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Sexuality: what are we worried about?

That homosexuality has always been a tricky subject is no news, in spite of societies’ efforts to deny it. Whether orientation or choice, it’s undeniable it’s always existed. So what if it doesn’t favor reproduction? So what if it has to be denied or punished? No amount of punishment or conventionality can kill or curb the attraction and love between same genders. In the past, Ancient Greeks and Romans, not only tolerated it, but also disciplined it. In both civilizations, there was no outright prohibition against it, as long as men—and men alone—paid their dues to the procreative effort and limited it to the acceptable parameters.

Aurelius took a careful sip from his cup. “I guess you have a long experience with women.”
Attilio nodded. “Unlike you, Pullus, I like them.”
The centurion raised a hand. “No need to explain. I’m half Greek so who better than I can understand certain tastes?”
“I know in Greece, some habits are better tolerated than they are in the rest of the Empire.”
“Tolerated? We wrote poems about it, have plays that call for it. A man is perfectly entitled to conduct his sexual affairs how he sees fit and no one recriminates.”

(Excerpt from Roman Seduction)

If with the Celts, things were different, I believe the reason can be traced to their symbiosis with nature.

Unlike the soldiers I’d heard complaining around the camp, we Celts had no problem expressing our preferences for the male gender. Our traditions did not impose restrictions to what people saw as a natural taste, allowing it only for youngsters and slaves or forcing men to marry and raise a family in spite of their inclinations just to prove they were dominant males like the Romans did. The Celts had no such limitations. We were men regardless of whom we liked to fuck so many of my age offered themselves to older friends or even strangers for purely pleasurable reasons. And the forest was full of their passionate twists and turns.

(Excerpt from Bloody Passion)

But this was a short lived period. Traditions ran contrary to such open-mildness, and the monotheistic religions soon took over, ushering dark centuries that blocked any attempt at freedom of choice, particularly in sex and love. Today I feel we haven’t evolved much from those convictions for certain attitudes are still seen with hostility, if not outright punishments that can go as far as the death penalty. Conformity became the rule. Sure, being the same avoids conflicts, but is it really a solution? Since it can’t be, our western world has invented an alternative—labels. And here’s what I think of them:

“This has never happened with a woman.”
“If it makes you feel better, it didn’t this time either. You liked one woman, which doesn’t mean you have to like them all. Like me, I only feel something for you, not for men in general.”
The blond beauty was silent for a while. “Maybe you’re right, but I don’t know—”
Leon forced him to turn around and look straight into his eyes. “You’re just worried you’ll lose your gay identity if you admit you like a woman. But I know you’re much too intelligent to let generalizations blind you. Gay doesn’t define you. It simply limits your choices. You’re a person, first of all, who happens to have his own particular tastes, which should never, ever become a label.”
The dazzling blue eyes flashed in anger. “Funny of you to talk like this since you’re the first to deny our relationship, afraid to let people know you’re doing it with a man.”
Leon searched the beautiful face for a moment. “You’re right, it’s my problem, too. If I haven’t told anyone, except Janet—”
“The Kitty?”
Leon grinned at the appellative. “Right. I guess in a way I have the same problem, as if by admitting I liked you, I was denying what I always felt was my heterosexual nature.”
“That’s what defines us, lover.”
“Well, it shouldn’t because we miss out on life’s infinite possibilities. And we, above anyone else, should make it true for our current lives since we denied it in our previous ones.”
Leon searched the beautiful face for a moment. “You’re right, it’s my problem, too. I guess in a way I think along the same exclusive lines as if fucking one gender automatically excludes the other, as if by admitting I like you, I denied my heterosexual nature.”
“That’s what defines us, lover.”
“Well, it shouldn’t because we miss out on life’s infinite possibilities. And we, above anyone else, should make it true for our current lives since we spurned it in our previous ones.”

(Excerpt from Tasting Leon’s Mark, ReScue series Book 2)

“I’ll tell you why.” Pressing his weight, the devil toppled him. “’Cause you think fucking or staying on top is manly, while to be fucked or staying at the bottom is womanly, hence weak.”
Damn! “So maybe it is since I gave away my ass.” Forgot the man can read my mind! “But it’s not because of some crappy prejudice on fags. It’s because it feels like I surrendered—”
“Which is constitutionally forbidden to a pirate, right?”
“How did you guess?” Amazed, Drake’s eyes widened. “I mean, yeah, I was thinking of that.” And it bugged the hell out of him to know the devil had conquered the pirate so effortlessly.
“All right, Pirate, let’s make a couple of things clear.” Straightening, Martin eased the pressure. “First, there’s nothing good or bad, right or wrong in sex. Men, women, twosomes, threesomes, orgies, everything’s acceptable, as long as all the parties involved agree with it.” His green eyes bore deeply into Drake’s. “Second, what happened now doesn’t qualify you as anything except a person making an unprejudiced choice in his sexual pleasure. Tonight you simply learned to appreciate a different body part, a very erotic one, as most psychologists believe. So you didn’t give up your ass or any such crap. You discovered how much pleasure it can give.”
“It was still an act of submission.”
“Come off it, Pirate! I don’t accept this hogwash, not from you!” Eyes blazing, Martin’s body tensed in anger. “I’m sick and tired of the nonsense claiming that to stick your cock automatically makes you superior, while who takes it is considered inferior. This is male chauvinism if I ever heard it! And it can’t be justified in any way.” Unable to keep still, he shifted position, curling on himself. “Take us for example. You’ll end up sticking it in more times than I’ll ever do it to you. Does that make me your inferior or less of a man?” He slammed a fist on the mattress enraged. “Just think if it were true, all women—I repeat all—would be inferior by default, and you know that’s bullshit.” He did not wait for Drake’s confirmation. “The truth is we’re fucking equals, men and women, you and I regardless of which position we assume in bed, of what we do and how we do it. It’s high time we stopped using sex to determine balances in social relations, or rather their unbalances. Who gives what to whom should have nothing to do with how we treat our fellow human beings.” His breath played on Drake’s face. “This basic respect is lacking in today’s relationships, whether it’s lovers, colleagues, friends—”
“Fucking-friends,” Drake retorted.

So let’s hear it for free love between ANYONE, whatever their gender, race, color or any difference or similarity they might have with us!

And always remember that differences are precious, they’re the only things that allow us to evolve.

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Debby said...

I agree with this completely. It is really none of my business who you love and what you do with each other. I say go for it.
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Julianne Keller said...

How did you get started in writing in this genre?
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Do you think the increasing popularity of m/m fiction is a sign that society's heading in the right direction, however slowly? (It does seem to have more nuanced characters than het fiction to me.)


Tina said...

ad0ffae6-78f6-11e1-8cde-000bcdcb You are the winner!