Friday, February 25, 2011

Catch of the day with Lily Sawyer

What is your newest release?

My new release is "Catch of the Day."

 What publishers are you with?

I had my first book published with Dreamspinner Press (The Finest Thing

 my second book with Silver Publishing and I have another book coming out this summer with a new publisher,  Secret Cravings.

What inspired your recent release?

I love the water, grew up around it.   I've watched many nature programs about whales and dolphins and wanted to write about something set in the sea.    You hear all kinds of tales about mermaids, I couldn't recall ever hearing anything done involving a merman.    So I decided to write a story about a merman and a human falling in love.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I'd like to see myself being successful in a career I really love.  Still writing books,  because it is something I really enjoy.    Finding a new place to live, preferably one in a place that does not see snow.

If we could take a look at your work space what would it look like?

Well that is a hard one to answer,  I am living with friends so I really don't have a workspace of my own.  I tend to write longhand and then put it on the computer.   I am not a neat freak so there is some clutter around my bedroom.

What is the hardest part of a story to write, the beginning, middle or ending?

I think looking at that blank page can be daunting sometimes. Once I get the title and that first page written it seems to get somewhat easier.    Though I do suffer from writer's block sometimes.  But once I get over the hump and really have a rhythm going the story writes itself.

What makes a perfect Hero?

I think a perfect hero is someone who goes out there into the world and tries to be a good person.  Who helps others in need and never thinks about any rewards for his or her deeds.  Totally selfless.

Can a villain be redeemed and come back as a hero in a next book?

I firmly believe in second chances.   People can go down the wrong path for a variety of reasons and I think there are very few that cannot be redeemed.(except for the truly evil tyrants of the world who refuse to see the light)   And sure they can come back in the next book a changed person.

What jobs have you had before writing? Have they ever shown up in a book?

I've done a few jobs, including data entry and working retail.     I guess you could say my love of the water has shown up in "Catch of the Day"    I love flowers and gardening and my upcoming book "Somebody to Love,"   involves a florist. 

What inspires you?  What do you have around when you write? 

 I get inspired by a lot of everyday things.    Or my experiences, like the places I've traveled to.   In the "Finest Thing"  the story takes place in Mystic CT,   I had taken a trip there so I used some references to things I had experienced.

In "Catch of the Day"  I'd been to Florida, though never to the Keys, yet.    So I took my experience of being on fishing docks on Long Island and kept them in mind.  

My last book took place near my hometown so I used that as an inspiration. 

I do have the TV on sometimes when I write.  You never know what stuff can inspire you from watching TV.   I also love to go outside for a walk,  observing nature and hoping for some idea to hit me there.

I love trains too, so I was thinking that I might set a future story on a train.   I just never know when inspiration will strike so I try to keep my mind open. 

How can we find you on the web what are your links for us to follow you?

my blog I created recently, very proud of it

Goodreads (I try to update it.  I put what I am currently reading and any reviews I have about the books I've read)

Isn't he just a yummy catch!! if you want to as Lily Sawyer anything post below and say hi!

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