Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leontii Holender and Contest

Abraxas Hadean has never been anything other than a warrior. He is one of the princes of Rausol and youngest of the three Hadean brothers. He’s lived a life of privilege that he has filled with his own miscreant adventures.
His whole world comes to a crashing end when he is killed, sent to the underworld, and put toe-to-toe with a demon from his nightmares. Svel Rosilin is surly, dominating, and everything that Abraxas dreamed about. Yet, the underworld is no place for a fledgling love to begin.
With the threat of a usurper looming over their love, Svel and Abraxas must travel across the Underworld in search of answers to their fate. What they find is cryptic news, a harsh answer, and a threat that will surely tear them apart. Svel and Abraxas must do everything they can to keep hell itself from ripping apart their love of a lifetime.
A Siren Erotic Romance
About Me:

I live in Greenville, SC, but I have lived in many more places than just this. Some of the notable locale I have called home are New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, and Boston. I've finally found a city that I like enough to stick with it. It's close enough to Charlotte that I can visit and far enough from any big city that it still feels like I live in a close knit community. I like the best of both words, you could say.

My work space is an office in my home that is dedicate solely to my writing. I have a massive wrap around desk, one of those really comfy roller chairs, a few book cases, and a fan. There's usually papers cluttered every where, images that will inspire me, and books on the various topics associated with writing. My writing area is pretty cluttered, but that's how I like it. It's an organized chaos, you could say.

The vast majority of my inspiration comes from characters themselves. I can sit down to write a book, have a character in mind, and they take the story in a complete different direction from where I thought it would end. I like to get in their heads and let them tell their own story, rather than me forcing one along. In that way, I find that writing is pretty organic rather than something strictly set up to a rigid plot. Sometimes characters like to do their own thing!

As far as hobbies go, I am an artist. I doodle a lot of my characters and some for RPG games that I participate in. Yeah, I am an avid gamer. I have an insatiable hunger for books and I am always reading something. I also go to the movies at least one a week. My favorite are horror movies and those at times inspire some of the things that I write. I'm active in the BDSM community and lecture at conferences, teach demonstrations, and was formerly on some of the boards for groups in my area. 

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