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Handling the Hybrid by Evangeline Anderson

Title: Handling the Hybrid
Series: Kindred Tales Novel
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Publisher: Evangeline Anderson
Genre: Mf. Scifi, bdsm
Pages: 284
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
A Kindred Tales Novel

Too much to handle...

Tandy has a big problem. She stands to inherit a huge estate and the title of her late aunt but in order to prove herself worthy of the exulted position and the money that comes with it, Tandy must train her first slave. And the slave she is given to train is huge—a muscular Hybrid Kindred with rage dancing in his mismatched eyes and fangs long enough to tear her throat out. How can she possibly subdue such a massive male without losing her life? Then Tandy has an idea—in the dead of night she steals down to her new slave’s cell to offer him a deal.


Vrox is enraged to be stuck in this situation. Captured by accident, he is determined to kill whoever tries to enslave him and escape at the first opportunity. But then the curvy little female who bought him offers him a deal—if he will pretend that she has mastered him, she will give him his freedom along with a generous settlement. Vrox is intrigued by the deal but he puts his own spin on the bargain. Whatever Tandy does to him by day to prove that she is a true Mistress, he is allowed to do to her by night, in the privacy of her quarters—including any kind of sexual punishment or mastery.

Feeling she has no choice, Tandy agrees to the huge Hybrid’s terms—never expecting to lose her heart. She thinks Vrox cares for her too, but when the huge Kindred escapes and she is left to face the consequences of their deception alone, she fears that her life is over. Will she survive after…Handling the Hybrid? 

Handling the Hybrid by author Evangeline Anderson is a Kindred Tales Novel. I find these stores are best read in order you really need to know about the world Tandy and Vrox live in to get this story in particular.
Tandy is a Mistress. Well, she wants to be one to get her inheritance. The only problem is she has never had a slave of her own to train. She has to prove herself before she can inherit anything from her dead aunt.  
Vrox is a hybrid kindred.  He is big, strong, and deadly. Also fiercely loyal and sensual.  I loved this kindred hybrid. He is powerful yet gentle as well. Very intelligent.
Together these two make a deal. I think Tandy needs Vrox. She needs someone to trust in a world where she has really no one who doesn’t want something from her.
Vrox needs to know he is a full kindred no matter what he is mixed with. He can be more than what he was born into. 
Really great read, lots of hot chemistry, and angst to keep me turning the pages. I hope to read many more in the kindred series in the future, always for me memorable stories with a love of a lifetime in them.

                         Five Shooting Stars

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Contest!!! Little Ms. Who by S. Neff Comment on this blog to win!!!

Title: Little Ms. Who?
Author: S. Neff
Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
Genre: MF transgendered  Contemporary
Pages: 242
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Lee has been going through the same routine in his life. Seeing his friends find love has made him question his own choices, and when he meets Tris at the Friday night bonfire he is captivated at first sight. One kiss is all it takes for him to want her for his own, and after that night he thinks he's found his Cinderella and his chance at love. What Lee doesn't know is that some princesses have much bigger secrets than being covered in soot, and Tris’s secrets are going to redefine Lee and everything he thought he knew about himself. Love is never easy and Lee has to decide if he can love Tris even if he’s not who he says he is.

Little Ms. Who? By S. Neff is an original take on a beautiful love story. This story has memorable characters and a great storyline. I love a story that makes me fall in love and this story does that for me.
Tris is a transgendered girl.  She has a tragic past that haunts her. She feels she cannot trust anyone enough to tell them about herself completely. Living with secrets daily has taken a toll on her. All she really wants is love and acceptance like everyone else.
Lee, sweetest guy ever. Wants the fairytale. True love with the girl of his dreams, refuses to settle for less than that. He is a mechanic that works on custom trucks.
I like Lee’s growth. He has to really learn about himself and see that love does not always come in the package we expect it too, but it is real non the less.
Beautifully done story. I loved it. I would love to read more by this author in the future. This is the first time I have read anything  by them and I would love more. I want to see where they take me next.

Blog post by S. Neff and CONTEST~!! 

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Tris and Lee’s story started with a song. One day when I was looking for good music to listen to I came across a song “For A Boy” by Raelynn. The song is simple, about a boy who sees more than just the girl singing the song, and she is willing to do so much for a boy willing to see more than her appearance. She sings “what a girl like me would do for a boy like you,” and I thought, ‘that’s what I want to write about, I want to write about that boy’. The story came together as I imagined what a girl like Tris would do for a man like Lee, and how a man like Lee would, in turn, do anything for her.
I think, for me, the love story between Tris and Lee is what I picture in my mind the perfect romance would be in any situation. Finding out that the person you love isn’t exactly what, or who you expect them to be is something we all usually overcome whether in minor or major aspects. In their case, it was gender. I’ve been asked before if it’s realistic to believe that a man could really fall in love with a physically male partner who sees themselves as female when they identified as straight? I always try to imagine myself in my characters' situations, and how I would feel if I were put into their shoes. I ask myself if I fell in love with a man and found out that his physical gender was female would I stop loving him? Absolutely not! Yes, I am physically attracted to the male gender, but in my opinion, I don’t feel like it is the absolute most important thing in a relationship. Sex only accounts for a small portion of what makes you love someone. I don’t know that Tris and Lee’s love is common or even possible, but I believe it could be and how beautiful it is if someone can love so deeply they love everything about them because it is what makes them who they are.
Tris and Lee’s story holds a special place in my heart. I hope that reading it can bring the same warmth to everything that it brought me while writing it. There is a lot of emotions, good and bad, but through it all, they love each other. I hope that everyone in the world can find their level of love and acceptance. I always say love is multidimensional, love endlessly and don’t limit yourself or you might miss something special.
The blurb-
Lee has been going through the same routine in his life. Seeing his friends find love has made him question his own choices, and when he meets Tris at the Friday night bonfire he is captivated at first sight. One kiss is all it takes for him to want her for his own, and after that night he thinks he's found his Cinderella and his chance at love.

What Lee doesn't know is that some princesses have much bigger secrets than being covered in soot, and Tris’s secrets are going to redefine Lee and everything he thought he knew about himself. Love is never easy, and Lee has to decide if he can love Tris even if he’s not who he says he is.

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The Omega's Doctor by Candice Blake

Title: The Omega’s Doctor
Series:  Billionaire’s of Forest Hill, 4
Author: Candice Blake
Publisher: Candice Blake
Genre: MM,  Contemporary Paranormal
Pages: 147
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
There’s a mystery in Forest Hill. 

Dr. Michael: 
I am the prime suspect for the recent disappearance of an Omega, a patient of mine last seen leaving my private practice. No one knows where he is and I am looking more and more guilty as the days pass. As an Alpha and a billionaire doctor, my reputation is on the line and the accusation could ruin everything.

I can't figure this out alone, so I go to a reputable lawyer for help. When the lawyer turns me away, his son, Tai, reaches out to me. I am skeptical of the young and beautiful Omega at first. But there's something about Tai that makes me think he's the only one who can help me. As we spend time together and try to solve this case, I realize my growing attraction to him.

But I can’t fall for Tai right now when I should be thinking about the case instead.

When an Alpha doctor burst into my dad’s law firm pleading for help, I knew I had to step up to the plate. It was my chance to prove myself to my father, who never cared to give me much love or attention.

As I am nearing my first heat, I feel a lack of control around the strong and rugged Dr. Michael. But with the case looming over us, now’s definitely not the time to be falling for the doctor.

If anyone finds out, it could spell disaster.

Warning: The Omega’s Doctor contains explicit sexual content not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

This book can be read as a standalone or as part of the Billionaires of Forest Hill series. 

The Omega’s Doctor is the fourth book in the Billionaires of Forest Hill series by author Candice Blake.  This is part of a series. We do meet people we know from previous books, but you could read this as a standalone and be fine.
I personally loved this book. Action, adventure, and mystery. Throw in love and heat well you have a book I won’t soon forget.
Doctor Michael poor guy is a suspect in a murder of a missing golden omega.  He is frazzled and at his wits end. So, when he gets a name of a lawyer to check out he gets his butt over there pronto.
Tai is the son of the lawyer Michael is recommended too. He wants to prove himself. He is a first-year law student, but he knows he can help.  He has drive and guts.  He is an omega, but he knows he can help his alpha if he just lets him.
I loved these two. They have a special connection that is really felt as I read this book. I really enjoy the emotional connection Ms. Blake brings to the stories she is telling. Makes me want more and more. I cannot wait for more from this series. I wanna meet more Alphas and the Omegas they love.

                                 Five Shooting Stars 

The Omega's Savior by Candice Blake

Title:  The Omega’s Savior
Series:  Billionaire’s of Forest Hill, 3
Author: Candice Blake
Publisher: Candice Blake
Genre: MM,  Contemporary
Pages: 144
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb

I had the picture-perfect life. Married, three kids—with one on the way, and millions of fans around the world. I'm a billionaire, living in the spotlight, and some might even call me a pop culture icon.

But underneath my seemingly perfect life, I was unhappy. The truth was I hadn’t written music in a while and my marriage was falling apart.

I thought my life was over when my husband asked for a divorce. But the very same night I get kicked out of my own house, I meet an Omega working at a diner named Cyril.

Is fate at play?
I don’t know.
But what I do know is that I’m quickly falling for Cyril.


I ran away with my Omega twin brother, dying our hair and wearing contacts to hide our true identity. It was difficult to leave our privileged lives. But we needed to be free from the rigid rules set by our parents and the suffocating society we grew up in.

While working the midnight shift at the diner one evening, a mysterious, tall, and handsome Alpha named Kaine walks in. It’s easy to talk to Kaine—who’s also easy on the eyes.

As I am about to go into my first heat, I find myself in a dangerous situation…
and Kaine unexpectedly becomes my hero.

Warning: The Omega’s Savior contains explicit sexual content not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

This book can be read as a standalone or as part of the Billionaires of Forest Hill series. 

The Omega’s Savior is the third book in the Billionaires of Forest Hill series by author Candice Blake. This is my first time reading this series and I was not lost starting with this book. I really enjoyed that, I like being able to pick up a series at any point and being able to understand it.
This book is really well done. I like Ms. Blake’s storytelling she gives me enough angst and heat to keep me turning the pages. I also like how developed the characters themselves are.
Kaine is an artist. He comes from money. He is coming out of a bad 10 year marriage and has a lot of mental scars from that too.
I like a good flawed but compassionate character and I felt Kaine really fit that bill.
Cyril has a twin brother.  They have run away from their parents, they want nothing more than to be normal. 
I liked Cyril in this story too he has a lot of growth. I liked that I could follow his entire journey and still want more at the end of the book.
This is a very well done series with memorable characters that really have a lot of heart and soul. I will be looking for more from this series in the future.

                       Five Shooting Stars 

The Palm Blog Post

Title: In the Palm

Author: Elna Holst

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: May 20, 2019

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Female/Female

Length: 25500

Genre: Contemporary, LGBT, humor, lost, stranded, amnesia, island, survival, medical profession, interracial, Cambodia

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Stranded on a tropical island, Dr No-Name has no mobile phone, no wallet, no keys, no passport. No left hand, no shoes and no memory. What she does have is a blister pack of nicotine gums, two minibar-sized bottles of whisky (consumed), and what appears to be an endless supply of coconuts. She can’t possibly get into any worse trouble, can she?


In the Palm Elna Holst © 2019 All Rights Reserved Chapter One I am drunk and about to chop my hand off. There is a correlation between these two states of being, or becoming; but it isn’t that I am crazed and delirious from the alcohol. On this short notice, it’s the only anaesthetic available to me—and the hand needs to go. Despite my grogginess on first coming to, I recognised the symptoms of a necrotising infection: the tissue death eating away at my digits—the fifth and the second are already black, all but falling off on their own—the red and purple nebulae spreading over the back of my hand, my palm, inching up towards my wrist. I need to amputate. I need to amputate right now, if there’s even the remotest possibility the bacteria haven’t reached any of my vital organs yet. There will be time enough for questions later—with a little, or rather a freighter-shipload of luck. Because I do have questions. Like, where am I? Who am I? What am I doing here? Checking that I have my penknife at the ready, I start tightening my primitively devised tourniquet: a stick and a belt. It’s like something out of a survivalist’s wet, apocalyptic nightmare. Fortunately—incomprehensibly—there were two minibar-sized bottles of whisky in the sorry, debris-filled excuse of a handbag I had slung over my shoulder, caught at my hip, and wound across my chest in a way that restricted my breathing when I regained consciousness. I was alone, drenched and shivering like a stray, on this abandoned strip of beach in No Place. Maybe I’m a recovering alcoholic. It would explain the blackout. But it seems unlikely, since the spirits performed their magic after just a gulp or two, offering a warm, tingly sensation that managed to put a cap on my agony, strengthening my resolve. I am not going to get the tourniquet any tighter. My right hand is shaking as I reach for the puny knife, making sure I have the rags I have torn out of my shirt within easy access. “This is going to hurt so bad.” I tell the knife conversationally—like the drunk I am, at present—and I am struck by a thought that makes me laugh grimly. “I sure hope I’m not a leftie.” Screaming like a banshee to get my adrenaline pumping, I swing the blade down over my left wrist with as much force as I can muster. Chapter Two So hot. So hot, yet so cold, yet so hot, all the same. Stars dance before my eyes, and it could have been delirium, but no: it’s the night sky. An endless, otherworldly expanse vaulting above my head like an exploded piƱata, each star a soaring, scintillating scrap of space. I have never seen a night sky like this before; I’m quite certain, though who will take the word of an amnesiac, a fevered amnesiac, lying in the sand—the impossibly fine white sand, like snow (if only it were snow, I muse through the wool in my brain, to cool the flames within) beside her severed hand? How did I manage? How could I have cut through bone with nothing but a penknife, even if it is a high-quality, all-the-trimmings sort of blade? I have bled through my ad hoc bandages—have I? No, they’re good, if grimy. “Water.” I want to tell the coyly twinkling stars overhead, but my cracked lips won’t cooperate. “Wa-eh,” I actually say, breathe; and tears of hurt—and gratitude, because yes, I am in fact still breathing—stream down my immobile face, pooling in the shells of my ears. “Need.” I try next and snort because it comes out as “Nee” and this seems funny, somehow; I can’t explain. I am waging a losing war against unconsciousness. I probably won’t wake again, I think morosely. And then, as the sky looks to be falling…falling on top of me, the very universe ready to claim me as fair game. Oh, but it’s been grand. I can’t remember the particulars, but I think I enjoyed the ride.


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Meet the Author

Often quirky, always queer, Elna Holst is an unapologetic genre-bender who writes anything from stories of sapphic lust and love to the odd existentialist horror piece, reads Tolstoy, and plays contract bridge. Find her on Instagram or Goodreads.


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Love's Music by Janice Jarrell

Title: Love’s Music
Series: Revolutionary Heart, 1
Author: Janice Jarrell
Publisher:  Janice Jarrell
Genre and Pairing:  MM, Contemporary
Pages:  196
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb 
Professor Nate Reese rushes to protect a female student and is severely injured at the hands of her assailant. Traumatized by the attack, Nate sets his feet on a no-holds-barred path of activism designed to force university officials into addressing the issue of on-campus assault. To his shock, his primary frustration comes not from the university, but from his partner, David Gardener, a veteran of 12 years as a very popular Professor of Revolutionary War History.

Terrified of losing his hard-won status at the school, David is reluctant to support Nate's militant efforts, while Nate, feeling abandoned by his partner, sees David's aversion to his activism as indifference to the trauma he suffered. Day by day they watch as their relationship disintegrates, while still struggling to resolve the disruptive issues engulfing the school they love.

At the same time Irishman Colin Campbell, handsome and charismatic Sergeant for the campus police force, fights his own on-going war against campus assault. But behind his obsessive desire to gain justice for victims lies a devastating secret which could forever destroy his fiercely independent facade and expose his deepest fear. Ultimately, it is Colin’s powerful connection to a quiet, dark-eyed Title IX consultant which threatens to tear down his defenses and shatter the barriers protecting his heart.

Colin was the bolt of lightning that ignited Joshua Abram’s heart. Cocky and irresistible, the dynamic police officer was everything Joshua had ever longed for in a man, and despite Colin’s insistence that he didn’t ‘do relationships’ Joshua couldn’t help but fall hopelessly in love. He knew his attraction to Colin could only end in heartbreak. His quiet, introverted nature could never hope to snare the vibrant, freedom-loving Irishman, so despite the undeniable and heated passion between them, he forces himself to back slowly away.

When disagreements over an oddly disturbing case causes Colin’s hot Irish temper to erupt, their relationship is irrevocably shattered. Heartbroken, and convinced that Colin never wants to see him again, Joshua flees Charlottesville without a word, leaving Colin adrift and inconsolable.

Finally forced to admit that he desperately needs Joshua by his side, Colin must now face the dark and long-suppressed memories which are irrevocably linked to his love for the handsome, Jewish consultant. Without even a forwarding address to guide him, he vows to find Joshua and beg his forgiveness. Colin’s struggle to conquer his pride and fear in order to find the love of his life and achieve their happily ever after will touch your heart.

Four lives in turmoil fighting for the relationships they cherish, and at the heart of the struggle, a great university struggles to survive its most harrowing challenge.

Please Note: This book contains adult language & steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only.

Love’s Music is the first book in the Revolutionary Heart series by author Janice Jarrell.  This book has a ton going on in it.  There are essentially four couples in this book. We only know the full the outcome of one couple but there are a lot of things to keep track of overall.
I did like the writing in this book. Very well done.  I felt it is a great first book in a series and I cannot wait to read more in the future.
The first the couple we meet are Nate and David. They are professors at the same college. David is the more traditionalist sorta kind of person, and Nate is the one who shakes up things and challenges ideas.
This clash really effects their relationship when Nate fights for a student who has been raped. Both of these men grow and learn a ton about themselves in this book.
Colin and Joshua, they are heavily a part of this book too.  I want more of them. They have a chemistry that can be felt through the pages.
Overall a good read with a ton going on. I cannot wait to read more from this series in the future.

                                       Four Twinkling Stars 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Her Dangerous Mistake by Erin M Leaf

Title:  Her Dangerous Mistake
Author:  Erin M Leaf
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing:  MF, Contemporary
Pages:  139
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher Blurb 
~Editor's Pick~

Moira is on the run—her apartment has been trashed, her bank account hacked, and someone is stalking her. Only one man is dangerous enough to keep her safe … that is, if she can convince him to help her. Neil Deven used to be her father’s best friend until betrayal turned him violent. Neil disappeared, and finding him might be the biggest mistake of her life, but Moira won’t survive alone.

Neil remembers Moira as a sweet little girl caught in the middle of her father’s criminal life. The gorgeous woman who shows up at his door is anything but a child, but he’s already got problems. Dragon shifters are a dying race with no way to change form, yet Neil’s powers keep growing. And Moira stirs long lost instincts—he can’t deny her need. He must protect the woman who will be his mate, or die trying. 

Her Dangerous Mistake by author Erin M. Leaf is a fast-paced story with great characters.  I really liked the connection they had that kept me turning the pages.
Moira :  she needs help.  She has had her apartment trashed, bank account hacked into, and she does not even own a car.  Her phone died as well. To say she is having a hard time is a  clear understatement.  She knew if she did not get help fast the trouble following her was going to kill her.
Neil:  she has not seen him in 15 years. He had been her dad’s best friend. He might not be a safe option, but he is her only option at this point.
Neil is down to Earth, and willing to help.  He might end up with much more than even he expected out of this deal.
 I loved the edginess to this book. Wonderful storytelling as well. Well worth the read.

                        Five Shooting Stars