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A Place to Belong by Hurri Cosmo

Title: A Place to Belong
Author Hurri Cosmo
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Pages: 71
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

Logan Perry was offered a job caring for an elderly lady a thousand miles from his home in Iowa. Looking for a place to hide, it seems to be the perfect opportunity to escape. So Logan runs to Texas. All he wants is a roof over his head and food in his stomach. So moving into the amazing McFarren Manor he believes is all he needs.

Bradley McFarren is only looking for someone to care for his aging grandmother. Too busy with the family multi-billion dollar real estate firm, he just doesn't have time. With no personal life to speak of, Bradley has kept his heart safe. As long as Gail, his beloved grandmother, is cared for, he thinks it's all he needs.

But what both their hearts truly desire is a place to belong.

So begins the journey of a love that will not be denied; a love bigger than the state of Texas.

A Place to Belong by author Hurri Cosmo is really well done book. I really kept re-reading this book because I loved it so much. Logan has had a hard road. His parents disowned him due to him being gay. His friends abandoned him. He is starting over. When he sees an ad for a live in caretaker for an ailing woman he takes it. He just never expected to fall in love along the way. Logan is kind, sweet, giving, an amazing person. He just needs a family.
Bradley watches out for his grandmother. He hired Logan and has not been able to stop thinking about him since. He is drawn to Logan like no other person in his life. Bradley is a workaholic. He needs someone in life that cares, and he can talk to. Logan is that person. Bradley has never thought about being gay, but maybe the heart knows what it wants and love does not have to have definitions.
When Bradley's grandmother dies, he has to make some choices. He must do so fast before Logan leaves for good.
I loved Logan's loyalty. He really showed he is strong, passionate, and just the kind of friend you really want in your life.
Bradley was harder to see his feelings but once you do, they are an amazing couple. I was routing for them all the way.
I think this is the story you pick up when you want to believe in family and true love. 

                             Five Shooting Stars


Something Else by Nia Farrell

Title: Something Else
Series: The Three Graces, 1
Author: Nia Farrell
Publisher: Dark Hallows Press
Genre: MMF, paranormal, contemporary
Pages: 52
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
Grace Murphy is the local psychic medium who dreams of her soulmates – the two men she reincarnates with time and again.  While reading at an Irish festival, she meets Nicolas White, a bisexual American Indian musician.  A shaman with visions of his own, Nico recognizes Grace from his last sweat lodge as the red-haired woman in the south.  Now that they’re found each other, surely the third one will come soon.

Six months later they meet J.T. Santiago, an ex-Navy SEAL and former cage fighter who owns a gym and teaches mixed martial arts.  J.T. is a dominant, but he’s never had a male submissive and Grace and Nico are a package deal.  It’s a learning curve for all of them, with J.T.’s initiation into MMF and MM relations and Grace’s introduction to BDSM.  With Grace’s yin, J.T’s yang, and Nico’s center balance, the three of them come together as far as J.T.’s PTSD will allow, but forging a future means healing the past, however painful it might be.

I loved the start of The Three Graces series. Grace is a very fun character to read about. Author Nia Farrell has me hooked. Something Else has the story of Grace, Nico and J.T. Grace is a psychic. Most men will not come near her. She is one that has never ever hid who she is and what she can do. She came out as a psychic when she was in middle school. So that pretty much isolated her as a kid. She did make friends with the other two Graces, Anna and Rae. They are pretty much it for her as far as friends. She is loyal, kind and, really sweet person.
Nico- Grace meets him at a convention but turns out he was a man who her best friend had been trying to set her up with for months. He writes music with a tribal twist. Smart, witty, and intuitive. He is also charming and quiet. A shaman. He is really a loner.
J.T.- he is gorgeous, a bad boy air about him. Rides a motorcycle. He is very dominate. Very Alpha male. He doesn't trust himself. Ex Seal has PSTD, fraid of risking his heart.
These three are all part of a huge puzzle they fit together. Each has something about them that the other needs. I liked the flow of this book. I also like the characters have a great connection. I really would like to read more about the other two best friends too. I think this is a great start and want more.

                                          Five Shooting Stars


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cardeno C. Just what the Truth is Blog

Header - Audio Just What the Truth Is copy

Cover - Audio Just What the Truth IsJust What the Truth Is

Written by: Cardeno C.
Narrated by: Alexander Collins
Length: 6 hrs and 19 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:10-23-15
WLK synopsis
People pleaser Ben Forman has been in the closet so long he has almost convinced himself he is straight, but his denial train gets derailed when hotshot lawyer Micah Trains walks into his life. Micah is brilliant, funny, driven...and he assumes Ben is gay and starts dating him. Finding himself truly happy for the first time, Ben doesn't have the willpower to resist Micah's affection.
When his relationship with Micah heats up, Ben realizes he has a problem: His parents won't tolerate a gay son, and self-confident Micah isn't the type to hide. If Ben wants to maintain his hold on his happiness, he'll have to decide what's important and own up to the truth of who he is. The trouble is figuring out just what that truth is.
©2013 Cardeno C. (P)2015 Cardeno C.
Audible UK
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WLK Author Bio
Cardeno C - Logo
Cardeno C. - CC to friends - is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few "awwws" into a reader's day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno's stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever- after sunset.
Cardeno's Home, Family, and Mates series have received awards from Love Romances and More Golden Roses, Rainbow Awards, the Goodreads M/M Romance Group, and various reviewers. But even more special to CC are heartfelt reactions from readers, like, "You bring joy and love and make it part of the every day."
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Blog post, St. Blair Series

Blog Tour-Header-Image-St.-Blair-Sybilles-Reign

St. Blair: Sybille's Reign

Young Adult Paranormal/Supernatural
By E.W. Skinner
St. Blair - Sybille's Reign - Cover


Twenty-four hours earlier the world was a pristine, productive, demon-free society and Sybille Malone an unknown Region One Fabric Counsel designer.
Global Good's curator and guardian of banished relics warehoused in the Arctic Region, Eston Cote, needs to act fast. As Global Good's North Quad leader, he must prepare his colleagues in the other three Quadrants of the world for something they have never known... warfare.
Celestial warfare. A fight for souls.
Eston has discovered Sybille's connection to a chain of supernatural events that not only caused planetary earthquakes, but unleashed the Holy Warrior St. Michael the Archangel and his enemies. Michael's sole mission is to defend Sybille's calling, slaying the hounds of hell who threaten to possess the citizens of her world.
Divinely foreseen and journaled by 21st century teenager St. Blair, Sybille's only hope of reining in the evil she unleashed on September 14, 2202, is to follow the directives of Blair and the saints before the demonic possessions outnumber the innocents.


St Blair - Cover


EW Skinner
Emily had a goal when she was 15, she would have a daughter named Marquel and write a novel titled "Marquel." She accomplished both and more.
Emily was a protege of the late master of the pulps or paperback originals, Harry Whittington. Emily interviewed Whittington during her days as a feature writer for the Clearwater Sun daily newspaper and its weekly division. They became friends and he taught her how to plot and gave her approval of the original outline and sample chapter for "Marquel" shortly before he died in 1989.
After Whittington passed away, Emily challenged herself to write as her mentor did and wrote a chapter a day and finished the novel "Marquel" in 52 days. For more details on the novel's history read:
Fast forward, a second daughter, Blair is born and Emily and husband Tom focus on raising their family. Both daughters are now grown and work in Hollywood. So this might be an example of art imitating life or the reverse?
A devoted Catholic, Emily is rekindling her love for writing and has just completed the movie script for "Marquel" and a young adult paranormal appropriately named after her youngest child, "St. Blair: Children of the Night."
When Emily isn't working as a marketing consultant or writing, she enjoys antiquing/thrifting and producing short films. Emily is the proud Executive Producer of Blair Skinner's film "Relative Eternity," a 2012 LA Shorts Film Festival selection, Sunscreen Film Festival selection and Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes selection. Written, directed and edited by Blair Skinner, "Relative Eternity" is on for your viewing pleasure.
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The Alpha's Mate by E.A. Reynolds

Title: The Alpha's Mate
Series: Peyton City, 4
Author: E.A. Reynolds
Publisher: Siren BookStrand
Genre: MM, Paranormal
Pages: 142
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, spanking, HEA]
Valentine Voss wasn’t looking for love, but it slams into him hard and fast during a time of conflict that is tearing his people apart. Voss can claim Colby and expose him to even more danger than he’s in already or enjoy him as a lover.
Colby Summers is a snow panther, and an undercover agent for the Order. When he meets Voss everything inside him recognizes the alpha as his. Colby knows what it’s like to fight for survival, now he’s ready to put his heart on the line and claim the one man that was made for him.
Around them the enemy plots to destroy their race with a deadly toxin. With death just a heartbeat away and love a searing brand on his soul, Colby’s willing to risk everything to unlock the secrets of his past that hold the cure to save the future for his mate.
A Siren Erotic Romance


The Alpha's Mate by author E.A. Reynolds is the fourth book in the Peyton City series. This is not a stand a lone book. I jumped into this series with this one and in parts I was pretty lost and confused. I had to focus more on the love story of Valentine and Colby in order to get through this book. So if you are a fan of this series, I am sure you would enjoy the politics that are going on in this book. For me those details went whoosh right over my head.
Valentine Voss is Alpha, black panther, and very dominate both in and out of bed. He likes to be in control at all times. Strong but a fair leader.
Colby has been living with lions, he has no idea of his true nature as a white panther. He thinks he is a black one. White ones in this world are extra special and have some hidden talents that you have to read to believe. Colby, he is sexy, sweet, and can kill you if chooses .He is pretty badass.
Over all I think this book is very well thought out. There is clear direction and the flow is really great. Nothing is really over done or lagging. I loved the connection between Colby and Valentine. They really do have some great chemistry. There is some politics, and some movement towards another book in this series. I am looking forward to going back and reading the books I missed. I really would love to understand this world a little better. 

                            Four Twinkling Stars


Weathering the Storm by Caitlin Ricci

Title: Weathering the Storm

Author: Caitlin Ricci 

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Genre: YA, Contemporary, MM, interracial

Pages: 180

Reviewer: Redz

Buy Link:

Publisher's Blurb

Robbie’s dad has always been hard on Robbie and his brothers, but when their mom dies on Robbie’s sixteenth birthday, he becomes downright abusive. Robbie doesn't understand why his dad is so mean to him or why his brothers resent him for their mom's accident, but he desperately tries to hide the bruises. On top of that, after his dad's horse training jobs run out, he moves them to Colorado to their uncle's ranch in the mountains.
At Uncle Caleb's cabin, Robbie meets Sam, a boy whose family also lives on the property. Finally he has a real friend who shares his love of horses, but Sam is black and openly gay. Both traits incur Robbie’s father’s rage. When his dad attacks Robbie in front of Uncle Caleb for standing up for Sam and himself, all of their secrets are thrown out into the open, and Robbie's life is changed forever.


I don't review a whole lot of YA, but I am so very glad I picked up Weathering the Storm by Caitlin Ricci. This is a sweet, yet very powerful coming of age, and first love romance. Robbie has always been the black sheep of his family. His father was always hard on him. Harder than on his two brothers. But he accepts that, he has his horse and his riding. That is all he needs in his life. That is till his mom dies. Then the hatred that his father has for him changes to violence. Anything can set the man off. Robbie has no idea why either. When they move to Uncle Caleb's Robbie gets his first friend in Sam a stable hand that lives on the property. Sam is openly gay. This is another mark against poor Robbie. Robbie never once blames Sam. He never once tries to be anything but a good brother. I loved that about him that no matter what his dad did he didn't break the good soul Robbie has. Robbie has a good heart he has just never been allowed to show it till Sam. Sam is a good kid. He knows who he is, and he wants to help Robbie he just doesn't know how. He is also getting over an old love too. I liked how Sam leads Robbie and eventually gets his man. This story really is powerfully written. There are a few scenes that are not for the tender hearted. When Robbie gets his final beating it is bad, but I still think it is a beautifully done YA with themes of excepting yourself, and finding yourself while still being a teenager. 

                       Five Shooting Stars

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rain Shadow by LA. Witt

Title: Rain Shadow
Series: Bluewater Bay, 10
Author L.A. Witt
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: MM, Contemporary
Word count:  59,600
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher's Blurb

Jeremy Rose came to Bluewater Bay to work as Anna Maxwell’s bodyguard, not to escape his increasingly bitter relationship with his estranged kids. He just wants to focus on his job and be alone for a while. He’s done with love, especially now that three years after his long overdue divorce, he’s got a front-row seat to the rapid deterioration between Anna and her girlfriend. Cynical doesn’t even begin to describe him.

Then Anna and Leigh’s attempts to reconcile put him in the crosshairs of marriage counselor Scott Fletcher. Scott’s exactly what Jeremy needs right now: gorgeous, hot, horny, single, and 100% uninterested in a relationship. The problem is, too much no-strings-attached sex—and too much time in each other’s company—inevitably builds emotional connection.

Except Jeremy refuses to seek counseling for his broken family, and Scott refuses to get seriously involved with men who work dangerous jobs. They both need to realize they can only hide for so long from the pain they came here to escape. They must face their pasts before they lose their shot at a happy future.

Rain Shadow by author L.A. Witt is the tenth book in the Bluewater Bay series, it is a stand alone book though. You do not have to read the previous books to understand this one. This is my first introduction to Bluewater Bay. We first meet Jeremy who is a bodyguard to an actress named Anna. Jeremy sees a lot of himself in Anna's life. He sees her failing relationship with her significant other Leigh and it brings back memories of his own failed marriage. His children wont talk to him. He pretty much failed in the marriage game. When he meets Scott, he is not really ready for love, but he finds it anyways. Scott is a councilor. That is not endearing to Jeremy. He has had his fill of councilors for a lifetime. So they both embark on a strictly sex relationship. At least that is what they think it is. Jeremy's kind, sweet, and passionate nature really make Scott fall for him. Scott has patience, love, and brings cuddling to the table along with lots of talks. Together they each have something the other needs. Really perfect together they just have to see it for themselves and believe it. I found the ending to be bittersweet to this book. But fitting. I would love to visit these two again and see where they are and how things work out. They are both amazing characters. I will be looking for more in the Bluewater Bay series in the future, I think this is a town I really need to get to know better. 

                                             Four Twinkling Stars