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Hello everyone, and THANKS to Tina for letting me chat with everyone here today! I decided to talk about my newest project for a lot of reasons, so let’s get to it.

For the first time in many, many years I’ve started writing with a partner. For me this is phenomenal, because in my eight years of professional publishing, it’s never really been a driving force for me to work with someone else. I’ve worked on anthologies and collections, yes, but two voice telling the same story? Hasn’t happened for well over fifteen years. Recently, via Facebook, I met a very, very talented writer who had created a character that intrigued me. In a strange twist of fate–all things coming when and where they are meant to happen–his creation and mine became “friends” and later, as we got to know each other outside of the characters, we discovered a lot of common ground–not the least of which was our vision for what we were writing. So, a series was born, without conscious thought or design.

Warrior Mine is the merging of the ancient and the contemporary. The heroine, if you can call her that, has been around for several thousand years. As her story unfolds, harsh truths come to light, and we learn she is eternally damned for loving one of the night creatures she was sent to hunt over a thousand years ago. The hero, Asher Elliot, is a warrior honed by today’s technology and centuries of life. While Angelique wields an archaic and bloodthirsty sword called Blood-Binder, Asher is a modern killer, he wields knowledge and sophisticated weaponry, and whatever else his jobs require. He is also a vampire, an immortal with the capacity to wake the dead heart of a Chosen Warrior who has Fallen from Grace. They are savage in their bloodlust for justice and each other, for a time. Until the moment that Angelique is called to execute the one she loves–and instead makes a bargain that Asher finds repugnant. Trust broken, the two again walk separate paths…one lost to anger and one to despair.

The intriguing thing about doing a series like this, creating it “live” in terms of role-playing it without pre-set outlines, etc., is that even we have no idea what will happen next or if love and passion will indeed win out over the incredible weight of guilt and rage that drives these two. I guess we’ll all find out as we go along. You can find Angelique on the pages of Facebook: - and at her Keep: - so if you’d like to see what happens with the Warriors, drop by and ask to join us.

Book One of the series is available now from XoXo Publishing™ and is called The Claiming. Book Two will be released within the next couple of weeks, and is called Retributions. Books Three and Four will follow fairly fast. From there, we just don’t know at this stage, but it’ll be wild whatever happens.

You can find WARRIOR MINE: The Claiming here:

There will also be a special page on my website soon with some special goodies and extras related to the series, so stay tuned for that, too.

Thank you again, Tina.
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DragonLady said...

What a challenge ... and what a journey. Chapeau to both of you for sharing that vision. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

Denysé Bridger said...

Thank you, DragonLady!!! It's been one helluva an adventure so far!!

Debra Jayne East said...

What a amazing interview! It seems your characters have come to life with this collaboration and I look forward to reading it.