Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Incrediable Heidi Wasabi by Helgaleena

In Music, Magic Happens-- Paranormal Principles in the Incredible Heidi Wasabi

The first reviews of my book are in, and both had similar reactions, in fact, both reviewers used the phrases like 'omg this is the strangest story I've ever read'--

'wow, the most unique read...nothing compares to this'  -- 

  and yet it has been rated excellent and 'five stars' by these same flabbergasted readers.

And yes, this has to do entirely with the use of magic!

In The Incredible Heidi Wasabi, magic simply is, and the protagonists have to come to terms with it to believe their own eyes, and every other sense as well.

Around Steen Herren, the originator of the heavy metal band Virgen Steel, magic happens. He's one of the lucky, or unlucky, people with the ability to understand what it's doing.  It's made him a bit of an eccentric, but then, in an artist that is tolerated.  That is why the band's tour bus has a kitchen full of jars of mysterious things, including the droppings of his pet ferrets. In magic everything has a use, and a life of its own. If he were to tell you why he sprinkles things from jars in a ring around the bus, or makes teas out of other things from jars, or burns them to ash, you wouldn't believe. That won't stop him, and Virgen Steel, from playing on. The very songs are ways of invoking joy, you must admit, throbbing out over the river of Steen's commanding bass. And the shows are high tech mythological experiences of a lifetime.

To Rufus Dixon, his lead singer, life is a song. He'll sing it for Virgen Steel because they are so good at getting the music out. He lets life sweep him in and out of lovers' stories until he snags up on a liar who doesn't play fair.  Has all his love gone to waste? Not at all; it's been taking its own, magical form, and it is reborn with the help of a piece of sushi wet with his own tears...

You are simply going to have to read it to believe it.

This is an M/M love story with the difference that adding an F completes a circuit that begins an incredible magical flow uniting many levels of existence as inevitably as quantum physics.

And yes, it is not only the story of a paranormal being who must explain herself, even to herself-- it's the story of two extraordinary men who get involved by magic, choose to believe in it, and help their extraordinary love create itself-- or you could say, herself.

Click here for a magical all-ages excerpt.

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And yes, like all dreams come true, there is a happily ever after. Believe it!

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