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What’s the difference in writing alone and writing with a partner?

What’s the difference in writing alone and writing with a partner?
There’s this byplay that is inspiring. Two brains instead of one to build a magnificent plot and to really go deep and take ideas to another level. Sometimes it’s aggravating when you want to write, but your partner isn’t available. You have to have the muse calm the characters until you can meet again. As you’re writing you enhance story line ideas and continuation, plot building, scene setting and overall you enjoy sharing your talent with someone who really gets you and who you really understand. The pieces of yourself you put into your characters shine with the counterpart characters and through writing you form a stronger bond of friendship. It’s in the experiences we have a hard time sharing that we can delve into a positive alternative, and have it returned back. It’s just amazing. I’ve written with my co-writer Mercury for over four years for fun. We have twelve or so story lines that are on-going. We have multiple ideas for all of the main characters that will end up in intricate series if we choose to go backwards and fix. We haven’t really discussed many of them yet. But we did want to share this fun post we did with Alana and Drake in Cherry Flavored Sex. We plan to bring them back and do more shorts with them as well. Cherry Flavored Sex is Mercury’s first foray into publishing, and I’m so pleased to finally have her here!

Cherry Flavored Sex

Here’s a tasty excerpt!

The Delightful Kitty was packed. Alana Merona peeked at the men and women clustered in areas of the posh room. Illuminated posters of her in glass housings lined the outside foyer into the club. The patrons crowded in to see a glimmer of her sinfulness. The echo of Sweet Lana fell off many tongues in the dimly lit VIP room. Set in darkness, the room boasted of the best of the other world. Masculine in nature, its furnishings tied in with whatever quirks one might have—well in good taste at least. After previous shows she had failed to gain the attention of the owner Drake, a demon she’d spent months lusting for. He was the only man she wanted to have a taste of the exoticness that flowed through her body.
With a low sweep of her long lashes, she winked and played the seductress as she passed. Sauntering, she wove her way through the maze of Weres, vamps and all things immortal. The sweet sticky scent of arousal and intrigue filled the establishment. She inhaled the deep aroma of their attraction like a fine mist of cologne and basked in the addictive nature of being an exhibitionist. From the left and the right, front to back, they surrounded her, offering slight conversation, or a slow lingering touch as she walked by.
Deep down she knew their desires, but the club’s written policy protected her from their baser impulses. No touching without permission. It was all an act, a sweet act meant to drive them insane, and deprive even the best of them. She prided herself on mastering the game of cat and mouse so well. She eased through the throng laughing, flirting, at ease in her skin. Her body was made for passion, enticing and inciting lust…her calling. They’d fall at her feet wanting more, and she’d pull them in, wrap them all around her small prettily painted manicured finger.
    On the circular stand rested a king-size four-poster mahogany platform bed adorned with bodies in various positions that dated back to ancient times. The frame was masculine in form. Four posts rose twelve feet high, though they didn’t come close to touching the vaulted ceiling. The shape and counter of the wooden artwork resembled well-defined cocks. Lit votive candles strategically scattered around the bed and on stands, gave off an alluring scent, one that she’d chosen for this event.

Another Spicy Excerpt!

“You feel so good around my cock, sweet Alana. I think...” He growled, his hips rising from the bed.
 Alana moaned as his thoughts entered her head, liking that she was more talented than the demonic whores he usually fucked in Hell. Would she let him corrupt her? She knew he wanted to suck the innocence out of her, and she wanted to be exclusive, his and no one else’s. His hand held her head still as he twisted his hips up till his cock was embedded as far as it could go, then he freed her so that she could come up for air before growling.
“You bring me faster than anyone else, my Alana. You are going to swallow me whole then drink every drop. Take a breath.” He pushed her head down so she encased him firmly against his base. Only then did his hips arch off the bed as he flooded her mouth and throat with his sticky white juices. “Take all of it.”
 She moaned, her pussy walls clenching with an unsatisfied need that bordered on the edge of giving her the most erotic orgasm ever by his harsh orders. She took it all and then somewhat relaxed her jaw to fit him all in, while sucking slowly until each drop was released and flowed the short distance down her parched throat. When she was certain there was no more to taste, she licked his slit, hoping for remnants of his salty release.
After the tremors subsided she felt him harden again. A dark growl emanated as he flipped their positions so her back was against the mountain of pillows and he was leaning above her, braced on one tattooed arm. His eyes blazed at her. When he nipped the side of her throat, sucking on her bounding pulse, she shuddered. His free hand grazed along her side, brushing up against a full breast before tracing the curve of her hip and turning to run across her bare mound that was wet for him.
“God, but you're gorgeous, Alana. All ready and waiting for me to take you however I please.” He descended further down her body, rubbing his face between her breasts and nipping the skin, but going nowhere near her budded nipples. He descended lower and lower, his tongue trailing along her form till his hands spread her legs wide and his tongue ran along the wet slit. “Mm, you taste delicious.”
 Alana didn't know which was better, his rock hard body laying a top of hers, his warm

whiskey voice speaking erotically to her or his fingers and mouth trailing their touches

over her sensitive body.

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