Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bride of the Beast by Toni V. Sweeney

Title: Bride of the Beast
Author: Toni V. Sweeney
Publisher: Class Act Books
Genre and pairing: Fantasy Romance, M/F
Page Count: 379
Reviewer Name: Vela

Publisher Blurb:
 A political marriage to stop a war…a king whose golden mask hides his face from his people… a princess who loves her husband though she never sees his face…and a curse placed on a royal family by God…
Senset’s people have fought the Beast Men for generations, but after one of the creatures is captured and the princess discovers him to be an articulate, intelligent man, she secretly helps him escape. Months later, an offer of peace comes from the king of the Beast Men…and a marriage request…all because of Senset’s mercy to his brother. Long wishing a husband of her own, the princess agrees, traveling to a foreign city where she will learn the odd customs of a people once slaves to her own before being freed by their God. She also falls in love with the tortured man behind the golden mask, and his shocking history.
Michael of Habir believes his bride is the one to break the curse God has placed upon him, but Senset herself has doubts. Only one who has selfless love will free the king from becoming a Beast. Can she truly be the one her husband seeks?

 Bride of the Beast written by Toni V Sweeney was a charming romance between two characters united by marriage to bring peace to their people. The beast men were known to be ruthless by legend. Princess Sensete-Ra of Usaset, marries the beast man’s leader King Michael, a man hidden behind a golden mask. Within each page, Sensete-Ra discovers the mysteries behind the mask hoping to lift its curse. Will she alone be able to save her husband from their god’s own curse? Or will her children’s children suffer the same fate?
I liked how the author educated the reader on different articles of clothing related to the Ancient Egyptian era. I also enjoyed the different culture the author brought to life within the pages of this story dealing with two different kingdoms. I think this book would be more appealing to a young adult audience because of how it’s written, an easy read. I found the language to be really young in places. Though it did pick up once I was further into the book.  It is well thought out plot although it was difficult to get hooked at the beginning.  Took me till almost chapter three before I really found the pick up in the pace of this book. Over all, it was a wonderful read and I appreciate the opportunity to read this author's work and know a little more about this time period as well. 

                           Four Twinkling Stars 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Safeword Interrupted by Dakota Trace

Author:    Dakota Trace

Publisher:    Trace Imaginations

Genre:    BDSM, Contemporary

Heat level: (M/F, BDSM, D/s, anal play/sex, oral sex, exhibitionism)

Page Count: 119

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

A Dom who thinks he has it all

Deacon Willis has lusted after his friend, Bethany for years but has kept his distance, not wanting to alienate one of the most important women in his life. Not only is she the manager of his bar, shes also the best friend hes ever had. But all that changes one fateful night when he realizes Bethanys desires run just as dark as his own. Once witnessing her need to submit, hes determined to show her, that only he can give her what she needs. Hell be her Dom and shell be his cherished submissive. Hopefully it will be enough to make her happy, because hell never be a family man.

A sub whos about to lose it all

Bethany Adams has been in love with Deacon for years, but knows his reputation. Hes a love em and leave them type, never settling on one woman long. It isnt until she walks in on him dominating another woman that she realizes he could give her everything she needs a firm hand and a strong man that can fulfill every one of her submissive fantasies. But what happens when her deepest fantasy becomes a reality?

Will Deacon stick around to be a father to his childor will he walk away, taking her heart with him?

Review of book:

I have to admit, I enjoyed Safeword Interrupted.  I found my introduction to Dakota Traces work to be solidly entertaining and powerfully emotional in its exploration of a D/s relationship between the two main characters, drawing me in before I was fully aware of being on the journey. This isn't a sanitized BDSM-like book - there's a lot of edge to the storyline - but I promise you, it's worth it.  Even when I winced at Deacons choice of endearment towards Bethany at times, I felt it was the author being true to the character shed created.

Apart from the scorching sex and there was certainly that Bethany and Deacon were a real couple.  They had distinct personalities that oftentimes rubbed the other one a little raw, I felt that added realism to the storyline.  The vulnerability each kept under wraps also endeared them to me, and I found that I'd held my breath during pivotal points in the plot. Bethany was frightened of exposing the depth of her feelings to Deacon, and he was, in turn, frightened of failing (and I'm not going to tell you at what), yet they still risked it all over the opportunity to be with one another.

I even enjoyed the secondary characters in Safeword Tim and Uncle LeRoy especially.  I'd love to read their stories sometime, because you know the two of them have a lot to say.  Dakota Trace has a bonafide winner with Safeword Interrupted, and has earned herself a spot on my go to authors list.

                                       Five Shooting Stars

Love Under Three Valentinos by Cara Covington

Love Under Three Valentinos (MFMM)Title:Love Under Three Valentinos
Series:  Lusty, Texas, 24
Author:Cara Covington
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F, M/F/M, M/F/M/M
Word Count:71,763
Reviewer Name: Luna
Publisher Buy Link:

Publisher Blurb
Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, light spanking, HEA
Kat Lawson can take care of herself. But when she ends up in the ER, she immediately reaches out to Paul, Lucas, and Wesley Jessop, screenwriters with the moniker The Three Valentinos. Kat knows the men aren’t players and they’ve been courting her so she decides to indulge in them.
After being ambushed and beaten up, they’re the ones she reaches for. She didn’t know they were Doms but that goes a long way toward explaining why it is she feels compelled to lean on them. Because the other thing she learns, which she’s already suspected, is that she's more than a little submissive—under the right circumstances.
The brothers Jessop are determined to help their woman heal, and they pull out all the stops. Even when part of that healing process puts her in the sights of those who want to harm her.
It just remains to be seen if they can find a balance between independence and partnership.

Back to one of my favorite places to visit…Cara Covington’s Lusty, Texas!  The twenty-fourth installment in this well-loved series returns Kat to town and falling in Love Under Three Valentinos.  Kat is a kick ass bounty hunter who has met the three Jessop brothers in L.A.  And she is sure she doesn’t want what they are selling.  Until she learns they are not selling anything other than a future together.  The brothers Jessop are sure that Kat is using them to “make it” in the world of make believe.  That is until she finds herself in their hometown on the hunt of a bounty.  Can they convince her to give them another chance? 
I loved Kat and her men.  They were so different.  Who would think someone so physical would be exactly what these writers needed.  They were able to see beneath the surface to the heart of Kat, when she finally let them in.  I loved their support of the woman even when she was unsure as to what she wanted.  They did not allow fear to hamper Kat and refused to let it limit her either.  They didn’t like what Kat did for a living but they were unwilling to clip the wings of the woman she is.  Ms. Covington gave us men who were comfortable with whom they were so they could allow their woman the fly knowing they had her back.  I loved that about Ms. Covington.  She always gives us strong men who put their money where their mouth is and many of the residents of Lusty have lots of money!  This story series was a wonderful addition to this and an excellent opportunity to check in with the residents of Lusty, Texas!

                    Five Shooting Stars

Alana by Jessica Stevens

Alana (MF)Title:Alana
Author:Jessica Stevens
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
BookStrand Paranormal Romance, werewolves, voyeurism, HEA
Alana Knight has the power to control the minds of animals, including shifters, who want her dead. A tragic past has meant that Alana has spent most of her life in hiding. Concealed as a conservationist, she’s helped reintroduce wolves back into the wild. A dead body on her land proves her enemies have found her. She has no choice but to call on her protectors.
Detective Nick Valaskin has been secretly watching over Alana for years. He had vowed to protect her since coming of age. When she calls the police about a dead body on her grounds, Nick takes no chances and goes to her protection. Face to face with his childhood companion, it’s not long before passion burns between them. It puts Alana’s life in more danger than Nick could have imagined. Torn between love and a promise, Nick struggles, but together they face Alana’s tragic past in the hope of preventing history from repeating itself.
Note: This book contains adult language used as profanity.

Alana is more than human.  She has a skill which scares some but also gives other delusions of grandeur in the world of others.  She can control animals.  And when her family is slaughtered leaving just her and her father, she comes to hate what that means.  Especially as she is sent away for her own protection so she loses not only her mother and brother to death but her father as well.  She believes she is safe until a body is found near her home.  Contacting her father brings her protector out in the open.  And while she trusts Nick to protect her body is she ready to give him her heart? 
Nick has known his duty is to protect Alana.  While he has kept to the periphery of her world this death brings him up close and personal, maybe a bit too close and personal.  Now he needs to fight the feelings he has as he protects not only Alana but the secrets of their world.  I thought Jessica Stevens’ story was well constructed.  Since the focus was on Alana, I thought the title, Alana was appropriate and fitting.  We learned about Alana’s skill as well as her fears.  She has been isolated by circumstances and death.  She is unsure what feelings for Nick mean but she is willing to take a chance.  Problem is Nick isn’t quite there yet.  I thought their journey to a place they were both comfortable at was well articulated by Ms. Stevens.  She allowed for their emotional journey even while giving the reader a mystery to solve.  It is well worth a read.

                                    Four Twinkling Stars