Tuesday, April 12, 2011

XoXo Writing Contest

XoXo Publishing(TM) a div of Ninni Group Inc

4th Annual  Writing an Artist Contest!

Win a Publishing Contract with XOXO Publishing!
lst Prize Writing  Category  $75.00  a Three year publishing contract and an
8 x 10 XoXo Publishing Certificate Award.
2nd  $25.00 plus a three year publishing contract and 8 x 10 XoXo Publishing Certificate Award.
3rd to  11th Prize   a three year Publishing Contract and   an 8 x 10 XoXo Publishing Certificate Award.
Artwork Contest   1st Prize:  $75.00 and a 3 Yr Publishing Contract and an
8 x 10 XoXo Publishing Certificate Awards.
2nd Prize  $25.00, a 3 Yr Publishing Contract and an
8 x 10 XoXo Publishing Certificate Awards.
 3rd to  11th prizes a three year Publishing Contract and 8 x 10 XoXo Publishing Certificate Awards.
Submit to:  submissions@xoxopublishing.com

Subject line:  Writing Contest  or Artist  Contest (state which one)

Submit as an attachment in Doc Word only and or jpeg files.

All entries submitted will receive the XoXo Publishing(TM) a div of Ninni Group Inc Writing  and Artist Contest Certificate of Participation. 
Contest Begins  March 14, 2010 and the  Deadline has been extended to May 2, 2011.

Rules and Regulations:

These rules govern XoXo Publishing (TM) a div of Ninni Group Inc.  There is no entry  fees to submit your original never published stories or artwork.

Upon entering the Contest constitutes acceptance of the contest rules and the decisions of the final public votes and Contest judges votes.  Our Judges are: 
Penny Adams  XoXo Publishing Submission Editor, Gina Cianfarani,  XoXo Publishing Publisher
Denyse Bridger, Best Selling Author, Amanda Struz,  9Clouds Book Marketing and Promotions
The contest is open to adults 18 years and older. Exceptions include the organizer’s
employees, affiliates, advertising or promotional agents, sponsors, and their
immediately families. Entries not meeting the prescribed standard below are disqualified.

The decisions are final. The contest is governed by the laws of Ontario.

For our complete Contest Rules and regulations please email  contests@xoxopublishing.com
Please read and follow the contest guidelines thoroughly.
Submission Guidelines:

Open genres:  Comedy, Angels,  Spiritual,  Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, Native American, Sweet Romances, Canadiana (TM), Fairies,  Fantasy,  Erotica and GBLT (must contain an element of romance and safe sex practices), Americana, Mystery, Time Travel, Cowboy/Cowgirls, Science Fiction and Horror,   Literary Fiction. Including  Young Adult and Children.     

All stories must be original never published before or under any consideration whatsoever with another publisher  or for any other active contests, prizes, sweepstakes, games, and alike at the time of entry. 

All submissions be edited to publication-ready standards prior to posting, not exceeding  4,800   words.

Contestant may Only submit up to four  stories and  four  artworks.
Original photographs and black and white or colour illustrations in jpeg standard size are accepted for this contest.  
Submit your materials as an attachment only,  front page must contain your book title,  your name, and correct  email address, word count and genre.  Doubled space, 12 pt Arial. Please submit to:  submissions@xoxopublishing.com  Subject line:  2011 Writing Contest or Art Contest.   If you have any questions please email us at the above email address.  Subject line:  Inquiry
$1.00 per anthology ebook sold will be  Donated to charity.

All prizes are non-transferable and are not convertible to cash or other prizes.

The organizer reserves the right to substitute any prize in whole or in part with another
equal or greater in value. 

Copyright 2011 XoXo Publishing a div of Ninni Group Inc. This  contest guideline is copyrighted under Canadian Copyright Laws and may Not be Reproduced without the consent of the publisher and or legal department. Please email us legal@xoxopublishing.com.

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