Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Afterburn by Sonia Hightower

Today, I want to not only talk about my latest release, Afterburn, but also about sexual harassment in the work place, especially in male dominated environments. Yes, this is 2012. Yes, women have rights. But this, sadly, still occurs.

In Afterburn, Crystal is a military mechanic who deals with it on a daily basis. I didn't just pull this subject out of thin air for the purpose of a subplot. I've been there, and I've dealt with it myself. Thankfully, in my eleven years as an aircraft mechanic, I was not physically assaulted, but my back was smacked, my chest was ogled if I dared to wear a tight shirt (and no, I don't have big or fake boobs in an attempt to draw the eye), and I dealt with numerous remarks over the years.

I learned to never wear knee pads no matter how bad it hurt to crawl all over the hard wing or the blow job jokes would start up. I learned to put a lab coat on anytime I was going to have to bend over to perform a task. I was actually propositioned on numerous occasions and even if I came up with a great idea to save time, money, or trouble, I wasn't always given credit for it.

Me: "Let's try this..."
The team: *shrug*

The next day..

Some dude: "Let's try this..."
The team: "Hell, yea." *pats dude on back*

So what you read about Crystal's difficulties at work... It happens. And if you see someone going through it, please don't condone it or laugh it off. It may bother the woman more than you realize.

Blurb: Their love burns hot, but will it stay fueled?
Crystal is an enlisted mechanic with a tragic past. Grant is an officer and a pilot with a broken heart. When faced with a difficult decision, will Crystal choose wisely or lose the best thing that ever happened to her?
The love between them burns hot, but their relationship won't stay fueled if they can't beat the obstacles that stand in their way. Besides breaking the fraternization rules, Grant and Crystal have the difference of race between them…but can they prove to the rest of the world, and to each other, that love is color blind?
Afterburn is about overcoming one's past, not judging others, learning to forgive, and what it's like to be a woman in a "man's world."


Anonymous said...

Excellent write-up, Tara! Sexual harrassment does still happen, and not just in male dominated fields of work. We can choose to ignore it or do something about it. Most of the time, we opt to ignore it, afraid of losing our jobs, but this isn't the right thing to do. Report the abuse. Stop the mistreatment.

Davee said...

I echo Lorraine's sentiment-Excellent write-up. I love that you use a fictional story to bring up a life lesson or learning experience. Kudos for bringing the subject to light.