Saturday, March 17, 2012

J.J. Massa kicks off the PARTY! The Start of Tina's Birthday Week!

Hi Folks!

I hope you'll all join me in wishing our lovely hostess an amazing and Happy Birthday!

I'm celebrating her birthday --besides saying hello here ;~) -- with two releases:


Hauling Ashes
A Torquere Sip

It's been too long since Langley had his ashes hauled--so long that his snarky old supervisor looks good to him.

Garret keeps a tight rein on his passions…his burning desires. For two years, the fire for his assistant has smoldered. After two years of Langley Johnson stumbling into work looking debauched and delectable, that fire is blazing out of control.

What will it take to bank the fire? Or is it too late for anything but ashes?

Here's a little excerpt:

Head spinning, Lang didn't even notice the car stop until his door opened and Atherton’s clone helped him step out. That was another odd thing about his night. Nobody had ever been so solicitous of him.

Just inside the door, Langley stopped. "I don't even know you," he said, searching the man's face in the dim light. A single arched brow telegraphed the other man's surprise and doubt. "I mean your name," Lang explained, flushing.

"You don't need to know it," he answered, his face taking on an inscrutable look. "Perhaps one day you'll earn the right to use it."

Langley was pretty sure he was gaping like a fish as he was ushered the abbreviated distance from the front door into the bedroom.

Once inside, door closed, the man leaning against it, Langley took a quick look around, until he felt the back of his neck prickle. Turning, he was quickly pinned by the other man's gaze.

"Uh, what?" he asked.

"You still want this?"

Nervous now, Lang licked his lips. He did a quick internal rundown. Unbelievably red-hot, mouthwatering, dominating hard body standing in front of him, wearing painted-on jeans?


Hard on?

Very much present.

Need, want, desire, for hitherto-only-seen-from-afar, scalding-hot manly man?

Yep, a definite affirmative.

This story, Releasing March 21, was inspired by a dear friend of mine. He's British and we're close in age, though he's older. We often talk about what we might change if we had it to do all over again. As has happened more than once, he'd had a bad day and called asking me to write him a new life. So, I did :- )   More than one of my Sips, along with characters in other stories, are based on his bad days ;- )

Family Matters 
The Montgomery Family Chronicles - Book Four

How many Were's could manage to find their mate and lose her all at the same time? Yancey Montgomery's mate has been right under his nose for at least a decade. When he makes her his, he also chases her off. What will it take to convince the delicate little werewolf that he is a worthy mate?
Never had Sue been so glad to be back in America, and now she was moving into Old Moon, the town where her best friend lived. What could be better than that--there was no drama at Tracey's place…or so she thought.


“I’m just going to go in and find Tracey…oh look! There’s Tav!”

Sue was so happy to see her best friend’s husband—she’d missed him, too. She couldn’t help but wrap her arms around him. His return hug was more brief than usual and she was shocked to hear what sounded a little like a rumbled growl coming from Peyton. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Neanderthal had the nerve to jerk her out of Tav’s arms and step in front of her.

“Hey!” Sue shouted and tried to push him away. He was as immobile as a building, and just as hard. Stepping around to his side, she thumped him solidly on the bicep and kicked his ankle, finally breaking the staring contest between the two men. Tav nodded sharply at Peyton and stepped back, hands up and palms out in a placating gesture. “Now just a minute you!” she snapped, smacking Peyton’s arm in an effort to get his attention. Finally, after another long minute staring at Tav, Peyton lowered his unwavering gaze to Sue. “Who do you think you are?” she demanded of the staring man. He was a near stranger to her. How dare he suddenly become Testosterone Man? Like he had a right to turn all possessive about her! They hadn’t known one another even a whole day.

With a great sigh, Peyton stepped forward and wrapped both arms around Sue. “What I said at the airport is true. You’re my mate. You matter a great deal to me and it’s always going to bother me when…”

“Stop right there!” Sue barked, pushing at him. “Che stupido! That’s stupid! I barely know you. I mean, sure, you’re nice enough, well, up till now. And you’re easy on the eyes,” she rambled, catching herself quickly. “But aside from that and a nice cup of coffee, you’re a stranger to me. How dare you try to dictate who I hug or whatever? I’ve known Tav for a decade. I’ve known you for all of two hours. Back off, you!”

            And elsewhere:
The week had been long, especially with the main backup singer leaving so abruptly. With little else to do, Lakon, Mya, Yancey and Myles were listening to tracks already assembled for their next album. The last song had played and the quiet sound of static filled the small room. They’d absently left the tape playing while they discussed which tracks to keep and which to do over.

Suddenly, the noise of a slamming door and the beginnings of a casual conversation between two young women issued from the surrounding speakers. When Lakon would have turned it off, Myles grabbed his hand, and with his other, rewound the conversation.

“Hey, Philly,” he recognized Ashley’s voice as he heard her enter the recording booth. “The sound engineer said someone was in here and I thought it was probably you. Hiding out from Yancey, huh?” Her voice was high with forced cheer.

Yancey shot to his feet

“This is a one hundred percent Yancey-free zone. It’s the only place I can avoid certain emotional stress and trauma right now,” the little Were, Philly, answered in a rueful voice. “In fact, witness the complete absence of drama. Silence, blessed silence all around you…aside from my dulcet tidings, of course. You’re not working at the truck stop tonight? How’d you get here?”
“That’s her!” he shouted. “It’s got to be…”

“Shh,” Myles hissed. He wanted to hear every word Ashley had to say. She hadn’t spoken to him in weeks.

“When’re you going to see him again?” Ashley asked the other girl.

“We’ll come back to that. Tell me what’s wrong.” Philly’s voice was firm. A distinct snap and rustle of paper could be heard for about forty seconds and then, “Ultra-humongo epic fail,” Philly breathed with a low whistle, apparently responding to something on the paper. “This is woeful sad, Ash. I know you wanted to give him some credit, but it looks like he is stupid. I told you, men are dunce bags. Didn’t I tell you that? I know I did, prolly right after Yancey screwed me over and threw me out like a used wrapper.”

Yancey winced while Myles vacillated between anger and creeping fear. Whatever was on that paper had elicited anger and hurt. The insults from that little flower petal that Ashley called her best friend were barbed and painful. What had he done this time?


The Montgomery Family Chronicles - Book Four, Family Matters, is coming out at Melange Books. It bears only the slightest resemblance to the old 4th Montgomery book and is very long. This book deals with Yancey and Peyton Livingston and their mates. We’ll see the entire family at one time or another, barring one or two. There will, of course, be one or two new people and a bit of violence. (They ARE werewolves, after all)

All of the characters started out with hints of people I’ve known. It doesn’t take long, though, before they make it clear that each one of them is an individual with his or her own traits and foibles. Whenever I head up to Montgomery Mountain (or anywhere near their territory) I have a hard time leaving. Family Doctor will be out again this year, but it won’t be exactly the same—or maybe it’ll have a lot more of the same. I guess we’ll see.

Family Matters, the book releasing this month, has grown exponentially all thanks to a statement by Mae Powers. She said, I really like Sue. Why doesn’t she have a wolfie?  The rest, well, is releasing on March 22nd.

I’ll be talking about these books more during my TRS Party on March 22, Torquere’s TRS Blog Party on March 23, as well as on my blog and Torquere Blog day on March 24. I hope you’ll pop in.

Thank you again, Tina, for including me in your birthday celebration, along with all these other wonderful authors.

Take care, everyone!


anny cook said...

So they're all different than the originals? Different enough that I need to rebuy them?

J.J. Massa said...

Oh you mean the 4th Montgomery book? That book is about 5x as big and very different. We still have the same Family characters (most of them) but we meet new family and new characters. The ending is completely different.'ll want to judge for yourself. Peyton is new, for instance.