Day, everyone! I want to say thank you to Redz World for hosting me today and say welcome to everyone who is stopping by to read, participate, and whomever will be the winner for this week's prize. As you all know, this is my third stop on my book blog tour for my latest release His Salvation. We've had two lucky winners already (a paperback copy of His Salvation and a gorgeous tote bag) and there are many more prizes to come, including a huge grand prize bundle at the end of the tour.
Since today is the day before Valentine's Day, I wanted to address the subject of said day. Not many are aware, but I was part of an anthology released by eleven brilliant authors for Valentine's Day. If you haven't already heard of the anthology stop by allromanceebooks.com, barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com and check it out. The anthology is called On Valentine's Day and features some of the best gay romance writers of today such as Patricia Logan, Sara York, Kharisma Rayne and more. Over a hundred thousand words for less than five dollars so make sure to treat yourself this Valentine's Day.

On to the real reason for my being here (not for the shameless plug above LOL). Valentine's Day is either loved, hated or just ignored. I'm more the type who ignores it. I've only ever had one truly serious relationship, but the Valentine's Days spent in that relationship were never as beautiful or spectacular as you hear about in movies or books. The first was probably the best as he made me dinner and we just spent the evening talking and being together. After which they just got successively... less romantic. The last one I received a card and a box of candy and he spent the day (and evening!) playing video games instead of with me.
For me, a romantic Valentine's Day wouldn't require flowers or chocolates or jewelry... it would be spending the evening together perhaps under the stars with a romantic picnic or homemade romantic dinner. I don't believe you need to use money to make someone understand how much you love them and definitely not only one day a year.  I won't extol my entire feelings toward the gifts mainly given on a day like Valentine's Day as I don't want to bring the mood down, LOL, but I will say that I've never been a big fan of flowers or chocolate.
So now on to the big question or rather questions! What was YOUR best or worst Valentine's Day? Are you the love it, hate it or ignore it type? What's your ideal Valentine's Day? Comment between now and tomorrow evening for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate for Dreamspinnerpress.com! Yep! $25 to buy all kinds of books for you to enjoy on Valentine's Day and there after! And don't forget, the comment will also add an entry into the Grand Prize drawing at the end of March for a large bundle of goodies including an e-reader (Amazon or BN) or an equivalent gift card.
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Blurb: In an attempt to atone for his sins and find some solace, ADA Agent Gabriel Romero helps other Deviants in need. But with threats from both sides—Normals and the Deviants who despise them—he finds it harder and harder to outrun his ghosts, especially after a difficult mission to rescue twin brothers held at an enemy compound, where Gabriel meets Alexander Ryker. Gabriel finds his new charge unexpectedly attractive, and that’s a complication he does not want—one he thinks he doesn't deserve.

Despite the frosty reception from the stubborn agent who rescued him, sheltered telepath Alex feels an instant connection through the pain he sees in Gabriel's eyes, and he does everything he can to gain his attention. The realities he must face while mastering his ability are hard, but failing to learn to defend himself is not an option. Soon he'll need his newfound strength to convince Gabriel he deserves to live and love again.
“Gabriel?” Alex’s voice through the wood of his bathroom door startled him. He dropped the shampoo and swore.

“I’ll be out in a minute. Just have a seat on the bed.”

He hurriedly picked up the bottle and washed his hair. The realization didn’t hit him until he turned off the water, stepped from the shower, and grabbed his towel. He’d forgotten to bring clothing with him into the bathroom. It had never been a problem before, but the knowledge of walking almost naked into the bedroom while Alex sat on his bed made him groan aloud this time. “Gabriel, are you okay?” Alex called out.

“I’m fine,” he bit out. Steeling himself, he tied the suddenly all too small towel around his waist and opened the door. Alex sat cross-legged on the bed, his eyes closed in meditation. Gabriel’s prayers that the dark-haired beauty would keep his eyes shut weren’t answered.

Those green eyes opened, pinning him in place, and a small intake of air gave away Alex’s interest in his still damp bronze chest. Gabriel could see the hunger in the depths of Alex’s gaze but attempted to ignore it, striding over to the dresser to grab a pair of sweats and a tank top. “Sorry,” he mumbled on his way back to the bathroom. “Not used to someone else being in the room.”

“It’s okay,” Alex replied huskily.

Gabriel could feel Alex’s eyes on him as he walked the entire length of the room. It wasn’t until he shut the bathroom door behind him that Gabriel released a sigh of relief. His cock had instantly filled at the interest Alex displayed, begging for him to sample the delights of the other Deviant’s body. He squeezed his cock hard, trying to force the erection away. The touch merely left him sucking in a deep breath, and he stroked himself, sliding his palm along the stiff shaft. He fantasized about ignoring his conscience, saying fuck it and going back out to the bedroom, shoving Alex down onto the sheets and roughly burying himself in the firm, no doubt virgin, backside. The thought of Alex’s tight heat engulfing his
aching prick brought him straight to the edge. He grunted as he came, pure liquid flame racing through his body and splattering the floor, spilling over his grasping fingers. His knees shook at the intense orgasm, and it took several breaths before he found the strength to return to standing upright.
He mopped up the floor with his towel and wiped his hand clean of the salty fluids.

He couldn’t quite meet Alex’s eyes when he exited the bathroom. It felt as though what he’d done could be seen all over his face, despite how ludicrous that sounded. “Lie down on your stomach,” he muttered.

Alex turned from his seated position and lay down on his belly, his shorts riding up enough to almost show off the lower curves of his firm rear end. Gabriel wanted to smack himself for suggesting this. At the time all he’d thought of had been Alex’s discomfort at holding the stance positions for so long. Not only was Alex’s delectable body splayed out on his bed, but the scent of his skin would cling to his sheets, and the shampoo he used would permeate his pillow. When he hesitated for longer than a few breaths, Alex lifted his head from Gabriel’s pillow and turned a questioning gaze on the older Deviant.
“Something wrong?”

God, if you only knew, he growled to himself. “No.”

He walked over to the bed and sank down on the side. Not only would he be touching Alex, but to effectively massage his legs, he’d be forced to straddle him. Biting back a groan, he snatched up the bottle of massage oil and moved until he sat astride Alex’s lower legs. He snapped open the cap and poured a liberal amount in his palm before closing it again and tossing it aside. Rubbing his hands together, he felt the smooth oil slicking up his palms. His hands glistened in the faint light from the
nearby lamp as he brought them down to Alex’s left leg. “Just relax,” he managed to choke out.

Warm skin met his hands, sending lust striking through him once again. He slid his palms along the tight muscles under Alex’s skin, clenching his jaw while trying to remind himself why he was no good for the younger man. Alex let out a groan when he hit a particularly tense area. “I’m sorry I pushed you so hard today,” Gabriel murmured, pressing his fingers into Alex’s thigh and kneading gently.

“It’s okay,” Alex replied sleepily.

“I just want to make sure you’re prepared in case something happens.” He switched to the other leg, working up along the calf.

Alex grunted, but didn’t respond. Gabriel had the sense Alex was well on his way to falling asleep. Once he’d reached his upper thigh, he instructed Alex to turn over onto his back and slid over to the side, waiting for Alex to move. His eyes immediately strayed to the obvious bulge in the shorts he wore. He could feel his own body responding, despite the release he’d found less than a half hour ago in the bathroom. A lazy heat burned up at him from the intense green of Alex’s eyes, a heat he tried to disregard. Without thinking, he leaned over Alex to grab the massage oil from the side table and ended up face to face with him.

Surprise held him still as Alex lightly touched his face, trailing the tips of his fingers over Gabriel’s cheekbone and along his nose to his lips. No words were exchanged, just whispers of breath drifting across skin, warmth radiating from where flesh met flesh. Alex brought his other hand up to cup his cheek, and he slowly guided Gabriel’s mouth down to his, stopping a mere flick of a tongue away to give him the chance to stop him. But the resolve Gabriel held so tightly to his chest melted away, and he
groaned, capturing Alex’s lips in a deep kiss, his tongue plundering Alex’s mouth wholly and completely. The restraint of holding back brought more passion into the kiss as Gabriel let go, savoring the sweet taste of the younger man beneath him.

Alex hooked his hand around Gabriel’s nape, pulling him further into him. He responded eagerly and innocently, his tongue tentatively rubbing over Gabriel’s. Gabriel allowed himself free rein to explore
Alex’s chest, sliding his hand beneath the hem of the T-shirt to touch bare skin. “Gabriel,” Alex mewled into his mouth.

The slender yet muscled chest felt exquisite under his palm: warm, supple, firm. Gabriel could feel the outlines of Alex’s ribs and sternum on his way to the hard, pointed nipples. A whimper flooded his mouth the moment the roughened flesh of his palm brushed over one of the stiff nubs begging to be sucked. The innocent sound awakened the protective urge inside Gabriel even more, and reminded him of why he could never be with the other Deviant. He broke the kiss on a gasp, ignoring the sound of
dismay Alex gave.

Rolling away from Alex, Gabriel sat up and scowled. “That never should have happened.”

“Why not?” Alex demanded, sitting up.

Gabriel tried to push away the tenderness seeping into his belly at the site of Alex’s disheveled hair and swollen lips. “Because I don’t want this.”

Alex lifted an eyebrow at the ludicrous lie. “Then why did you kiss me? Touch me? Why are you hard?”

“You don’t know much about men, kid,” Gabriel snarled. “I haven’t fucked in a while. You’re a warm, willing body.”

Guilt pricked him at the flash of hurt that danced over Alex’s features for a moment. He stood from the bed and walked to the window, his back to Alex. “Now get out.”

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pat nelson said...

My best Valentine's day was the one where my husband bought me a teddy bear. =}

Juliana said...

I hate Valentine's Day! I've never had a good one it I have had a really bad one! In 7th grade I got no Valentine's, forgot my lunch money, did poorly in a test, got 'sick' in my carpool's car, and wound up with 4 days of stomach flu! Yes, I remember all those details because it was so traumatizing!

Deb :o) said...

My best valentines day was when he bought be flowers & chocolate turtles! But we didn't go out until after valentines day to go to the movies & my mom watched our son. But valentines day sometimes we celebrate it sometimes we don't I guess depending on how we feel that week. Lol.

Deborah H

Loveless3173 said...

Meh, I actually don't really care for it. So I guess I ignore it. I've never been in a relationship before (probably sad to some but I love being single) so I don't know exactly what I would like, though I doubt I'd ever celebrate this day. It's just.... annoying for me. In any case, I would still like to just hang out, like.. on the couch watching movies, cuddle. and that's it. It could be any other day. :-P


N.J. Nielsen said...

My best one was a total shocker mainly because my husband never remember (he forgot again today) But one year I woke up to the smell of toast burning and the fire alarm blaring and when I race out to see what the hell was going on - sitting on the breakfast bar was a big box of blank books, pens, white out, and every other stationary item I could want... no flowers - my Hubby knows me well. Mind you later he admitted he had forgotten and he got the kiddo to run out and pick up my present... but still it was the best one ever.


Anonymous said...

I must be the luckiest gal in the world. My current husband has never forgotten V-day or my birthday (or any other even semi-important day in between). He sets alarms, automatic emails, whatever, just so he doesn't. Might be because he doesn't want to be my ex (who forgot everything), but I don't care why, he just makes sure he doesn't forget.

In that vein, it would be hard to pick a best. Along the same lines, I don't know that I had a *worst*, though I had plenty of "bad" through school. High school was particularly rough because I was alone through all of it (never even got asked once for a date) and spent every v-day watching everyone else get flowers delivered to them, always hoping I'd get that secret admirer who'd send me something (even out of pity) but never did. Hated v-day for the longest time because of it. My first husband didn't help that, either, by forgetting everything, refusing to send flowers (or give them - even freaking wildflowers which would have sent me over the MOON). It wasn't, in fact, until I married my current husband that the day wasn't the most depressing one in the world for me.

Now, it's not *important* so much because my husband does go out of his way to show me romance as often as he can. We went out last night (I'm flying out tonight on a short trip) to see Warm Bodies (great movie!) and had dinner at the theater. Pretty basic date, but we had fun and that's what matters. No real gifts (except a ridiculously huge monkey I left in the driver's seat for him) and for that, I'm fine. :)

Christopher M. Hammel said...

Worst... Was at Disney World with my Partner and we had a big fight in the middle of EPCOT. I was locked out of the hotel room and had to book another room in the hotel to sleep in for the rest of the trip. Wasn't fun.

Winning this would help make up for it.

Christopher Hammel

Madison Parker said...

My husband and I have a very unusual Valentines Day tradition. We refer to it as "Be Crude and Cuss a Lot" Day. And that's exactly what we do. We make raunchy jokes and call each other outlandish names. It's all in good fun and a sort of protest to the overly cheesy commercial side of the holiday. My poor mom was horrified last year when she saw I'd posted "Happy V-Day, ****er!" on his facebook last year. She thought we were having marital problems! lol...


Toni Ward said...

We are sort of a hit and miss but mostly ignore it couple ourselves. It depends on if we have the money and the time to do anything.

Can't remember the best but the worst one I had was having to watch a friend at work getting a huge bunch of the most beautiful roses I'd ever seen one year. I got excited to think about what I'd get when i got home. Sadly that year was a can't be bothered year and I ended up with nothing all I remember is feeling so very envious that her boyfriend was so thoughtful. I conveniently forgot that I didn't get hubs anything either! lol

Emily said...

Well, I've never really done anything special for Valentine's Day. I always seem to either break up with my bf right before V-Day or start dating after it, so I've never been dating during V-Day. So, I pretty much spend it alone or with friends.