Friday, February 4, 2011

Is Shakespear who we thought he was?

 The ever thought provoking Tim Spearman is at it again with his newest novel History of the Peace Train.
If you would like to purchase this novel is the place to go.

Timothy Spearman is a human rights and peace activist. He has attended peace conferences in South Korea and India and is a member of ANUVRAT Global Organization, an Indian-based peace organization. His book Must I Remember is aimed at improving the state of human rights for Afghanis and Afghani women and to expose the state of human rights for women in the Middle East in order to awaken people’s conscience worldwide. A portion of the royalties from this book will be going to help Afghani victims of war. His book The History of the Peace Train covers the history of trains since the dawn of train travel and the instrumental role trains have played in the peace movement internationally. Timothy does not subscribe to the view that we are powerless and there is nothing we can do. This humble little man who gets around town on a bicycle is changing the world for the better in his own simple way. He doesn’t purport to be perfect, but in a way that’s his point. He contends that even people with flaws like himself can do their part to make the world a better place. Tim’s picture is based on his life motto: “First, you need Confidence; then you’ll have Courage, which allows you to take Calculated Chances, enabling you to become a Champion, a Conqueror and hopefully a Caesar.” The statue sitting on his lap is a bust of Caesar in case you hadn’t guessed. Tim learned this tidbit of wisdom from Tiger Ray McKendrick, a former Hollywood agent, who confided another secret of life to Tim that he has never forgotten: “You have to give to live and to live you’ve got to love.” Tim and fellow author Vivi Pruitt hope to launch a Peace Train later this year with their publisher XoXoPublishing. Vivi is planning to release her book of inspirational peace poetry Princess of Peace concurrently with Tim’s The History of the Peace Train later this year. What an exciting year 2011 is shaping up to be for XoXoPublishing. A portion of the royalties from this book will be donated to Kaloko Farmers Adventures, an  African charity, with a pilot project in Zambia aimed at helping African farmers and orphans of the AIDS pandemic.


What’s in a Name?

Timothy Spearman derives his pen name from the same patron goddess who inspired Edward de Vere, Queen Elizabeth I’s concealed prince, to name himself in honour of the Spear-Shaker Pallas Athena, the patron goddess of the Greek theater in Athens. The name Shake-speare appeared hyphenated on the First Folio of sonnet poems. This shows it is a pen name. Edward de Vere and his half brother Sir Francis Bacon co-founded The Honourable Order of the Knights of the Helmet, a secret writing ministry of the English Crown, named in honour of Pallas Arhena’s helmet of invisibility. William Shakespeare was Edward de Vere’s pen name since he was named after the Spear-Shaker, which in Latin is Hasti-Vibrans. Pallas Athena inspired the dramatic arts of Greece to scare off the twin serpents of Ignorance and Vice. Pallas herself shook her spear at the twin serpents. Timothy Spearman shakes his spear at the same serpents and had a radio show for several years called “Shaking a Spear”. Timothy Spearman is a screenwriter who has written many screenplays and derives his inspiration from his literary hero Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, better known as Shakespeare. In Tim’s portrait painting comparison between Edward de Vere and William Shakespeare, he uses Photoshop to give the aging author on the right back his hair. By doing so, he makes him look more like the man he was at age 36 when he sat for a portrait under his real name Edward de Vere. Now Romeo’s words make more sense, “By a name I cannot tell thee who I am.” Same goes for Tim, “In a short bio I cannot tell you who I am. It's complicated.” To get an idea of what Tim’s up to check out his website at:

Keep your eyes peeled for Tim’s new book “The History of the Peace Train”. Have a look at XoXo cover designer Amanda’s cover for Tim’s Peace Train book. Pretty awesome, isn't it? That dude on the cover is Isambard Kingston Brunei. Still you're beating hearts ladies. The man is no longer with us. He passed away over a century ago. Hot though, isn’t he? He’s the man who designed all the great railway stations of the Victorian era in Britain, stations like Piccadilly and Victoria Station.

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