Friday, September 9, 2011

LS Beck Interview

What is your newest release? 

  Evernight is actually my first piece released.  I am working on a manuscript or two right now to send in soon hopefully.

How can we find it?  

You can find the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on the XOXO Publishing website itself. The release date of Evernight is the 15th of September.

What publishing houses are you with? 

I am with XOXO Publishing. No others as of yet.

Do you have blogs, facebook, twitter, how can we stalk you on the web? 

*laughs*  I do have a Facebook page, LS Beck... and  Not on Twitter yet but I am sure I will be eventually

What draws you to the genre you write? 

I have always let my mind live in a world of fantasy.  It was an escape, a way to be exactly what and who I wanted to be. The genre of exotic fantasy romance is so full of life, almost tangible to me.  I seem to love creating the vivid imagery that breathes vitality into my characters.  

What makes a book memorable to you? 

When it makes me feel that the possibility is there that it could actually be the way the author portrays it, when I look at my world differently and say... just maybe... and I can usually tell if the author loves what they are writing about, and if they take pride in their work.

What do you hope your readers get out of a L.S. Beck book?  

  I want my readers to not be able to lay the book down until they have finished it, and then want to read it again. To anticipate the next release, to actually be a part of it, to fit themselves into the story like they are one of the characters. There is not a person on this planet that has not felt at least alittle of what I write about, so they can relate in some way.

Are you working on just individual works or will you be writing a series eventually?   

Well, my manuscript that is in the works right now  I hope to make into a series.  I have plenty of material swimming around in this mind of mine *smiles*

What makes a good hero? And what makes a heroine memorable?  

hmmm... well, to me a good hero is grown, not made.  He evolves into who he needs to be.  They don't always start out that way.  But the quality is already there.  As for a memorable heroine?  The strength she has, and I am not just talking about the physical.  True strength comes from within... I know that may sound corny but thats how I see them.

Are you going to any reader events for the readers to meet you? 

Nothing has been set up as of yet, but if any are in the near future, I will be posting it on my blog, so keep an eye out.

People think that writers have such glamorous lives what is the most unglamorous thing you have done lately? 

You mean besides my complete existence?  My life in general is not glamorous but the most unglamorous thing lately for me would have to be cutting coupons off cereal boxes to get my favorite ice cream for free... I smiled all the while I ate it, things always taste better when they're free *laughs*

Who would be a dream collaborator for you? 

I have always loved Dean Koontz... his work enthralls me.  He knows just how to capture and hold your interest.

What would you say to any aspiring author about how to be a writer? 

Well, I was that aspiring writer not that long ago, so I would definitely say have the courage to take the step and send your work to a couple publishers, or enter a few writing contests.  It just takes once to get your foot in the door.

What would you like to tell the readers about you?  

Wow... talking about me is not easy, but I'll give it a shot.  I live my life to the fullest as I have come too close to not having another chance at it to waste a single day.  I will never act my age, no matter how old I get.  My son is my soul purpose for existing so his needs come first.  But I always try to be just me for a little time each day.  So I don't forget I am an individual.

What would you like to ask the readers?

  I would love to ask the readers of my work, why they chose to read it, and if they would continue to read as long as i was true to myself.

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Tina said...

sorry bout the white back ground dunno why this blog did that....but check out this author this anthology looks awesome!!

stmichel said...

Ok, I just wanted to let everyone know, my name is Aaron Speca and I'm a good friend of L.S. Beck and a fellow author in the Evernight anthology. Her FB fan page became inaccessible so she had to create a new one. Here is the new link ...