Sunday, August 31, 2014

Embracing the Winds by Trinity Blacio

Title:Embracing the Winds
Author:Trinity Blacio
Publisher:Riverdale Ave Books
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F/M/M/M (oral and anal sex, light bondage, toys)
Page Count:69 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
New Orleans is the City of the Dead, home to witches and everything that goes boo in the night, but it is also Luna’s home. Even though the young, virgin witch is being pursued by an evil cult who wants her powers, Luna refuses to leave or hide from those fanatics any longer. They had murdered her mother. She will face those who have hounded her for most of her life alone. At least that’s what Luna had thought, but the fates once more stepped in and sent her own personal guards, the Gods of the Winds.
Aeolus Jr., son of one of the most powerful Gods, can’t believe his father has sent him to Earth to protect a human. Here he is, a God and the oldest of the five brothers. He shouldn’t even be on this planet. But as soon as he set eyes on the woman, Aeolus knew Luna was meant for him.
Yet as they come together to fight this threat, Aeolus is not the only one meant for Luna. With the five brothers vowing to protect this woman, they seek the people behind the threat. But will the brothers believe Luna when she finds out its their own cousin that wants her dead? Will they be able to protect her from their own?


In Embracing the Winds by Trinity Blacio we get another kick-ass heroine that is a staple in her books.  I adored Luna.  She has been dealt a raw hand and is fed up and ready to make a stand.  She wants a family and knows it isn’t possible until she takes out her enemy or dies trying.  She is fearless as she fights for her future.  But when her future involves not one, not two, but five strong men, Luna decides fate has lost her damn mind!  But Aeolus and his brothers are not to be pooh poohed.  They have found their one and they are equally determined to protect her.  I loved that Ms. Blacio didn’t allow Luna’s desires to soften her determination.  Luna could and would go around the protective men who thought she was their one.  I loved that Luna stood up for herself and made her men work for her heart.  I adored that when her men were wrong she called them on it.  I loved that Luna’s men were willing to admit their shortcomings and work for Luna’s trust as well as her body.
While this story was short it was packed with action.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author. 

                                     Four Twinkling Stars

Fated Redemption by Alanea Alder

Fated Redemption (MMF)Title:Fated Redemption
Series:Kindred of Arkadia, 8
Author:Alanea Alder
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M, M/M/F, M/F
Word Count:44,835
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Moe Jones, aka Mojo, has finally found his mate, but it is going to take every ounce of his strength and a little help from Fate to help Rhys down the road of recovery.
Rhys was forced to drink shifter blood for months and is slowly recovering from the addiction. He is scared to claim his shifter mate for fear that he will lose control and kill him. How can he claim his mate if he can't drink his blood?
Abigail Wright is in Arkadia on a search to find her best friend from college after an alarming Christmas card. She wasn’t planning on finding her mates, especially two such delicious ones.
Abby finds herself protecting the heart of her gentle giant shifter mate and guiding the steps of her older vampire mate. Together all three discover that they need each other desperately.
When an old enemy targets Rhys, the new triad faces the possibility that they may lose Rhys forever. It will take Moe’s physical strength, Abby’s infallible willpower and Rhys’s indomitable spirit to defeat their enemy.

The residents of Arkadia are at it again!  And our return sees Rhys getting the support and love he needs time two in Fated Redemption the eighth installment to the Kindred of Arkadia series by Alanea Alder.  I love visiting Arkadia and enjoyed catching up in the lives of the residents I have come to know and love throughout this series.  But I must say I had a special place in my heart for Rhys.  He has been through so much and struggles even with the help of his friends and family.  Seeing him fight his instincts in order to protect his mate was both painful and beautiful.  However I must say that learning more about Mojo was even better.  Mojo was a character that hid in the background throughout this series but as we got to know him, it became obvious that he was a perfect fit for Rhys.  Add Abby into the mix and mayhem ensued, but in a good way.  Who would have thought we would meet someone just as crazy as Rebecca?  But together the girls scare even me!  That is not to say I wouldn’t enjoy the ride, because I found myself laughing out loud several times throughout this story. 
Ms. Alder has a knack of giving us a well written story full of laughter, love and tears, all without losing any smoking hot passion.  The chemistry between the mated couples continues even as their relationships mature.  I can’t wait to see where the residents’ antics will take us next.

                           Five Shooting Stars!!

Rapid Dominace by Bella Juarez

Rapid Dominance (MF)Title: Rapid Dominance
Series: Black Ops Brotherhood, 1
Author:Bella Juarez
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F
Word Count:
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Engineering student Victoria Saenz lands a dream job as a housekeeper while she attends graduate school. Major Reese Thompson, USMC, is no ordinary master of the house. His hard body and strict military manner are male perfection.
Reese is stuck in a loveless marriage with a hypochondriac wife. He returns from Iraq to divorce papers left with his maid. Victoria agrees to stay, to help him pick up the pieces, but Reese’s attraction to Victoria grows every day as the house seems to get smaller. The brunette beauty is there at every turn, tempting him.
They discover a deep, sometimes dark love for one another as danger looms. The terrorist cell Reese has worked tirelessly to take down has a secret weapon in their war against Reese. Will Reese and Victoria's love withstand the storms of war, despite all the forces threatening to tear them apart?

This was my first time reading Ms. Juarez’s work and it will not be the last.  With Rapid Dominance the first in the Black Ops Brotherhood series, she gave us a thoughtful tale of love and acceptance.
Reese is a strong man in an untenable situation.  He is determined to stand behind his vows but with each year it gets harder and harder.  I found myself equally impressed and mad with both the man and the poor treatment he received.  I totally agreed with Victoria and wanted to protect him even as I urged him to move on.  His wife was a piece of work and his honor dictated his actions even as she was unworthy of his honor.  Ms. Juarez did a wonderful job of getting her readers invested in Reese and his situation.  I wanted to strangle his wife and hug him tight.  I kept urging him in my mind to move on, drop her, stand strong and when an author does that I feel like she has hit a home run.  Ms. Juarez also knew when to make Reese strong.  I think it is a delicate balance to make a man strong without making him stupid and Ms. Juarez hit that mark well.  When Reese finally let go and moved forward I was ecstatic and glad he did so before he became a caricature.  I loved that Ms. Juarez gave Reese and strong woman.  Victoria was a wonderful balance to the horrid woman he was married to.  She allowed Reese to see what a relationship should and could be.  I loved that Victoria sense of honor was as deeply ingrained in her as it was in him.  Seeing their friendship blossom into something more was wonderfully portrayed. 
I thought this story was well written and full of emotional depth and character.  And I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

                              Five Shooting Stars!!