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Valentine’s Heart Holiday Hearts #3 By Cindy Spencer Pape

Valentine’s Heart
Holiday Hearts #3
By Cindy Spencer Pape
Out today from Ellora’s Cave

Valentine Holiday loves being single. As the youngest member of the Holiday family, he’s in no hurry for the family magic to catch up with him and find him the love of his life. Right before Valentine’s Day, he begins getting emails from a dating site he never signed up for. He’s sure it’s just a hoax—until he meets Corazon Lopez.

Cora doesn’t have time for romance. The busy social worker is sure her friend must have signed her up when emails start arriving about her “perfect match”. Then she meets Val Holiday in person and all bets are off. Between forced vacation time and a free trip to a tropical resort, the fates seem determined to throw them together—along with a private suite and plenty of sex toys.

Val and Cora realize they’re in for the sexual frolic of their lives. They’re not so sure about falling in love, but the Holiday magic may have other ideas.

Excerpt:  (PG)

Forwarded by: Compu-Cupid
To: Valentine Holiday
Hi there. My name is Cora, and according to Compu-Cupid, we’re a perfect match. I’d love to meet you and talk, maybe over coffee. Let me know if that’s okay with you. (By the way, love the photo. The strategically placed hearts are very cute.)

How the hell was he supposed to answer that? His mother had reared him to be a gentleman, after all. It wasn’t the poor woman’s fault that he hadn’t really signed up for this. And what the hell did she mean about the photo? He’d never posed with strategically placed hearts in his life. Being stuck with the name Valentine was bad enough. He tried not to fuel the jokes any more than necessary.
Slowly and carefully, he typed a response.

From: Valentine Holiday
To: Cora: c/o Compu-Cupid
Hi Cora, this is Val. (I know, it’s an odd name for a guy—blame my parents.) You sound great, but I have to tell you, I didn’t sign up for this. In fact, I’ve been trying to delete my account. Thanks for the offer of coffee though, and believe me, this is no reflection on you. I haven’t even seen your profile.

He hit send, feeling just a little like a louse, shut down his computer and went to bed.
* * * * *
Cora made it home earlier than usual—meaning before midnight—and flipped on her laptop while she ate her microwave “spa food” dinner, which, as far as she could figure, was foodie talk for tiny portions of trendy food. Still, if it helped take that extra twenty pounds off her hips and butt, she was all for it.

Oh crud, there was another email from Compu-Cupid.

Forwarded by: Compu-Cupid
To: Corazon Lopez
Hello, Cora! My name is Val and apparently you’re my perfect match. I know, it’s an odd name for a guy. It’s a long story…maybe I can tell you over coffee? I see from your profile that you’re a social worker, so I know you’re probably busy, but hey, you’ve got to eat sometime, right? Also, the picture of you in that slinky, red dress is fantastic. I love a lady with curves. Please let me know if you’re interested in meeting up sometime. Have a good night.

Huh. How to go about this without coming across as a total bitch? The man sounded nice enough, and it wasn’t his fault she hadn’t signed up for this. He’d even said he liked her picture and loved curves. Guys like that were rare. Wait a minute, what picture? Cora didn’t even own a slinky, red dress.

Hell, what had Marla done? Cora couldn’t ask her because Marla, a medical sales rep, was out of town on a business trip. The best she could do was shoot off a text. Now she had to reply to a guy named Val, which was probably his real name, because, after all, who would lie about something like that?

From: Cora Lopez
To: Val: c/o Compu-Cupid
Hi Val, thanks for your nice note. You sound great, but I’m sorry to say that I’m not in the market for romance right now. I didn’t even set this up—I think my friend did as a joke. Thanks for the offer of coffee, and please don’t take this personally. They never even sent me your profile.
Sincerely, Cora

Okay, good enough. With that taken care of, Cora fed her cat Ringo and curled up in bed with the big tabby and a romance novel. That was about the closest she was going to get to her perfect match—a warm cat on her feet and a hot hero on a page.

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Katalina Leon said...

Good Morning Cindy. I know readers are going to love Val and Cora!

Regina Carlysle said...

Can't wait to read the new one Cindy! This sounds so good!

Amber Skyze said...

Congrats Cindy. I'm sure Valentine and Cora's story will be fabulous!

Nina Pierce said...

This is such a cute concept. I love the way you bring these two together. Hers' wishing you many, many happy saies.

anny cook said...

As the critique partner, I can say, this is an excellent story! Very yummy. And I love Val...

Mia Watts said...

Hey Cindy, this sounds great. I don't remember hearing about this project and it sounds exciting!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Wow, thanks everyone. Mia, this is part of the series that started with Yuletide Enchantment. :)

Marianne Stephens said...

Private suite and sex toys? What a naughty combination!

Jennifer Labelle said...

I really enjoyed the excerpt Cindy. Very intriguing.

She said...

Good excerpt. Sounds like fun.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Thanks, Marianne, Jennifer, and She. I'll pick a winner in the morning!

flchen1 said...

VERY fun, Cindy! Gotta love these holiday stories! Thanks for the excerpt!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Thanks, everyone. Today's winner is Flchen.
Contact me at cindy@cindyspencerpape to claim your prize!

And thanks so, so much to REDZ for having me here!

Tina said...

Winner is Jennifer Please contact!!