Sunday, August 19, 2012

TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL- Mia Marlowe and Give Away

The Eyes Have It

First, thanks for having me here today. I love talking about my heroes so I appreciate the chance to share Griffin Nash, Earl of Devonwood, the leading man in TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL, with you all.
One of the joys of making things up is that I get to build a man to suit in every particular. That means I can hear his rumbling voice in my head, decide all the delicious details about him, inside and out. One of the first things I pick for my hero is his eye color.
Personally, I’m drawn to dark eyes. My DH has a pair of soulful brown ones, but for Griffin I chose gray. There are several reasons for this. Gray eyes are mercurial. They seem to change depending on lighting or what the person is wearing. They also darken or lighten in keeping with the person’s mood as their pupils dilate or contract. Since Griffin is a very self-contained person, I needed his eyes to give away what’s going on behind them. Eye color that is changeable helps with that.
Gray eyes have always suggested a person of deep inner strength to me. Griffin is solid as a rock.  I’m a huge Tolkien fan. He gave his race of elves gray eyes, which he felt spoke to their magical existence. My hero Griffin has a spark of magic about him too. He has an unusual psychometric ability. When he touches an object it sometimes sends him a vision of the future.
Griffin’s mother, who has a mild version of the ability, calls it a ‘gift.’ Lots of people pay good money visiting psychics and mediums, trying to catch a glimpse of the future, but Griffin doesn’t see it as blessing. For one thing, he never knows what will trigger a peek into the next 12 hours. And once he succumbs to a vision, it’ll be followed by a blinding headache. To add insult to injury, he knows from past experience that nothing he does will alter the events that are hurtling toward him.
That’s why he’s happy about the vision that shows him kissing Emmaline Farnsworth to oblivion. Until he learns she’s his brother’s fiancĂ©e...

For a look at Griffin’s ‘gift of touch,’ check out an excerpt from TOUCH OF A 
I’d love to give away a copy of TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL to a random commenter today. Please leave me a comment or question to enter. Here’s a question to get the conversation started:
What’s your favorite eye color in a man?
Mia Marlowe’s work has been featured in PEOPLE magazine. One of her books is on display in the Museum of London Docklands next to Johnny Depp memorabilia. Her TOUCH OF A ROGUE (Book 2 in the Touch of Seduction series) was named one of Publishers Weekly’s Top 10 Romances for Spring 2012. Mia loves to connect with readers. Find her at , home to her active blog, at, and at .


Julianne Keller said...

Blue eyes, those turquoise blue eyes, that seem to be able to see down to the soul. Are the characters in Touch of A Scoundrel connected to any of the characters in book 1 or 2? I didn't know that about gray eyes.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Debby said...

I like dark eyes. You can fall into them.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Carin said...

I am a sucker for dark brown eyes, don't tell my blue eyed husband ;O) Carin mawmom at gmail dot com

MiaMarlowe said...

Thanks for sharing, Julianne. Yes, the hero Griffin is a cousin of Viola (TOUCH OF A THIEF) and Jacob (TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL). The gift of touch they all share is an inherited legacy from their great grandmother--Delphinia (TOUCH OF A LADY)

MiaMarlowe said...

Me too, Debby. Being married to a brown eyed man does that to a girl. ;-)

MiaMarlowe said...

I am a vault, Carin. Your secret's safe with me!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to say blue like my hubby's :)

Eli Yanti said...

i love gold or dark blue eyes :)

Tina said...

Eli YantiAugust 20, 2012 11:09 PM

i love gold or dark blue eyes :)

please contact me at put Mia Marlowe contest in the header

So I can email Kensington so you can get your prize