Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Character Interview Daniel Declerc Michael Mandrake

Model for Daniel DeClerc, John Taylor

MM: Good morning folks. I’d like to thank Tina B for having me here today for a guest post. I’ve been all over the web this week- and continue to be. Whew, what work.

(Daniel Declerc comes rushing in the room, looking haphazard and plops on Tina’s couch)

MM: *raises an eyebrow and smirks* Yes, and I have been all over but here, I’d like to welcome my very late but still special guest, Daniel Declerc. Hiya, Daniel

Daniel: (wipes hand on his jeans) Hi people. Sorry about that, I was a bit detained. Damn Farris can’t keep his hands off me.

MM: *laughs* Okay, and is he here with you?

Daniel: Yeah, but he’s not a guy that likes to be interviewed and since we still need to kinda keep it under wraps… (shrugs)

MM: Oh, right, we most likely shouldn’t ask him to come out. Okay then, tell us about yourself and Farris?

Daniel: Well, I’m a police chief in training who has lost the love of his life in the line of duty. I been sorta afraid to proceed into another relationship but then Farris comes along and changes my mind. Farris works at the police station I’m training at. He’s funny, intelligent, very, ahem, sexual. I love that about him.

MM: Would you say the same about yourself?

Daniel: Well yeah, I would but I like to keep my gayness under wraps. I have to because no one knows about my orientation. I suppose we will have more to write though so eventually we will be outed correct?

MM: Yes, that’s in the works. So, tell me one word that describes you?

Daniel: Smart-ass.

MM: (laughs)

Daniel: (Chuckles) Well that’s what Farris calls me. I have to be to keep my sanity. Also, police chiefs have to have a sense of humor dealing with characters like Shaugnessey and Farris who cannot seem to keep their minds on work all the time.

MM: What about Farris, how would you describe him?

Daniel: He’s persistent because even when I told him no, I wasn’t ready to pursue a relationship, he still tried to talk to me and get me into bed. I guess I’ll go on and tell you he succeeded? *grins*

MM: Yep, I suppose you can say that. Lastly Daniel, I know you and Farris have plans today, tell me what you’ve learned in the story?

Daniel: I’ve learned that I can love again despite the loss of my partner. I’m also still learning to calm down a little and not be so paranoid about being on the force as a closeted gay man. I just love my job so much and I’m afraid being so out with Farris will ruin both our careers. There will be more of that in the sequel though.

MM: Yes, so true. Well thanks Daniel for stopping in and enjoy your day off.

Daniel: Thanks Michael. (shakes Michael’s hand and rushes out)

MM: Thank you fans for coming by Tina’s today and see you out on the web.


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