Thursday, September 18, 2014

Taking Chances by Suzette Rose Cauler

Taking ChancesTitle: Taking Chances
Series: The Dakota Laveaux
Author:  Suzette Rose Cauler
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Word Count: 27,362
Genre : M/F, paranormal vampire, shapeshifter
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb:
Risking her life is nothing new to shape-shifter Dakota Laveaux, but when the thief-for-hire enters the Ettore compound, she gets far more than she bargained for. Determined to keep a haunting promise, Dakota will do anything to complete her mission, but the dangerously sexy Kane Ettore, leader of the Ettore vampire clan, becomes a delicious distraction. From the moment they meet, Dakota is drawn along on a roller coaster ride of mistaken identities, missed chances, scorching passion, and undeniable bliss.
Has sleeping with the enemy ever felt so good?
Dakota is hopelessly torn between her need for revenge and the insatiable hunger Kane inspires in her. With her life hanging in the balance, Dakota must decide whether to trust the vampire she’s already betrayed or take her chances with the cunning werewolf who has promised to help her. How far will she go to win this deadly game, and will she lose her heart in the process?

Suzette Rose Cauler brings the start of what promises to be an amazing new series with Taking Chances.  I really liked the character of Dakota; she is brave, strong, and just a little bit vulnerable.   She seems very trapped when we first meet her. But she is smart and listens to her instincts. 
Kane is protective, strong, and slightly confused.  He doesn’t know exactly who he is dealing with but he knows he wants Dakota.  She brings out the protector inside of him, and the very unfamiliar feeling of love.
Together they will battle for the truth.  These two have some real hurdles to overcome but they do and find love along the way.
I loved the connections these characters have. I also like how Ms. Cauler makes me want more of her vampires and the world they live in. I would like to see more books in this world and find out what creatures live there.  I also have a real urge to have Kane’s brother find someone who loves him and can tame him. I hope his story comes up soon.  
There is lots of lusty romance to keep you turning the pages but for me the story itself is one I will not soon forget.

                              Five Shooting Stars!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Protector by Cooper West

Title: The Protector
Author: Cooper West
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Page Count:250 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
Publisher Buy Link:

Publisher Blurb
Guardsmen are always matched in a bonded pair. The Protector can shift into a weredog, and the human partner is his Handler. They are incredibly rare and highly valued, but people also fear them for their mystical abilities. No Protector in living memory has outlived his Handler—until Alex Taylor.

Now a widower, Alex lives a lonely half-life and faces day after day of grief with no hope for happiness in the future. When he unexpectedly bonds with the young and vibrant Handler Marcus Stephanek, Alex is angry and unwilling to leave the memory of his former Handler behind. He pushes Marcus away and tries to distance himself from their bond. But then a mysterious villain who has been secretly shadowing Alex for years sets his plan in motion. Alex and Marcus must learn to trust their bond and love each other, or risk not only their own lives but the lives of those closest to them.

I thought The Protector by Cooper West gave us a unique view on shifters.  It is not often that the shifters are dogs and these “dogs” had a purpose.  I loved that Ms. West gave us a different spin in a world that tends to be similar.  It took something so common place, a dog and his/her handler and gave it a distinctive “other” tinge.  But Ms. West didn’t stop there; she then gave us a story full of emotional depth and angst.  You could feel Alex’s grief even as you wanted to bop him upside the head for his stubbornness.  You could understand Marcus’s anguish as he aged yet another year with no bond mate in sight.  She took me to the depths of their despair and began the slow process of re-building their psyche.  I will say that I enjoyed Marcus much more than Alex.  So much so that at times I thought he got a raw deal in Alex.  Marcus tried so hard to do everything right and was denied what he wanted most.   And then he gets his heart’s desire only to find a mate unwilling to let go. 
Ms. West did a wonderful job of portraying a situation that felt unwinnable but gave us peeks of hope for success.  I loved that Marcus and Alex had friends that cared, even when it appeared hopeless.  I also loved that Marcus continued to try and understand even as his hopes were dashed.  Ms. West gave us a story that ran the gamut from grief and despair to hope and love.  And she did in such a way it felt natural.  This was my first time reading this author and it will not be the last.

                        Four Twinkling Stars!! 

Unbalanced by Kate Douglas

Series:Demon Lovers, 1
Author:Kate Douglas
Publisher:Beyond the Page Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F, M/M, M/F/M
Page Count: 74 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
Publisher Buy Link:

Publisher Blurb
Addie Logan simply stopped to do the right thing. While helping an injured woman in the park, she becomes the victim of a vicious attack and barely makes it home to tend her own wounds. Later that night, tired and feverish, Addie awakens to find two gorgeous men standing over her bedside. Unsure if they are real or a figment of her imagination, she reaches out and unleashes an erotic hunger like none she’s ever known.

Welcoming the men into her bed, Addie experiences pleasures she’s never felt and finds herself becoming very attached to the strangers.

But these men need more from her than just erotic pleasure. They are demon hunters, and the attack on Addie in the park has made her one of them. Entering a world she never knew existed, Addie now dedicates her life to fighting demons and enjoying the pleasures of the two gorgeous men she fights alongside and is coming to love.

I enjoyed Unbalanced the first in Kate Douglas’s Demon Lovers series.  It was a quick read but action packed from the first word.   I loved that Addie was a typical woman who needed to learn fighting skills, quick fast and in a hurry.  And she had a sexy incentive, in spite of the danger, in her demons, Locan and Jett.  I loved that with Addie’s advent into their lives Locan and Jett were able to start a relationship and not be a responsibility.  I also loved that Addie was the bridge that allowed Locan and Jett to be honest about their feelings toward each other.  All this, while fighting the “new and improved” demons threatening humans.  For such a short tale Ms. Douglas gave us a complete story.  We saw Addie struggle with her new reality even as she was falling in love with the demons she felt were hers.  We saw Locan and Jett accept their changing feelings after decades.  I enjoyed this story by Ms. Douglas and look forward to where she will take us in this series. 

                   Four Twinkling Stars!!