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Cinderella Cubed By Mia Natasha

Cinderella Cubed
By Mia Natasha

I’m twenty thousand words away from finishing my Cinderella series.  Cinderella Club began in 2008 only a few days after I shook my fist at the universe with existential angst.  What am I supposed to do with my life?, I asked, as I always do after losing another egg and potential chance to ever have a child that is not feline.  The answer came in a voracious hand written epic that took two years to complete.  I’m not saying it was magic but the sensation seemed more powerful than normal human existence – if you believe in that The Secret kind of thing.  It was as if I was in a coma melding real life and fantasy, as I crafted characters and situations that told the story of my life.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic but the Cinderella Club world was like my Oz or Wonderland.  The detail was in the details.  Everything had to connect to make a full circle that would be the ever after of happy.  It was always going to be a trilogy.  I experienced the JK Rowling syndrome where the idea for the entire thing came to me all at once, like a freakishly odd code to the universe.  Like I had to get it all down if I was ever going to be anything that mattered.  Excessica Publishing released Cinderella Club in 2010.  Although Cinderella Thyme was ready to go the next year, it didn’t come out until March of this year. 

The last few days have elicited powerfully high word counts as I edge my way closer to the finale.  I’ve been living with it for so long that it feels so real when the thing emerges on the page.  My critique partner keeps saying my fans will love this chapter or that, which I have to say feels a bit strange because I’m certainly not mainstream.  Do I seriously have fans?  I rarely interact with the writing community.  I don’t think of myself as a writer, certainly not in real life.  It’s a hobby, something I would enjoy doing full time if the books actually sold.

I kind of got caught up in the dream that it could happen someday but it plummeted me into a depression that made it difficult to continue for a few months, otherwise I would have already finished Cinderella Ending last year.  There was also a death in my family and so I actually had something to be sad about.  But now I see that light at the end of the tunnel that represents my Cinderella life.

Cinderella Club follows the plight of a woman called Miller Smytheson.  She runs an erotic gallery with her father.  Her older sister has presumably died in a fire and her mother in a plane crash.  She finally finds herself in a relationship that fizzles after a few months and her life changes when she travels to London and collides with the Cinderella Club, a secret society of purveyors of BDSM, where she learns a sex-charged version of the Cinderella fairy-tale.
Cinderella Thyme is the story of Miller’s sister Thyme, and how her journey into a BDSM word takes a different direction, mainly the fairy-tale has a Slavic twist.  I loved writing that story because it meshes with the first book but the reader gets a chance to experience things from another woman’s perspective.  Thyme has issues that make her different than Miller, but they are still very similar women in many ways because they are two versions of me, I think.  Guess I shouldn’t tell you that in case you don’t like the characters, but as I said when I came to after fainting in a post office years ago, thank god I don’t know you people.

I’m Tay as well, naturally, because I’m the mother of all of these characters.  Cinderella Ending is the novel that binds the other two together.  It’s set in the same year, picking up where Thyme’s character leaves off and revisiting Miller and Thomas Roslyn about six weeks later.  
 Since Thyme was born on Halloween this book begins on October 30th, which I hope adds an extra bit of cohesiveness to the whole thing.  It’s a rollercoaster of experiences told from several characters’ perspectives.

I obviously feel protective of the stories.  If you are a reader and not a writer, just know that it is incredibly difficult to coordinate a trilogy and bring the storylines together not to mention bringing the characters to life.  It was outrageously ambitious of me to have so many characters floating around but each has a distinction that I hope will make the whole thing relatively easy to process and highly enjoyable.

How do you read erotica anyhow?  I’m assuming the first read through is for the action and plot then there are the thousands of times you read your favorite segment, the one that gets you off, right?   

My favorite criticism is when someone says the story will stick with them for a long time to come.  Beware of that graphic content though.  It’s erotica and I make no excuses for that.  I’m not the girl who is afraid to say cock or cunt, and I happen to love the non-consensual fantasy.  I’m not writing for you and you, and you, obviously, but for me and the hope that there are like minded people like me who will get it.

If you are one of those people, please, for the love of my ability to pay my rent, please tag my books on  Leave a review on or Amazon or wherever you bought the books.  I’ll probably stop writing after this book is finished.  Writing is fun but a better use of my time will be spent doing something that actually has financial benefits.  With that said, it’s not going to kill me to give a book away.  Leave your email on a comment and I’ll give away a PDF copy or two of Cinderella Club to get you started.

My new release date for Cinderella Ending is November 30, 2012.  It will be available in all e-book formats as well as paperback.  I personally prefer the paperback copies because it makes this whole “journey” that much more real (as in no coma and of course, the touch, feel and smell of a real live book).

Let me know what you think, too.  Reach me at or check out my blog here –
It will do wonders for my ego to hear from you.  Even better if you write and follow my blog!  Can you tell it’s that time of the month again?  I must go do some nesting then shake my fist at the moon, laugh, cry and eat a spoonful of Nutella then do it all again so that I can indeed come full circle.  (You can take that to mean having an orgasm if you want). 


Anonymous said...

This blog post was written in August. The book is now finished and available for sale at, amazon, barnes & noble and all the ebook outlets.


Anonymous said...

It's a truly remarkable achievement, Mia. I've read all three books and the world you've created is startlingly original, deeply erotic and immersive - totally immersive. You can be very proud indeed.