Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Wild Sexy Cruise by Kit Fox

A Blurb:  A wild, sexy, non-stop adventure that happens in one week on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, this erotic tale is not for the timid.
     The characters have different tastes and surprising backgrounds, all calculated to arouse and stimulate the reader.
     The narrative includes graphic descriptions of sensual acts between consenting adults. It is not for minors.

A quote from the eBook . . . “he adorned me with a blindfold, tied me to the bed, and took me to incredible heights. I don’t think I have ever been so totally spent.”

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A bit about me . . . I am convinced that about ninety percent of sexual arousal is mental. When distractions are eliminated, (a blindfold) and inhibitions are removed, (light bondage) the orgasmic experience is heightened. Some anxiety adds sensitivity to nerve ends enhancing sensations.

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