Monday, July 4, 2011

Julie Lynn Hayes Interview

What is your newest release?
I had two print releases from Silver Publishing in June. Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire and For Love of Max.

What Publishing houses are you with? Silver Publishing and Dreamspinner Press

What genre and subgenre do you write in? 
I write primarily in m/m romance with such subgenres as paranormal, historical, contemporary, and I am currently co-authoring a sci fi novel.

Are there any genres you would like to explore but have not as of yet?
I have ideas for a time travel novel, as well as YA and mystery.

Are you a plotter, or do you fly by the seat of your pants when you write?
For the most part, I fly by the seat of my pants. I might have an idea where I’m going but I never really know how I’m going to get there. I think it flows more organically that way. Also, if I don’t know what will happen too far ahead, I can’t signal it to my readers, and they can be more surprised when it does happen.

What does your work space look like?
My desk is always messy, in an organized/disorganized sort of way.Books I want to read soon—and by soon I mean sometime during my lifetime—notebooks with notes for various novels, a book of Sudoku that I’m working on, my Cardinal Richelieu figurine next to Psyduck, and two Light Yagami dolls. In the midst of this my computer sits. And a bunch of other stuff. They say a creative mind is a messy mind, I’m here to tell you that’s very true!

Does where you live influence what you write?
It does, very much, I think. My To the Max series is set here in St. Louis, and I like to use local references. I have other books I’ve set in Missouri as well. It’s what I know, and what I can relate to. Although I do like to use other locations, and then I research them, which is fun for me.

Do people you know ever appear in your books?
Oh yes. My daughter Sarah is in a few of my books, often in the role of a child. My friend Erin appears in the second Max. My friend Kitty is Max’s cousin Cat.  It’s fun to use friends, as long as they are agreeable to the idea. Some people are there, but not as obvious. My son’s gf figured out which one he was; I hadn’t thought of that when I gave her a copy of the book. He took it good-naturedly, though. If I use people I know for less flattering characters, I don’t tend to tell them.

What is the hardest thing about being a writer?

Trying to make a living from it. It’s definitely not easy to do.
How do you balance real life and writing?
Being unemployed gives me more time to write, so it’s not as hard for me as it is for others. Plus I have no small children, it’s just me and Sarah. I seldom clean house, but I do cook. I also work at a couple of conventions, so I need time for that. Plus visiting my married daughter in Indiana, and ferrying my son back and forth to Mizzou. It works, if you know how to arrange your time.

What makes a book memorable to you?
The relationship between the main characters that special something between them that lets you know that they’re destined to be together. Being able to close the book with a satisfied smile, knowing it worked out the way you wanted it to.

What do you hope every reader gets out of one of your books?
I hope they get the enjoyment of getting to know my characters and watching their stories unfold; of getting to care about them and what happens to them. If they pick up anything besides that, it’s just gravy.

What are three things you would like the readers to know about you?
1)     I’m a good cook
2)     I’m a strong proponent of gay marriage
3)     I enjoy working at conventions

What are the buy links to your books?
Dark Love (as Reinette)

Anything else you would like to tell us?
I have two blogs, one that I share with author Sui Lynn. Mine is, the other is She’s the other half of the team that is writing the sci fi novel, which we will be posting pieces from every week as part of our Sci Fi Sunday.
Sometimes I like to do a Tarot reading for myself.
I have two cats.
I used to play the oboe, and still love  music.
My favorite genres of music are classical and soundtrack.

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I’ll stop there, or I’ll talk all night and day! 

Thanks for having me here, it’s been a pleasure!

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Congrats Julie! I look forward to reading the next ones...

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Thanks Sharita! I'm having such fun writing them! Thanks for stopping by!

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Congrats! We have a winner! Will be contacting you shortly, thanks again for stopping by!