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The Daily Grind- Mahalia Levey

The Daily Grind

I’ve been asked what my daily process is and it varies. Two years ago when I first became published I was unemployed due to a hiring freeze in my area of expertise. I had all the time in the world to spend writing and honing my skills. In my first two years I released over twenty stories in variety of length.
Now? I work for a pharmaceutical company during the day and I love my job. When time is down, I write things that come to mind on post it notes or scraps of paper for later when I’m at home. Later on when I get home, I have to make dinner, cater to a fiancé who is as hungry for attention as my three teenagers. When everything is calm I have time to sit down and write, I’m so excited to get the next chapter out.
The only interruptions to my daily routine is edits. There are times I get going good and ding ‘you’ve got mail.’ Edits. I haven’t figured out how to switch from editing gears to writing gears and pretty much stop my process until edits are complete depending on the publisher and how fast the entire editing process takes. I do find I love when I have a week or two between rounds because I can get busy on what I was previously doing.
Now instead of knocking out quick reads. I have slowed down. Medication for SVT and the inability to imbibe stimulants make for a sleepy writer. It’s okay though because since I’ve been forced to slow down, the quality is much better as it comes out of my head!
“I’m interested to know what other writer’s daily grind consists of.”
What’s New?
When I received my rights back for Show Me Your Gun and Flaws and all at contract end, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with two of my favorite novellas. I’d just finished writing Against all Odds Deja and Derek’s story. I changed the name of Show Me Your Gun to All Woman and decided it’d be great to bind all three stories together. September 7th Only Skin Deep releases from Secret Cravings Publishing.

All Woman:  Officer Taleena Harris may have looked like one of the guys in her all black uniform, but underneath lurked a sensual woman. One who burned to have her fantasies fulfilled. Jason Treadway, her target had no clue he was key in fulfilling them. He might have a higher rank, but she held all the aces. It was far past time to play them.
Jason Treadway had no desire to be a one woman type of man. That was until the Armored Company’s annual theme party. A mystery woman on the mechanical bull commanded his attention. He’d do anything for a night of being skin-to-skin with her. The only question… Would one night be enough?
Flaws and All: Nadja Mederios knows what she wants after months of watching Donato keep order at Club Mist, and an intervention from her best friend Taleena. As a lounge singer, she portrays a sensual, sultry woman, but she’s not the high-maintenance girl people assume she is.  In fact, a tomboy lies beneath her protective costume. When the real woman comes to light, she hopes Donato finds her just as sexy as the mask.
Donato Falcone isn’t looking for commitment, but when someone touches Nadja without permission, rational thought leaves him and rage steps in. After his temper cools, he sees a different side of Nadja. Her sleek sophistication may well be a front for the girl who could be his forever, if he can find a way to break down her barriers.

Against All Odds: Four months of casual dating isn’t enough. Not for Derek Tresvant. His Deja may think financial security and a successful career are essential to a good life, but he disagrees. The numerous excuses she uses to push him away only entice him to prove he’s in the forever type.
If there’s one constant in life Deja Crane knows nothing is ever one hundred percent certain. After working her ass off to own her business and succeed on her terms, she’ll be damned if one hot sinful man will take all away from her with a marriage license, a picket fence and two point five kids. She’s got a plan of her own that doesn’t include messing with a man.

Coming Soon From Decadent Publishing

 F/F/M Paranormal Romance

Amaranta knows well the painful burn of inadequacy. Not being quite good enough for those she loves. Until her path changes in irrevocable ways. Kanima calls to her, death surrounds her as she grows into her craft. Hating the enforcer side of her she has no choice but to accept, she buckles down endeavoring to become the best of the best. She finds she hunts best alone, fending off all orders to hunt with a partner. Until the day her most valued treasure is taken from her. Amaranta must not only accept the help of others but find the strength within to face her greatest fear. The solution waits for her on a silver platter. All she has to do is grasp what's readily in front of her.

I hope these two upcoming releases grab your attention! For on commenter I’d love to offer a backlist from my website.  Thanks Tina for having me :P



Julianne Keller said...

Hello Mahalia. I haven't read any of your books yet. I'm heading over to check out your books and see what I can get into. I'm looking forward to reading some of your work.
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Tina said...

Ms Julianne You are the winner!