Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog interview with Ryssa Edwards

What would you like your readers to know about you?
Everything! Just kidding. I work for a big company, and my EDJ is okay for a day job. I was born in England, and came to this country when I was seven. I lived in New York until I went away to college in Buffalo. For the record, college in Buffalo wasn’t my idea. My mom made me! I wanted to go to the University of Alaska. She vetoed that. Now I live in the fine state of Texas.

Have you ever included a real experience of your writing?
I think the only real experience I included in a short story was how eerie it can be to ride the New York subway at night, when you’re the only one in the car. It gets spooky, especially when you go through an underground tunnel with no lights, and the train lights blink on and off. I haven’t used that in an erotic story yet, but I plan on it.

Where do you get your inspiration for a story? How do you get your ideas?
I get inspiration everywhere. For my latest release, Warrior Angel, Heart’s Desire, the first novella in the Immortal Pleasures series, I was looking at pictures of Mont Saint-Michel. It’s on a rocky tidal island (there’s no path to it at high tide!), about a half a mile off France’s north coast. There’s an awesome statue of Michael convincing a monk to build it. He’s burning the guy’s head to “convince” him.

The statue made me want to get to know who Michael is, and what kind of angel would do that.
That’s how I get most of my story ideas. They start out as questions that start with “What if”. . . or “Why would you? . . . and the story becomes the answer.

What's the thing you wish you could hire someone else to do or wish you didn't have to do as a writer?
Go to my day job!! Eight hours a day is way too much of my time. But sadly, I need to pay the rent.

Are there any genres you'd never consider writing in?
I love reading thrillers, but I’d never write one because I think I’d get lost in the maze of plots and sub plots and sub sub plots. My hair would turn grey (well. . . more grey) by the time I got done with the rough draft. But. . .I’ll read a good thriller any day of the week.

Thanks for having me!
My latest release is “Warrior Angel, Heart’s Desire”. You can check my blog for pre-order dates.
You can find me on the internet at my blog. (


Hales said...

That is a gorgeous cover and title can't wait to read more on it.

Ryssa Edwards said...


Thanks! I'm lucky to work with Reese Dante over at Silver Publishing. She does all our cover art work.

Em Woods said...

Woot! *happy dancing for you* I can't wait to see you on the NEW RELEASES page!

Ryssa Edwards said...

Thanks, Em! I'm excited!

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

We are blessed to have Reese, her work is amazing!

Congrats on the release, Ryssa, I bet it's amazing! Can't wait to read it!

Dennis Hays said...

I put this book at the top of my list and I hope both the book and course do well.

Dennis Hays