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~A Giveaway and a little spice with Author Jennifer Labelle~

Well, Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Nathan DeCosta, Heidi Taylor, Rafe Zakas, and Zoey Appleby from my newest Secret Cravings Publishing release ‘Finding His Something Spicy (Spice It up 2).’
Jennifer: Good morning everyone.
Heidi: Hi Jennifer, it’s a great morning isn’t it?
Zoey: Good morning.
Nathan: Hey.
Rafe: It would be even better if you came back in an hour or two. OUCH! What was that for?
Zoey: I’m sorry he’s normally such a charmer. It was a late night, and Rafe apparently isn’t fully awake yet.
Rafe: Yeah sorry, I’m used to a little more beauty sleep.
Jennifer: *grins* No problem. So tell me, Rafe, how does it feel to finally have your story out there?
Rafe: I think it’s great, but it isn’t only my story, it’s about me and the three people I love most in this world and as long as everyone else is happy with it, I am too.
Jennifer: Fair enough, all of you have had to make some big changes in one way or another, first making the big move, and then adjusting to the new life. Rafe, how did you feel when Nathan and Heidi went ahead? It must have made an impact.
Rafe: Did it ever. I was miserable without them. We were pretty much inseparable since our first time together, and I missed them like crazy.
Heidi: Oh, Rafe, we missed you too.
Nathan: We did, I’m just so glad everything worked out.
Rafe: Me too, but I’m grateful now. If it wasn’t for the move then I would have never gotten to know Zoey.
Jennifer: Speaking of Zoey, Heidi how did you feel when Rafe said he needed something more?
Heidi:  Nathan and I are both deeply in love with Rafe, and I was afraid he wasn’t satisfied with what we had at first. But, I could understand his need, and I was determined to see him happy. Zoey came to mind instantly as a perfect candidate. You see we had to find someone with an open mind so we could continue our relationship with Rafe the way it was. We weren’t ready to give him up and I knew her well enough to know that she’d eventually come around.
Nathan: My wife is the caretaker in the relationship, and goes above and beyond to give us anything she can. It’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with her, and Rafe wanted it too. He needed to find his own someone special to complete what he felt was missing. I not only understood, but respected it. Zoey was an added bonus.
Rafe: Was she ever. *chuckles* I was doubtful at first, but she fit right in, was so sweet, and continues to rock my world. Life was good with Heidi, and Nathan, but now it’s complete with Zoey too. Heidi knew exactly what was needed and made it happen. The four of us just work, I can’t explain it properly. You’ll see what I mean when you read the book.
Zoey: *blushes*
Jennifer: LOL, I wrote it for you remember.
Rafe: Yeah, yeah...
Jennifer: Zoey, you’ve been pretty quiet so far, can you tell me what it was like for you?
Zoey: I was surprised. Heidi and I were always pretty close, but she completely shocked me. Once she explained the way Rafe felt, and let me know her own feelings I became intrigued, and I wanted to meet him. I still wasn’t sure about joining in a ménage at first, so Rafe and I took it slow by developing our relationship, and then I worked on opening up to the possibility, and the rest is history. With the book out now, I don’t want to ruin it by giving away too much information.
Jennifer: I understand. I’d like to thank you all for letting me interview you today. I loved telling your stories, first in Spice It Up, and then again in Finding His Something Spicy (Spice It Up 2). It was a lot of fun.
Nathan: It was our pleasure Jennifer.
Heidi: Definitely, and I can’t wait until your readers get to meet Meagan in Spice It Up 3.
Zoey: Thank you, Jennifer. We should hang out again sometime. I’ll promise not to keep Rafe up so late so that he’ll be more hospitable.
Rafe: Hey, I apologized. *grins and winks* Always wonderful to see you Jennifer, and thank you for telling our story. I do appreciate it, but maybe next time we could make it a little
Jennifer: *chuckles* Be good, Rafe. It was my pleasure. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you around. If you all liked the interview, and want a hot ménage to warm you up this spring, then check out the first two installments in the Spice It Up series. I’d like to thank Nathan, Heidi, Rafe, and Zoey for sharing their experience.
Don’t forget to leave a comment with your email address. I’ll be giving away one pdf copy of Spice It Up, the first installment in the series, and stay tuned for Lyrics and Lust (Spice It Up 3) coming in July!
Please enjoy the blurbs below, and a brief excerpt;

Heidi Taylor has fallen in love with a man who’s off limits. He’s her best friend and she’s afraid to tell him how she really feels, that is until Nathan suggests she needs a little spice in her love life, and designates himself as her something spicy.
Rafe Zakas had no intention of settling down until he met and fell hard for his two closest friends, Nathan and Heidi. But, their perfect trio fell apart when Nathan got a job offer he couldn’t refuse, relocating them. Rafe soon realizes there’s something missing in his life, and decides he needs to find his own something spicy to fill the void. She’s got to be open minded and love him for him, kinkiness included, and he hopes to soon turn their trio into a quartet with Heidi’s help.
Zoey Appleby was content with being single, until her good friend Heidi sets her up with this gorgeous Greek Adonis named Rafe. He awakens desires in her she never knew were there, and introduces her to a whole new lifestyle. Shy at first Zoey has some choices to make, will it be a new love, or the life she’s used to?

“What’s your name sweetheart?”
Rafe was out with Nathan and Heidi again at Drink Nights, and both he and Nathan couldn’t get the image of Heidi with another woman out of their minds. She’d painted the delicious picture of a foursome the very first time the three of them became an item and damn he wanted it bad.
They spotted a stacked brunette over at the bar and when Heidi casually mentioned an attraction, he and Nathan both smiled. Rafe excused himself from their booth with a perfect excuse to get them refills on their drinks, and an even more perfect opportunity to approach the sexy brunette with a proposition.
What’s the worst that could happen? Feeling confident enough in himself that he could make this happen, he couldn’t remember the last time a woman turned him down. Either way when I leave here tonight I’m going to get some. Heidi and Nathan are a guarantee.
“Amber.” She’d given a look from the tip of his toes to the top of his head, and smiled as she looked back into his eyes and extended her hand with evident interest. “And you are?”
“It’s a pleasure, Amber.” Rafe raised her hand to his lips, lightly nipping her knuckles with his teeth playfully before pulling back. He smiled, when he noticed her biting her bottom lip. Oh yeah, baby I know you want me. “My name is Rafe, and my friends Nathan and Heidi over there would like to know if you’d like to join us.”
“Nathan and Heidi?” Amber turned in the direction that Rafe pointed, and looked unsure momentarily, but when she faced Rafe again her expression changed. Her eyes were hooded, and the corner of her mouth quirked up in a slight smile. “And what about you Rafe, would you like me to join you tonight?”Bingo!
“Oh yeah, baby. I wouldn’t have introduced myself otherwise. In fact, I’m hoping to take you home with us. Let’s have a few more drinks first and get to know each other and then we could make some great memories.” He stepped forward to whisper in her ear, “Have you ever had two guys at once, baby, or a girl to play with, how about all three? Think about it.”He pulled back in time to see the expression on her face once she absorbed what he just said. In fact, he could pinpoint the moment it clicked. Her eyes suddenly went wide in shock, and then she bit her lip again momentarily as if to think about it before smiling.
“Sounds pretty intriguing, let me just go say goodnight to my friends and I’ll meet you back here in a minute.”
“Sure thing doll, I’ll just order us a couple drinks in the meantime.”
She nodded, and hurriedly walked to a table not far away. He watched the sway of her curvaceous ass as she retreated and then looked over to the booth he just left with a thumbs up. Nathan laughed, and Heidi smiled wide as if proud of him. He could see the mischievous glint in her eye and all was right in the world. He had the two people he loved beside him, and some fun times in the next hour or two to look forward to. Life was good.

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She said...

Nice interview and intriguing excerpt. Makes me wish I was Amber, unless she turns out not to be so accepting of adding herself to the threesome. Then I want to be Zoey.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to read these books. Did not know what I was missing. Marie

Jennifer Labelle said...

LOL, thank you for stopping by, She.

Jennifer Labelle said...

Thank you,I hope you enjoy them.

Maria pronounced Mariah said...

Title sounds just right...spicy. Would love a chance to read it!

mmafsmith at gmail dot com

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Thanks for stopping by Maria, I'll announce the winner at the end of the day :-)

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And the WINNER is...all three of you!


She ( has been chosen to win the pdf copy of Spice It Up, and I've decided to give Maria, and Melisk1966, the other two commenters a copy of Flashed: Flirty, Fun and Deliciously explicit. A flash fiction anthology by various authors including myself to enjoy as a thank you for commenting.

I hope you all enjoy it.

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This contest is now closed, thank you all for stopping by.

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Ladies, check your email. I've just sent your winnings :-)