Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eternal by Rebecca Royce

Title: Eternal
Series: Dragon Wars, 2
Author:  Rebecca Royce
Publisher:  Rebecca Royce
Genre and Pairing:  MF, Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Fantasy Romance>Erotic Romance
Word Count : 35,123
Reviewer Name: Redz
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Publisher’s Blurb
Dougal Owens has served on the front line of The Dragon Wars for sixteen years. The last thing this Alpha werewolf expects is his mate to drop in with a plan to end the war. Together, they will battle to save the Wolves or die trying.

Eternal by Rebecca Royce is the second book in the Dragon Wars series.  This is the story of Dougal and Caitlyn.  Dougal is a werewolf. He has been on the losing side of the dragon wars for years. 16 years to be exact. He has pretty defeated in both mentality and life when we meet him.  He doesn’t think he has anything to offer anyone let alone a mate.  But he is a strong man, fiercely devoted, and pure alpha. He just has to realize who he is and what he has to offer someone else. Needs some light to counter act all the darkness in his life.
Caitlyn is that light. She thinks she is not able to be mated ever because if her genetic flaws. But she is willing to do anything to save her people.  She has a bravery and sunshine inside her. She just needed the right person to bring it out of her.
Together they both have something the other needs. Little bit of love and whole lot of courage. I liked this truly romantic addition to the Dragon Wars series. This one is the one you read when you want to believe true love really does exist. 

                        Five Shooting Stars

Love Beyond Expectations by Rebecca Royce

Title: Love Beyond Expectations
Series: Outsiders, 5
Author:  Rebecca Royce
Publisher:  Fireborn Publishing, LLC
Genre and Pairing: MF, Romance>Action/Adventure
NOTE: This is a previously published work. The title, author, and/or publisher may have changed.
Word Count : 45,365
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Christophe Roux has always known he was different. Born to a wealthy French family, he has never told anyone that he is frequently thrown through time and space to visit with ghosts and other terrifying creatures. But now he knows he is an Outsider and moreover that he has a soul mate somewhere out in the world waiting for him. When his brother is taken, he heads to Maine to search for help, never expecting that his love is the woman he has lusted after for years.

Ruby Brannon lived her childhood on the run and her adulthood trying to make sense of the strange things that happen to her. Now, she's with the Outsiders but she is still unsure if she'll be able to step up when it's her turn to fight the evil seeking to destroy them all.

Together, Ruby and Christophe will change the fates of the Outsiders. Or die trying.


Love Beyond Expectations is the fifth book in the Outsiders series by Rebecca Royce.  This should be read in order. Each book builds on the next one.  Personally for me this one was just okay.  Probably because I really wanted Marina’s story.  But the chemistry and love inside this story is well worth the read.
Christophe Roux from France. Seems really elegant and rich. He is in New York when we first meet him.  His powers always surging inside him waiting to come out.  He knows he intended to be a hero in the up coming wars. He doesn’t feel much like a hero though. I liked he is humble even though he doesn’t really have to be. He is kind, and just a tad arrogant too.  His power just might surprise you.
Ruby Brannon she loves to do research. She likes to be by herself. She is a professor of ancient cultures the youngest at her university. Then her life changes.  She gets powers and is expected to have a soul mate. Well she doesn’t want one. She likes her life.  She doesn’t need a man to get all sappy over.  I liked her independent spirit. She isn’t looking for Mr. Perfect to rescue her.  Her strength is what Christophe needs as well.
Over all this is a great addition to an already awesome series. There is action and adventure.  Lots of love both physical and emotional. You can feel the war is building in this book. The darkness is coming can the Outsiders win?

                                      Five Shooting Stars

Reviewer's Choice Award: Equinox by Jace Payne

Title: Equinox
Series: Secrets of Salem, 1
Author:  Jace Payne
Publisher:  Loose Id
Genre and Pairing: MM, Paranormal, Contemporary
Pages: 79
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
After staring death in the face, Victor Blair takes the advice of his nurses and takes a vacation. It’s not only to help him heal, but to keep his mind off the trauma he’s endured. He travels to Salem, MA. A place he's sure will calm his nerves.

Once he arrives in the seaside town Victor finds himself attracted to Rayne, a magical stranger with an opinionated pet barn owl, named Elvira. Though they hunger to see more of each other, it leads to conflict. Rayne’s parents aren’t too keen on interspecies mingling between mortals and witches.

Their rapidly building attraction raises the spectre of what will happen once Victor’s vacation is over. His time in Salem was never meant to be permanent. Does he go home and risk losing a great man, or does he throw caution to the wind and uproot himself, moving to a new town to be with someone that he’s only known for a few weeks

Secrets of Salem series starts off with Equinox by author Jace Payne. I really loved this book. Such original ideas, and lots of love inside this book. I like the spin on Salem being a New Englander myself I liked reading about a story so close to home.
Victor has panic disorder. He recently has gotten out of the hospital and is now relaxing in Salem on vacation.  He literally runs into Rayne and finds more than he bargained for.  I liked Victor he is very realistically done.  Having panic disorder myself I felt for him a lot in this book. I liked  too that I felt that the author really did their homework and knew what they were talking about.   Victor is kind, sweet, and a tad insecure.  He is also braver than he thinks he is.
Rayne little bit of wild child in him. Just enough to get him into trouble now and again. He has a secret that will get Victor into lots of trouble later. Meeting a man by bumping into him, and inviting him back to his house,  and how he takes care of Elvira made me really like him. He is kind, sweet, little untamed, and mostly very interesting.
Now Victor goes through some heavy changes in this book.  Some are not voluntary. I liked how he adapts it shows his bravery.  I also like how kind and sweet he is. Those are very important to this story. Over all this is a creatively done piece. I am so glad I got the chance to read it. I hope for many more in this series in the future. I highly recommend this to any MM lover who likes a book that will surprise you.

                              Five Shooting Stars and Reviewer's Choice

Claimed by Desire by Skye Jones

Title: Claimed by Desire
Series: Wild Hunters, 2
Author:  Skye Jones
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books
Pages: 147
Genre and Pairing: MM, Intense, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, Spanking, Contemporary, Paranormal, GLBT, M/M, Shifters, Vampires, Wolves
Reviewer Name: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Dylan Roberts returns to the Wales of his birth a changed man after the violent death of his mate. Having turned his back on being a bounty hunter and sworn off love for life, all he wants now is revenge.

When he meets Aeron Lombardo, his new farmhand, Dylan resents the intense attraction that blossoms between them. But Aeron won’t stop pushing and soon things take a hot and sexy turn.

As passions rise, danger rears its ugly head. Now Dylan and Aeron must choose whether to separate or commit to one another totally. Will Dylan take the final step and claim his new mate?


Claimed by Desire by author Skye Jones is the second book in the Wild Hunter’s series.  I liked the bitter sweet quality to this book. Dylan has lost his mate to vampires.  He doesn’t think he can love like that again. He is a good person. But he lives in constant fear that  I don’t even think he knows he has. He has a fear of the vampires coming back to kill someone he loves again and he will not be strong enough to stop it.  When a new ranch hand Aeron catches his attention he finds his long lost libido has been found again.  Could he actually be lucky enough to have two mates in one life time?  Or will his fear drive Aeron away?
Aeron is a sweet man. He lives with his mom. He supports her. He is really young but responsible. He has a wild streak that Dylan needs in his life.  He isn’t scared of hard work and is an all around nice person.
I liked how these two found love in this book. I do feel like I missed something by not reading the first book in this series. I think reading them in order is better if you want to understand the finer details of the book. If you just want the love story though you could do this as a standalone. I just wanted to know more about the wars and the vampires. I hope to read many more in this series. I loved this one . The passionate heat is off the charts.  The story line left me wanting more of the series in the future. 

                                    Five Shooting Stars