Sunday, March 18, 2012

Interview with Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen about the Lady Blue Crew

Stormy Glenn's answers are in black while Lynn Hagen's is in red.  Thank you both for being my guests!

What inspired you two to start collaborating together? 

 I know for me, I was fascinated by Lynn's Brac Pack series. I was hooked from the very first book. And told her so. That kind of started things from there. We became friends and started brainstorming together and then the idea came up of working on a series together. After awhile, we found we work really well together. I love writing with Lynn. She's a hoot!

Well, for me, I was a big fan of Stormy Glenn's writings for a while. When she contacted me, I was surprised. We hit it off from there and decided to try a series together. It has been fun writing with Stormy. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

How do you both decide who writes what? 

 It doesn't really work like that. We don't decide on anything. I work on the book until I get stuck and then I turn it over to Lynn, and vice versa. Sometimes it can be a couple of paragraphs, or an entire chapter. We just go with the flow until we get stuck and then hand it off.

I agree with Stormy. Sometimes I can only think of a paragraph to add, or the characters start talking and the next thing I know, I've written a whole chapter. We go through what the other has written, add or change, and then add our own. There is no clear cut sentence or paragraph that solely belongs to either of us. It's great. 

How many books do you think the Lady Blue Crew will have? 

8…we've already written the last book and moved on to another series which we are in the middle of writing now. Nothing will be said about it until we are ready to present it to our readers.

I was honestly sad to write the last book. I felt like the world had closed up and the characters had said good-bye. That sounds crazy, but true. We are currently working on another series that I hope will go as well as the Lady Blue Crew has gone.
What is the most challenging thing about writing a space based MM book? 

The hardest thing when writing a space based MM book is writing something new. Technology is not easy when you spent the first 12 years of your life with no electricity or indoor plumbing…LOL

I really don't think that writing a space based book was that hard. It's in the future, so nothing is set in stone. The sky is the limit-so to speak- and anything can happen. It was fun writing about food replicators and laser guns. I had a blast writing the series. No pun intended

Do you have a favorite character? 

Pax and Gigi are my favorite characters just because they get into so much trouble together. It's like Lynn and me being in the same room together… people cringe.

My favorite had to be Zack. He is quirky and lovable. He is a hoot. He's tough and vulnerable at the same time. I also fell in love with Livewire. Creating that character was extremely fun. We never knew what was going to come out of his mouth.

Or scene? 

 My favorite scene was the replicator monster. I laughed my ass off. Lynn and I went as wild as we possibly could with that scene. I think it turned out well…LOL

There were a lot of scenes I loved writing. But a few of my favorites are in Simply Perfect, the last book, so I can't say right now. But I think the opening to End of The Line was fantastic. Although, I do love when Livewire and Pax had their talk about cake in Engineering. That was funny to me. 

My favorite character so far is Tank.  How did you come up with his mate, and his character? 

 I actually don't remember how we came up with Tank beyond the fact that someone with the name "Tank" needs to be huge. It's just a given, kinda like someone named "Tiny" needs to be a big badass bouncer. As for Pax…ask Lynn.

Lol. Tank...I love Tank. He is a big teddy bear. The character's just form in our heads, like people yelling to get out of our minds and on to the pages, and then they are added in. There is no clear way of saying how they are formed. As for Pax, lol, that's Stormy's story to tell.
What do you both have planned for the future any more collaborations? 

Oh yes, Lynn and I are by far not done with writing together. We still have our Phoenix Rising series going on and this new one we're working on, plus, we have a few ideas for others. I think we'll be doing this for awhile.

I am not done torturing Stormy Glenn as of yet. We have things in the works, and as she mentioned, we still have our Phoenix series. There are a few ideas on the board, and we are currently writing one of those ideas. She is fun to work with, and I don't see us ending our collaborations any time soon.

How can we stalk you both on the web?

Stormy Glenn

Lynn Hagen



DeeDee said...

I really enjoy the books that Stormy and Lynn write together. Can't wait to read more from them. Thanks for the great interview.

LindaC said...

I absolutely love Lady Blue Crew. It was surprising to hear how you write together. I am still very disappointed that I have to wait another month for the final story but I'm thrilled to hear y'all are working on another series. I can't wait.

Norma Nielsen said...

Loved this series and so did my daughter... Pax is my Favourite it will be sad to see it end.

Yvette said...

I am up to date on the Lady Blue books and eagerly awaiting more :-)

Loveless3173 said...

Oh~ Lady Blue is 8 books? ;A;/ I'm so going to tear up at the end. I love them.
lol... I love you two together and look deeply forward to reading anything you two come up with.