Monday, February 21, 2011

The Art of Self Promotion

- The Art of Self Promotions.
 This book has it all from a to z, questions and answers, samples of promotional materials, and includes an online educational course as well as ongoing projects.

And buy links: (When it becomes available)

What inspired your current release? I noticed that there is ???
-The Art of Self Promotions, was inspired by XoXo Publishing authors.
There is a trend of debut authors that are unfamiliar with virtual
promotions. This book has it all from a to z to an on line educational
course and on going projects.

What do you hope every author gets out of the guide to promotion you are
-I hope that authors will understand how to and what it takes to market
themselves and their books regardless if it is  an electronic release or

What are the online classes going to be like?
-The on line classes are in the production stages, with three actual lives
ones where the authors will email me a series of questions and I'll
respond on line.

How much are they to join?
-Signing up is free. The only fee is for the online course, which includes
a copy of The Art of Self Promotions, and various projects.

What the best part of owning XOXO Publishing?
-Seeing new debut authors with tears in their eyes or a smile when signing
their books.  Receiving an email thanking me and XoXo Publishing staff
for making their dreams come true as an author.

What would you tell any author who wants to submit their first book? What
are some pitfalls to avoid?
- To please check out and follow our submissions guidelines on our website
Or our Facebook Group at

Tell us a little about Gina the person, verses Gina the owner.
-Nothing much to say I am who I am, a mother and a publisher. I love
publishing and writing it is una passione. My family is important to me
but so is my career.

What do you like to do for fun?
-I enjoy cooking, photography and fund raising.

If anyone wishes to contact me you may do so via email:

My Facebook page:

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May Eye Review Your Books said...

Hi Gina, thank you for letting me know about latest blog. You've created a book that not many others book promoters have managed to accomplish as you have. It’s a complete promotional package from A to Z in a book . I like your personal input, the interviews and how to tips. The links which you have posted and will update regularly on your site is also a marvelous concept . Congratulations you’re one of the best in the field. Herb - May Eye Review Your Books and Magazine

Nicole Purette Official Page said...

Hello Gina,
Thank you for submitting your interview link to me personally. I found it a very informative and interesting read. Keep it up as you tell us authors:)
Nicole Purette
XoXo Author

Brigit Aine said...

Gina this is going to be something every author, I think, not just the debut authors will benefit from. What a wonderful idea.

Venus said...

Book looks great Gina!
An every author must have!

Kristal McKerrington said...

Awesome book, awesome woman! Nothing else to say to this awesome blog.

Kim said...

Great interview Gina! Such an important topic!

Carl said...

Hello Gina, The Art of Self Promotion is a skilfully written ebook that educates the author. The Art of Self Promotions should be in everyone's bookshelf or electronic reader. Thank you for sending me an ARC.
Carl DeGasperis

Jackie said...

Count me in for this course :-)

Author, XoXo Publishing

RomanceAuthorHero said...

Hi Gina, thanks for interviewing me for this book. It was a learning experience. I hope that it will become bestseller which I feel it will be. Rela

Vincent Orvis said...

Ciao Gina,
Wishing you a ton of success with your book, The Art of Self Promotions. I want it signed at the Toronto Spring Book Fair. Vincent Orvis

Denysé said...

Nicely done, as always, Gina. We've talked often about this subject, and I think your book will be an invaluable guide for everyone who is serious about being a successful author in this new electronic age of publication.

Thank you for creating this, and I wish you tremendous success with it, as always.


Brianna Martini Official Blog said...

Hi Gina, Wishing you all the best with The Art of Self Promotion. You're the best sis. Brianna xo

Roberta Andres said...

Ciao Gina,su libro es grande enhorabuena! Roberta

XoXo Publishing said...
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XoXo Publishing said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I dedicate this book to all of you. To place an advance order you may do so by clicking:

Michael said...

Wonderful post Gina...

I would like to take this course also.


Sharita L aka Michael M and Rawiya

Molly Daniels said...

Congratulations Gina:) I agree; this is a 'must have' for every author!

hardyzboy59 said...

I can't wait to get hold of this book Gina. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Hardy

XoXo Publishing said...

Thank you everyone as soon as I'll have my release date and on line courses finalized I will let you all know. Thank you again, Gina

James L. Hatch said...

Cool. Who doesn't need help.

Vickram E.Diwan said...

Hi Gina,
Looking forward to joining the online course and buying the book. Thank you for being the fairy Godmother to so many authors like me. Our heart will always be filled with blessings and gratitude for you. You are a dream publisher and the most kind hearted person I have come across.

Vickram E. Diwan

Anonymous said...

Hello Gina,
Thank you very much for asking me to help you with this project along with your amazing staff Penny, Amanda, Tina, Liz, Kim, Tim, Duane and everyone else on the team. As you know the Literary Foundation has approved of your book and it will carry the logo.

I have read your advance copy. I am impressed at how many bestselling authors, reviewers and people have contributed by sharing their thoughts, personal views, and resources. At long last I can say that I have a book that is easy to understand how the marketing and promotional concept works. This is the book that we have all been waiting for, The Art of Self Promotions.

hardyzboy59 said...

I couldn't find a copy of the book is it available in stores or only on line? By reading the blog above this is one book we've been missing in bookstores. Hardy