Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello from a new author!

Advice from a brand new author…

Greetings all. I’m Sharita Lira aka Michael Mandrake, Rawiya, and
Blmorticia. I would like to thank Tina for having me here today. For those
that don’t know me, I’m a newbie. (Only started publishing in 2010) I won’t
bore you with my bio, I’ll give you my links at the end.

In this blog post, I’d like to talk about staying sane on the roller coaster
that is the publishing world. These are only tips. I don’t claim to be an
expert, but I love to pass along what I’ve learned from those truly in the

*#1 “Hello, to the world…look at me. I’m an author and I’m gonna have a best

That’s a great attitude to have but it doesn’t happen all the time, neither
does it happen that quickly. It’s great to be positive about your work but
don’t get your hopes too high when you begin. If you do, it may be a huge
knock on your confidence if something doesn’t come your way. Stay even keel.
Celebrate the highs, but don’t let yourself get too low.

#2 Support the community – The Authors Community

Although I myself am new to the world of publishing, I love helping out
other writers to become published. It’s always been in my nature to be
giving even if that means stepping aside to give someone else the glory. I
support all my fellow authors whether seasoned or new. If I don’t get to
read their books, I at least read excerpts and blurbs, give compliments when
I can, and support them on their various blog stops. Believe me, I scratch
your back, you scratch mine works, especially in the author community. The
other authors are not only writers, they are readers as well. So don’t be
arrogant, treat them right.

#3 Promote yourself in any way possible

This sort of ties in with number two. Blogswaps are a great way of getting
to know people as well as promoting yourself and your fellow author. Give
your books away in contests, put your name and work on all social media
sites. Readers love free books, so if you or a fellow author is having a
drawing, join in.

#4 Get your name out there, don’t look down on things just because they
don’t pay much

The only way you can get close to your goal is by getting out there and
subbing to anthologies and free read sites. Yeah, they don’t pay much, but
if you write for the love and to get the exposure, then you should take the
time to do this. I’ve been in 11 anthologies so far and plan to be in more.
Once the readers begin seeing your name, they should follow you if they
appreciate your work. Free sites like, is a
great way to get started. A lot of people have said they’ve seen one of the
above penames there and loved my work; getting your name on people’s brain.

Again, I don’t claim to be an expert and I can tell you much of what I’ve
said has come from many other seasoned authors, but it’s some info I found
to be helpful, so I am sure that they don’t mind me passing it down to you.
Good luck with your journey and hang on because it will be a bumpy ride.

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Blurb: Adrian Vanderguard is the hottest singer in the music business right
now and is currently on tour supporting his third album. Now that the long
journey is coming to a close, he’s visiting his home away from home in New
York City to play a string of six exclusive shows at New York’s famous
Falcon Theatre in front of sellout crowds that include top celebrities.

 Matthew Gionapolis is the Falcon’s environmental engineer. A young,
healthy, twenty- something, that takes his work very seriously. Matthew is
one person who likes everything to be in place, and isn’t into having much
contact with people unless he has to.

Adrian decides that he would like to get Matthew to be his assistant despite
the fact that the young gentleman was rather rude to him when he tried to
introduce himself. Undeterred, Adrian even goes as far to point out the fact
that Matthew must do as his managers say or else it could mean his job. This
upsets Matthew but because he’d like to be employed, he goes along with
Adrian’s ploy, and while all this is going on, he develops a soft spot for
the arrogant, gorgeous crooner that may change his mind about wanting to be
alone for the duration of his existence.

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Rawiya said...

Thank you for having me Tina! :D

It was a pleasure...

Tina said...

love having you!

James L. Hatch said...

Hey Sharita Lira aka Michael Mandrake, Rawiya, and
Blmorticia! Enjoyed your post. You are right about blogging. I believe that is the best way to get your name out there, and am doing a LOT of that myself. The only problem is the time it takes. I try to schedule a burst of blogs between novels. I generally take six weeks off after each novel, and use that time to reach out to the reader/author community. Then I disappear while I write the next. It could be a bad strategy because people have short memories. If I only show up every couple of months, I'll always be new to everyone. Sigh.

She said...

Nice post. You're right, we readers love contests and free reads. I also like to read blogs and twitter feeds and facebook walls. I also like when I see an author's name on chats and anthologies. Familiarity makes a reader pick up a book. Good writing keeps us coming back.

Rawiya said...

Hi James!

Yep, I believe that you really need to keep your name out there. I would say that blogging and appearing at places is the best.

Thx for the comment!

Rawiya said...

Hi Sheila,

What I have to improve on is the contests. I have put the above book in a giveaway for author Drea Berecraft but I know I need to do some more of my own.

And ur right great writing keeps a reader coming back.

Thx for the comment~