Thursday, March 8, 2012

Juliet Chastain : Cry of the Wolf

Cry of the Wolf
Breathless Press

Certain that the woman he adores could never love a man who was also a wolf, Michael keeps his passion for her a secret.
As the alpha wolf, Michael is big, powerful, and dangerous. He's spent years giving in to his animal instincts; avoiding the call to become human again. But when he sees a beautiful, shy farmer, his manly urges quickly take over.
Laura is content living the rural life, preferring her chickens and farm to human interaction. When her abusive neighbors attack her and a wolf comes to her rescue, she's shocked to discover the wild creature transforming into a man—a sexy man with hair the color of a wolf's coat. Instantly she's overwhelmed by her desire for him, but she's too timid to reveal her feelings for the rugged man-wolf who saved her life.
Though the heat between Michael and Laura burns hot, unless they summon the courage to open their hearts to one another, they risk losing each other forever.

A bitter cold crept into him and the pain was excruciating, yet the woman, the beautiful sweet-faced woman whom he had been watching for months, the woman whom he had been longing for, caressed and murmured to him, comforting him with her soft, soothing words. Her deep blue eyes looked at him with tenderness and pity while he was a wolf. As a man, women paid him lots of attention and as a wolf, female wolves looked on him with favor, but this had never happened. Not in all his life had a human being acted kindly to him when he was a wolf.
He suppressed an anguished howl. Was he close to her at last, the woman of his dreams, only to die miserably in the snow at her feet? She stood above him now, removing her clothing. She'd said something about covering him to keep him warm. He whined softly. She was even more beautiful up close than he had imagined she would be. The sight of her opulent naked body above him in the moonlight overwhelmed him with desire and shook his very being. He felt himself suddenly ablaze with passion—the passion of a man. He felt himself begin to transform and, in the grip of his all too human emotions, he couldn't stop himself.
He heard her cry out in surprise. She had seen him change from an animal to a man. Now she would know him for the monster he was and would run screaming from him. No way she'd ever want him the way he wanted her. His dreams of human happiness were just dreams and nothing more. He closed his eyes, hoping he would die soon.
"I don't understand, I—I—this is impossible," she stuttered. "It's like out of a book! I...I must be dreaming. I have to be dreaming. This cannot be happening..."
Then she spoke in a firmer voice. "No, as insane as this is, it's real—at least I think so. Even if I am dreaming, I'm not going to let you die. I don't know what you are, but I'm going to do everything I can to help you." She gently touched his forehead. "You are so cold." Her warm breasts brushed against his chest as she leaned over him, trying to position something—her robe—under him, between him and the snow.

Author Bio and links:

As an ex-fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain says that, in a way, writing fiction is a lot like photography. She takes a few elements— models and clothes in photography, characters and setting in her writing—and makes them come alive in a compelling story. Ever since she wrote a tragic tale of two kittens back in sixth grade (it made her cry), Juliet has had a yen to write. Now that she’s put down her camera, she indulges herself by writing short steamy romances with models, er, heroes, like a passionate sea captain, a sweet natured hunk of a werewolf, and the devil’s own sexy-as-hell grandson— every one of them ready to fulfill his lady’s deepest desires.
You can learn more about Juliet and her collection of out-of-theordinary heroes at her website, and contact her at juliet@


Havan said...

This book sounds hits a lot of the things I love in a story. I can't wait to download this one this weekend. Love the cover too. :)

Eddy Lee said...

I 'm a big fan of these erotic short stories, but I especially liked this one. it was a really sexy and satisfying read.