Friday, September 17, 2021

Lancelot by Silvia Violet

 Title: Lancelot

Series: The Theriot Family. 3

Author: Silvia Violet

Genre: MM  contemporary

Reviewer: Redz






Publisher’s Blurb

Men like me don't spend a lot of time at the library, so I've never had a reason to suspect cardigan-wearing, uptight librarians would push all my buttons.

Then I met Julian.

I wanted to hate him. He's my opposite in every way. I'm impulsive, and there's no rule I won't break. Persnickety Julian follows every rule.

But when I make demands and he stands his ground, I know he will be mine.

To win him over, I'll have to do the impossible, prove that occasionally, I can be reserved and restrained.



Lancelot is the third book in the Theriot Family series by author Silvia Violet. I personally love this series. I am always on the watch for Ms. Violet's works too. She is an amazing writer who brings me stories I love to read.

Lancelot is a fun story. Two very opposite people finding a middle ground and love along the way.  Add in a pet monkey and it is a fun but dangerous as well ride.

Lancelot, he has a pet monkey named Tony. He is defiant, out to prove himself, and he is kind.   I liked the many layers Lancelot has.  Just when you think you know him something new comes to the surface.

Julian is not impressed by a monkey in his sacred library. He likes rules, and he likes others to follow them.  Very protective of his library.  Also, he is sweet, quirky and loyal to a fault.

Overall, these two really have what the other needs.  They make a great team.  I laughed so hard reading this story. And there is plenty of burning heat too.  This story is in dual POV and it works great for these characters.  I highly recommend this read to any romance fan; it is one for the keeper shelves. 

                             Five Shooting Stars 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Stepbrother by Raleigh Ruebins


Title: The Stepbrother

Series: Red’s Tavern, 5

Author: Raleigh Ruebins

Genre: MM  contemporary

Reviewer: Redz





Publisher’s Blurb

Sam’s guide to summer:

Step 1: Get stuck on an epic family road trip with your straight, cocky, filthy-rich stepbrother.

Step 2: Pretend he didn’t kiss you on the first night of the trip.

In high school, Fox was my rival. My new stepbrother was already a career-obsessed city boy, and I was a proud small-town theater geek. I said good riddance when his cocky ass finally moved to the big city, leaving us behind. But now after years apart, Fox agreed to come on our big family road trip. And he’s _definitely_ not a teenager anymore.

We’re sharing way more than just an RV. I’m closer to Fox than I’ve ever been before--camping, hiking, and swimming in the summer heat. I’ve grown out of my acne and glasses phase, and I’m not afraid to talk back to him. But I’m also getting lost in his eyes. When he kisses me, I’m not sure if I’d rather strangle him or push him into bed.

...But I want his lips on mine again. Even though I should know better.

Fox has secrets, too. He’s been through hell, and I’m discovering the sensitive man behind his exterior. He takes me seriously, when everybody else sees me as a boy-crazy gym bunny in a tank top. But when Fox finally starts to win my heart, he gets an irresistible job offer back in NYC.

But it doesn’t matter. It’s not like I was falling in love with my damn stepbrother, anyway. Right?



The Stepbrother by author Raleigh Ruebins is the fifth book in the Red’s Tavern series. This particular story is a story you do not have to read any of the other books to read.  This story is also told in dual POV.  I like it helps to get into the minds of both characters.

Fox has always been the annoying stepbrother.  They were rivals in high school and Sam tries to have the least contact he can with him.

Fox has been hurt. He left his small town as soon as he could. He has some major trust issues now.  He needs to rest and recover.

He has always been straight, but Sam makes him question that.

Sam is a bartender. He likes all eyes on him.  He falls in love easily and often.  He is kind sweet and doesn’t have a humble bone in his body.

I liked these two together they each have something the other needs. I liked them growing together. I also loved that this story took it’s time and did not rush anything.

I loved this one and look forward to more from this series in the future.

                         Five Shooting Stars 


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Denver's Calling by JJ Harper

 Title: Denver’s Calling

Series: Cooper’s Ridge, 1

Author: JJ Harper

Genre: MMM  contemporary

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

When Denver’s long-term partner breaks up with him, he flees his life, his career, and his bright future as one of the country’s leading trauma surgeons. Ditching everything but his dog, Denver returns to the quiet town of Cooper’s Ridge and his parents’ ranch.
Leaving twelve years earlier, Denver knew he would never be accepted as a gay man in an unaccepting town. So, when he meets Kes—an old school friend—in the bar he owns, he is shocked to find him in an openly gay relationship. Something he never thought would happen here.
What surprises him even more is the instant, mutual attraction the three men have. Accepting a job in Kes’ bar, they dance around each other, wanting them but not believing he would ever fit in with a couple so obviously in love. But, they want him. And they are not prepared to let him go.
Denver takes a risk and accepts their offer of a night out, finding a side of himself he never knew existed. Not trusting himself to be enough for the two men, the desire blooming in him is unprecedented and he can’t deny it: he wants them as much.
He finds his life falling into place, all because of two men. Is it possible he found his forever in a place he never expected it?



Denver’s Calling is the first book in the Cooper’s Ridge series by author JJ Harper.  This is Tri POV.  It did help to keep track of everyone in the story. So I liked it for that.  I have mixed feelings on this story. It's great in places and not so great.  I would read more from the series to see if maybe once this series is established things go smoother.  I just had a hard time with the chemistry.  Each man is important. And Denver really does find his calling. But there is a disconnect that lingers in this story.

Denver is coming off being dumped by his long-term lover.  He is going back to his hometown to start over. He is now working in the local bar.

He is a good soul he has a ton of heart and soul.  He just needs time to heal.

East and Kes.  They are an established couple. They are adventurous. Very loving.  They both have had crushes on Denver for a long time.

Here is the disconnect for me. These two are just fine without Denver.  And the way Denver’s love is played out just doesn’t sit well with me.  I had a hard time with it.

Overall an okay story.  The writing is good, it is the chemistry that is off for me. Each person in a menage should feel essential, I just didn’t get that here. 

 Four Twinkling Stars 

Choosing Me by Toby Wise

 Title: Choosing Me

Series: Studio C, 3

Author: Toby Wise

Genre: MM contemporary

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Calvin’s not looking for an alpha. But if he was, he’d be looking for someone like Wilson.

Calvin isn’t a stereotypical omega. He doesn’t want pups, doesn’t want to be tied down, and for sure, isn’t looking for a mate. He might play the docile omega on screen at Studio C but outside of work he wants to be in charge, and have a little fun. Who better to have fun with than the hot alpha security guard?

When Calvin asks Wilson to his apartment for dinner, he’s expecting a date. What he gets instead is a friends with benefits arrangement that starts off fun but quickly becomes messy when Wilson develops feelings. Can Calvin rethink his stance on relationships? Or will Wilson’s feelings scare Calvin away?

Choosing Me is book three in the Studio C series featuring friends with benefits, a dominant omega, and two internet famous cats. Though this 30k story does NOT contain mpreg, you’ll find silly moments, heated scenes, found family, and of course, a happily ever after.



Choosing Me by author Toby Wise is the third book in the Studio C series. This book doesn’t need to be read in order to completely get this storyline.  This story is written in dual POV one of my favorites.  I like getting into the minds of both characters.

Calvin he is not looking for an Alpha, he doesn’t want kids. He wants a good time.  Being tied down isn’t his thing. 

I liked the many layers of Calvin.  He is much more than even he thinks he is.

Wilson hot Alpha security guard. He is looking for friends with benefits. 

He is a good soul just finding what he needs in life.

I liked the humor in this story. I also liked the chemistry.  Kept me turning the pages and wanting more.

I found this story to be a great addition to the Studio C series and cannot wait for more from this series in the future.


                        Five Shooting Stars 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Halos and Heroes by Minerva Howe


Title: Halos and Heroes

Series: Secret Springs, 2

Author:  Minerva Howe

Genre: MM contemporary

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb


Saul Buttons never thought he would get to come home to Secret Springs, Colorado. When he left, he was pregnant and running away from a terrible situation. But now he’s back, and with a little help, he’s hoping to open his Little Angels daycare and find a new life for him and his son, Tony.

Police chief Mark never knew why Saul left Secret Springs so suddenly after just a few dates with him, but he’s never gotten over Saul, and is happy to see Saul back. He’s hoping to get a second chance to woo Saul into his life, but when he learns Saul has been hurt before, he knows he has to move slowly.

Saul knows he can trust Mark not to hurt him, but he’s not sure he can handle dating a cop. He needs to know someone will be there for him and Tony. Mark wants the kind of life Saul can offer, but can he learn to let go of some of the demands his job makes on his time? Saul and Mark both have to learn how to get their lives mesh in order to find the love they both need so much. 



Halos and Heroes is the second book in the Secret Springs series by author Minerva Howe. This is a nice fluffy type of story.  I love the humor and the sweetness in this story.  I did find one thing odd for me that is. There was a build-up to something big being the reason that Saul left before. Then it got well-brushed off so fast you might miss it.  I think it could have been something a little more to it and the story would have benefited from it.

Saul has a little boy who is four years old. He is starting his own daycare. He is also returning to the small town he fled from years ago.  He has his worries but for the most part, he is just a sweet gentle guy.

Mark is the town Sherriff they had a thing before Saul left.  He is an easy-going guy who needs to learn he cannot control everything. 

This is a fast-paced romance with side characters I loved and want to know more about.  I would definitely want to read more in this series in the future. 

                                  Five Shooting Stars 

Cryptic by Jodi Payne and B.A. Tortuga

 Title:  Cryptic

Series: Puzzles, 1

Author:  Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga

Genre: MM contemporary

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Derek “Crash” Wheeler never really wanted to make detective. He was a good marine and a great beat cop, but now he has to deal with cases like the one that just landed in his lap. Multiple deaths. Probably a serial killer. And if that isn’t bad enough, now he has a crazy ex-profiler calling and texting, acting like he knows exactly what’s going on.

Matthew Herrera has more than one clue about Derek’s case. He worked on a serial murder case once that took everything away from him, and while the perpetrator went to jail, Matthew knows the case isn’t over. This murderer likes to play games, and he doesn’t work alone.

Racing against time, Derek and Matthew have to learn to work together to solve this case, and they find they have a chemistry they can’t deny, even if it feels selfish to indulge. People are dying out there, and it will take all their skills to work out this puzzle before it’s too late, or before one of them becomes the next victim.



Cryptic by authors Jodi Payne and B.A. Tortuga is the first book in the Puzzles series. I like this new crime drama book. It is great suspense and also the characters are very memorable. I like that there is a thread of romance in this series.  It is a slowish burn type of book. There are layers to this story, and I liked that very much.

Derek, he is tired, nervous, and above all angry. When we meet him he is on discovering murder number 3.  He is a detective very good at his job. Everyone thinks he has answers that he just doesn’t.  

I liked his dedication. I liked his drive and above all I really liked his heart.

Matthew, he has worked on high-profile cases for years. He was out of the game for a while but now he has a personal stake in catching this murder.

They have great chemistry.  There is a huge time gap. But overall the romance angle was great.  I really loved this series and cannot wait for more in the future. 

                               Five Shooting Stars 

Dragon Ever After by Louisa Masters


Title:  Dragon Ever After

Series: Here Be Dragons

Author: Louisa Masters

Genre: MM paranormal

Reviewer: Redz

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Publisher’s Blurb

Note to self: You can’t teach an old dragon new tricks… he likes to invent his own.

After half a century of chaos, my retirement from leading the Community of Species Government has been bliss. No more hellhounds playing pranks. No more snippy demons demanding my attention. No more cajoling money from the wealthy to support the community. Just peace while I avoid my overbearing father and try to work out what my next steps will be.
Although… maybe three years of peace is enough. It might even be starting to get… boring. In fact, an adolescent dragon crash-landing on my landlord’s shed is just the kind of excitement I need—especially when he brings his species leader to my door.
Brandt. Wing leader of all dragons, suave, sexy, and… slightly unhinged. It doesn’t take much for him to convince me to give up my solitude and spend some time getting to know him. It’s hard to care about the future when I’ve got a dragon of my own to “play” with. Naked dragon rides for the win, right?
But Brandt’s the leader of his people, on call for them all the time, and I’ve left that part of my life behind me. Plus my father insists I should fulfil my duty to the family by getting a nine-to-five job and “marrying well.” That’s not what I want, but riding herd on a group of beings who fly, breathe fire, and could literally crush me beneath their feet would be a huge challenge, especially since Brandt’s kind of loose with rules.
It all comes down to how much I want my very own dragon ever after.

This exciting spin-off from the Hidden Species series kicks off with Percy’s story.



Dragon Ever After by Louisa Masters is the first book in the Here Be Dragons series.   This is a spin-off series and the storyline really shows it. I did not read the previous series and I felt a tad lost in places. There are a lot of things the series assumes you know.  This story is told in dual POV I really loved that.  Also, I like the first-person POV of Percy his sense of humor was fun.

This story is not a serious one, it is a light refreshing story that is tons of fun to read.

Brandt is the Wing Leader of the dragons.  He is cocky, sweet, and not afraid to go after what he wants. He is a fair leader and has a wicked sense of humor.

Percy is a former Lucifer.  He is kind, sweet, and can see the humor in things.  He has a very active imagination.

I loved these two together. They both find themselves each in their own way on their journey to love.  I love this start to this new series and look forward to reading more in the future. 

                           Four Twinkling Stars