Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheryl Dragon come spend Valentine's Day with her!

Coming Home…

Happy Valentine’s Day!! If you’ve found true love, you’re lucky! Enjoy it!! If you’re single, like me, we can still find that thrill of love in some hot erotic romance!! And we can do it while eating ice cream, wearing sweats, and watching whatever we want on TV (hehehe). There are benefits to being single.

I’ve got plenty of new erotic romance to share and when I was thinking about what to blog about…a theme emerged. I don’t plan themes, especially when the books are from different seriesJ But my January and February releases have something in common. In both Taken by the Pack and Joining the Party, a main character has come home.

It might not seem like a big deal, but both find themselves in unusual relationship patterns. It’s one thing to be wild and experimental in a big city where you can go unnoticed but when your family and friends live nearby, how do you rock a ménage? 

In Joining the Party, Cassie grew up in small town Lucky Springs, Louisiana. She knows everyone in town and they know her! Cassie’s hot neighbors have had her interest since they moved in but her work kept her traveling. Now she’s back, ready to stay for a while and see what happens. But these hot men next door are way ahead of her. They throw hot sex parties! She wins their hearts but is she ready to be the hostess of the hottest party in Lucky Springs? At least this ménage knows they aren’t alone in their town.

This is the first in the Lucky Springs series, more hot and loving groups to come!

In Taken by the Pack, Danny isn’t trying to have a three-way lifestyle. He’s just trying to figure out how to tell his family he’s gay. Alaska is one of the last frontiers and growing up here left Danny out of step with his world. College got him away but family issues brought him back. Danny loves his job and enjoys the nature but love is missing in his life. He believes one man would be enough for him. But when a couple of hot men from his past decide to take Danny for their own, he can only thank his lucky stars and the Wolf Moon! After all, his new lovers are wolf shifters in the wilds of Alaska…

Hopefully you found something to keep you warm or inspire your Valentine’s Day!! Feel free to check out if you’re wanting more.

Now back my WIP, another trip to Lucky Springs!!
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She said...

Both books sound good. It's never easy going home again. Parents think you're a little kid. There has to be something that is just yours. Cassie and Danny seem to have found their little niche in town.

flchen1 said...

YUM! Can't wait to read this latest from Cheryl--I love small town stories, and this has the added sizzle factor! ;)

Lilith said...

Stories with a different twist.Good to sit by a fire on a cold night and enjoy. Can't wait to get my hands on them.

Tina said...

and Random number generator picks SHEILA for a winner contact me!